Wink, Wink…Holiday Healthy Eating Habits (Humor)

Okay…. I live in Florida, so dietary health restrictions are hardly unheard of. Add the fact that my stepdad has a gluten intolerance…and so many people have gone on all sorts of different health kick diets that this one just tickled my funny bone! Let’s be real… In this day and age this could totally happen!

C’mon…. Ya’ll know it was hilarious. The humor is right up my tongue-in-cheek alley.


12 thoughts on “Wink, Wink…Holiday Healthy Eating Habits (Humor)

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I learned that when planning my wedding. Had a friend that had battled cancer and won. She felt changing her diet helped. She needed her meal to be vegetarian, glutenous free, dairy free. Fortunately bigger cities are more able to be accomodating of dietary restrictions than more rural areas…and I went back home to Chicago to get married. 🙂


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