Ending the Year With Style! #ThreeForAll

Ya’ll have known that this year has been a tough one, but I’ve kept smiling. They say if you keep trucking and don’t quit, good things are bound to happen, right?

Well, my editor’s gift to me was a phone call telling me that my first book, a short, was finally ready to go! So, with a whole lot of butterflies in my stomach, both excitement and fear, I published my first book. Christmas evening, Three For All went live on Kindle! Merry Christmas to me! This is the first of a 3 part series, the next to be released early next year.


Baltasar Gracian said “Friendship multiplies the good in life and divides the evil.”

This part of my life has shown me how absolutely true that statement is. I have been very fortunate to have some amazing friends and writers (often both) who have supported and encouraged me through my process. To you guys, I say thanks for believing in me. I hope my freshman effort makes you proud (especially my beta readers…yes, that means you, Jessi Gage and Ande).

In the meantime, I figured I’d share an excerpt from the new book. Yeah….NOW I’m getting all brave and stuff. 😉

Without further ado, here’s a little teaser from my new short, Three For All:

“Oh, come on,” James whined. “You’re not seriously going to make me go play by myself.”

“That was a loaded statement.” I bit my tongue to keep from giggling over James’ inadvertent innuendo. “But seriously, there are always options.”

“Options?” His eyes were nearly black with intensity, his curiosity was caught. “Such as?”

“Well,” I smiled brightly and stepped between both men, “We could always head back to your uncle’s cottage. Much more privacy there.”

James shook his head as he took a step back. “Oh, hell no. This is my vacation too. We are not going back there just so I can sit all by myself in my room while you two get your freak on, christening every room in the place. Been there, done that. No thanks. Not today. Love you, but no.”

The urge to do a happy dance at the opportunity that just landed in my lap was nearly irresistible. Instead, I batted my eyes at them playfully as my hands found their way up both men’s chests, enjoying the feel of firm muscle. “Who said you had to be by yourself?”

64 thoughts on “Ending the Year With Style! #ThreeForAll

  1. Gloria Richard Author says:

    OMG! Congratulations, Kitt!

    It took a few minutes to get to comments. I first had to, had to, HAD TO own a copy of Three for All.

    It now happily resides in my PC Kindle file, where it will receive reads (and likely re-reads) as soon as I finish reading an ARC for another writing buddy.


    I’ve thought about doing some erotica shorts, And, there you went! You did it!

    I suspect the heat will require the Kindle equivalent of dog-eared pages. 😉


  2. brickhousechick says:

    Oh Kitt, I am sooooooooooo happy for you!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT, WOOT!!!! ARRIBA, ARRIBA!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI HO!!!!!!!!!! ANDALE ANDALE!!!!!!!!! SUEEEEEEEET!!!!!!! BOOYA!!!!!! HERE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! SALUD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to read it. I am tantalized already. xoxoxoxoxo


  3. patriciasands says:

    What do you mean I wasn’t following you on your blog before??? How did that happen? We seem to talk everywhere else! Anyway … here I am, now and forever! Congratulations on being published, Kitt, and what great timing! I’m off to download!


  4. Tammy says:

    Ooooh, is it hot in here? Very nicely done, Kitt. And HUGE and happiest congratulations to you on this massive accomplishment! I’m behind you all the way. All three of you!


  5. viveka says:

    Kitt, just got the news about your publishing – wonderful news – and I want to wish all the best – Hopefully there will be more books to come. Go for it girl.!!! Good luck, Kitt.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks! Actually, the second in the series will most likely be launching the week before Valentines Day. 🙂 It means a lot that you stopped by to congratulate me. Hope all is well with you, too.


      • viveka says:

        Kitt, so happy for you! It was Dallas that gave me the news. Thanks for asking, but my last 8 months has been great – have severer side effects after my radio therapy – living with a “sorry ass” those days and very little chance that it will be any changes. But life goes on and I have to do my best to arrange my life around my problems.


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