Many of my friends are sharing their thoughts on the Beauty of a Woman this week, thanks to August McLaughlin and her Third Annual Beauty Of A Woman Blogfest, and it’s been a wonderful adventure to read. The first part, celebrating feminine sexuality, started on Monday.

Click HERE to check out the #GirlBoner (feminine sexuality) edition participants

Click HERE to check out the #GirlBoner (feminine sexuality) edition participants

The second part, celebrating the overall beauty of a woman, starts today…

Click HERE to check out the many fantastic posts.

Click HERE to check out the many fantastic posts.

There are prizes for participating via visiting, liking, and commenting the various blogs who are sharing, by the way, so really, check them out. You won’t be sorry.

I felt a need to join in their celebration, so I’m re-sharing a poem I wrote for International Womens Day last year.


“The Weaker Sex”
is what we’re called.
of velvet encased
iron core,
who have held
and nurtured
in body and heart-
Sons who become fathers,
Daughters to
We’ve stood firm,
guardians of the castle
charged with
sacred duty
to mold,
guide and nurture,
teach and love.
Dry tears,
kiss away wounds
spiritual and physical.
Healing powers-
steeped in
forgiveness and patience.
We hold on if we can,
let go when we must.
Kindness, empathy
and knowledge.

Strength is required
to be
“The softer side.”

Sacred Sexuality #BOAW3 #GirlBoner


When I was a little girl my mom told me two things that always stuck with me.

“Your body is a temple and should be honored as sacred to you and by those around you.”


“You were created in God’s image. You are perfect to him.”

It wasn’t until much later that I realized the gift she’d given me by approaching sex clinically, and body talk spiritually. Because this was a frequent theme in my house growing up, I didn’t have many body issues. In fact, the closest I came was not exactly loving my toes. I assumed that my body was pretty close to perfect because my mom said I was designed in His image. How could I be anything else? Then puberty hit. I heard friends talking about themselves. In their eyes they were ugly and fat and in need of dieting. Whoa! They looked perfectly beautiful to me…and THAT’s when I realized that the lenses through which they saw their bodies must have been distorted. No one had ever told them how amazing their design was.

Even more important was the shame people seemed to feel about their ‘temples’ and the natural instincts that came with this gift. For me it all felt contradictory. Why on earth would a God…who designed us in His image give women a clitoris, a part of the anatomy strictly designed for pleasure and no other purpose, if he didn’t want us to enjoy the finer pleasures in life? How could touching it be considered sinful? Yet how many people are ashamed to admit or have actually NEVER TRIED masturbation because they believe it somehow goes against God? How? Why would he create it and put it on our persons if not for us to share in the joy of his creation?

Some of the first known (and most beautiful) erotica came from the Bible! Don’t believe me? Here’s a verse from Song of Solomon 7:1-13

How beautiful your sandaled feet, O prince’s daughter!
Your graceful legs are like jewels,
the work of an artist’s hands.
Your navel is a rounded goblet
that never lacks blended wine.
Your waist is a mound of wheat
encircled by lilies.
Your breasts are like two fawns,
like twin fawns of a gazelle.
Your neck is like an ivory tower.
Your eyes are the pools of Heshbon
by the gate of Bath Rabbim.
Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon
looking toward Damascus.
Your head crowns you like Mount Carmel.
Your hair is like royal tapestry;
the king is held captive by its tresses.
How beautiful you are and how pleasing,
my love, with your delights!
Your stature is like that of the palm,
and your breasts like clusters of fruit.
I said, “I will climb the palm tree;
I will take hold of its fruit.”
May your breasts be like clusters of grapes on the vine,
the fragrance of your breath like apples,
and your mouth like the best wine.


May the wine go straight to my beloved,
flowing gently over lips and teeth.
10 I belong to my beloved,
and his desire is for me.
11 Come, my beloved, let us go to the countryside,
let us spend the night in the villages.
12 Let us go early to the vineyards
to see if the vines have budded, if their blossoms have opened,
and if the pomegranates are in bloom—
there I will give you my love.
13 The mandrakes send out their fragrance,
and at our door is every delicacy, both new and old,
that I have stored up for you, my beloved.

Pure sensual seduction and admiration of lovers. And it’s beautiful, not ugly! It’s a celebration and appreciation of the gifts given them, the differences of form…and how they were meant to fit together. Pleasure and passion shared is to be a joy, not dirty. Not something that happens only strictly for procreation.

We made it dirty. Historically speaking, let’s look back. Biblically speaking, David had at least 8 known wives and 10 concubines documented between 1 & 2 Samuel. Solomon? Something like 700 wives and 300 concubines. And these guys were considered loved by God.

Perception of what was appropriate and acceptable in marital and sexual practices actually changed with Roman rule, thanks to their strongly patriarchal society. It was changed because the ruling culture required we find a way to fit in. This meant that power and land were passed down through the male line and it was important to keep these lineages “clean” and clear of doubt. Women had no real say in how things were run. They were merely property used to strengthen the family line for rulership and wealth, so their chastity was guarded carefully.

If you’re anything like me, you’re already drawing lines of why finding pleasure in sex/mating began to be discouraged…and why sex became a “duty” rather than a joy. Can you imagine what would happen if a teenage girl discovered self pleasure during this time? Why on earth would she wait to be married off to some man she probably didn’t know, much less love (and probably a zillion years older than her) if she knew the joys she could explore with someone she found visually pleasing? It wasn’t an accident that the two most powerful entities were Royalty and the Church and that their ties were strongly intertwined. Care to guess what those sermons sounded like for women? I’ll leave it to your imagination.

But as often happens with universal truths, the pleasures of the flesh began to be acceptable to explore again. Unfortunately, the church (who’d been thriving on threats of death by fire and brimstone for sinners) felt that this new, modern way of thinking took away from their power….and Puritans with even stronger rules against sexuality pushed their propaganda on the world….conveniently leaving out all the beauty and joy that should be experienced with lovemaking.

So why are we, in the new millennium, still letting archaic views dictate our thoughts, feelings and responses to sex? Isn’t it time we changed all that? Our bodies are temples. They’re meant to be worshipped, not left to decay and grow cobwebs from lack of use. If someone makes you feel less than beautiful when the clothes come off, kick him or her to the curb. They obviously don’t recognize that you’ve been created in God’s image and are beautiful.

Remember there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself or loving yourself. Getting in touch with your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your partner(s). Learn how you like to be touched and pleasured. Teaching your partner(s) how to increase your enjoyment of lovemaking only strengthens the intimacy between you. When couples treat themselves and each other with great appreciation and their fantasies as gifts to be appreciated and explored, lines of communication are strengthened. The need to look outside the relationship for fulfillment is lessened. In fact, I’d hazard that if any venturing is done that includes outside parties, both partners are actively involved in the decision making process.

At the end of the day, nothing is more worshipful than celebrating each other. Afterall, you’re gifts of God to one another, designed in His image. Sex? That’s a gift, too. He didn’t have to design lovemaking to be pleasurable, but he did! Do you really believe he’d do that if it were an act solely to be saved for procreation? I don’t think so. Why deny yourselves the joy of your Sacred Sexualities by placing it on the altar of societal bullying and fear? Our (as August McLaughlin would say) Girlboners deserve better.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Have you been made to feel ashamed of your body? Your sexuality? If so, have you overcome those feelings? How? If not, how can we help you? Afterall, we’re all on this big, beautiful world together. Maybe it will help you to see how other people celebrate The Beauty of a Woman, #Girlboner style. Click here to read more on why we should love our bodies and sexuality.

You’re a Winner!

By David Castillo Dominici, courtesy of

By David Castillo Dominici, courtesy of


Jeri Walker-Bickett

You won a FREE copy of Four One Night via my Valentine’s Day gift drawing! Please email me at so we can make arrangements for you to collect your winnings. Thanks to all who participated.

I also discovered that yesterday my friend, Lanthie, from Life Cherries shared me with her awesome followers. If you’ve never checked out Lanthie’s blog, you should do so. She’s a fun loving, belly dancing, free spirit living in South Africa. She’s all about sharing sexy, yummy deliciousness and making new and interesting friends. Stop by and say hello. I promise, you won’t regret it.


Finally, a little reminder that my first novelette, Three For All, is currently on sale for $.99 this weekend only. (Any help to spread the word and/or reviews from those of you who’ve already read it, as always, is greatly appreciated.)

Here’s another excerpt to tantalize:

“Uh, guys?” I laughed, “Not to put a damper on all this male bonding going on, but um… Horny lady. Right here. Just thought I’d remind you.”

“Good call.” James grinned and reached out, pulling me flush against his muscular frame. He bent down and rubbed his nose against mine in a playful Eskimo kiss.

I shrugged and nipped his lower lip for teasing me. “What can I say? I’m always thinking.”

“About sex, maybe.” Michael teased from the front seat.

“Since when is that a bad thing?” I groaned as James’ hands found my hips. In one fluid motion he grabbed a handful of material and pulled my sundress over my head.

He nibbled along my jawline before finally taking my mouth in a searing play of lips and tongue. His strong hands that roved over my curves in sensual exploration had me arching towards him in a silent demand for more. With effort, he pulled his head back stared down at me, his eyes nearly black with desire. “Girl, you’re a lethal weapon under all those clothes.”

“Mmm!” I purred and reached down to gently squeeze the hard length threatening to push through his trunks. “Talk about lethal weapons.”

He groaned in response as his nimble fingers drove me wild in retaliation. With feather light caress, he stroked along the edges of my bikini top until my breasts strained upward to meet his touch. I reached out and threaded his dark, silky hair into my fist and tugged. His mouth came down firmly on mine. Our tongues dueled against each other in a heated assault as my body strained to get closer to his hard warmth. My hand slid down the length of his torso to explore and reveled at the ropes of solid muscle and coarse hair, so different from Michael’s bare chest.

Heady excitement rushed through me and dampened my panties as I explored James’ ripped body. My lips brushed along his collarbone before heading south to follow the trail my hands had taken. I traced a moist circle along the borders of his dusky nipples until they tightened under my avid tongue. Hardened to dusky nubs, my teeth grazed them with playful nibbles. His deep moan fed my desire like a fire in my veins. Through the rearview mirror my eyes met Michael’s as I bit down firmly on James’ pebbled bud. His eyes were fiery with desire as he watched me suckle the abused flesh into my mouth to soothe away the sting. My thighs brushed back and forth to soothe the painful throb of arousal in my uncomfortably wet panties.

“Somebody’s excited.” James murmured as circled his arm around my back, trailing his fingers down my spine. “Maybe it’s time to do something about it.”

“I’m not the only excitable one, captain obvious,” I tweaked his nipple with a laugh while he toyed with the ties of my bikini. “I’m ready when you are.”

He looked down at me until my nerves crackled with anticipation. “Patience.”

It felt like forever when, finally, he tugged on a strand and loosened the bow between my shoulder blades. With a sense of urgency, he worked his way upward to the knot at my neck. As if unwrapping a precious gift, he slowly peeled back the tiny triangles and stared. The warmth of his gaze sent tingles of awareness to my breasts, the top sliding unnoticed to the floorboards. The buttered leather felt soft against my back as James eased me against the seat. A shudder ripped through me when he grazed the edge of his nail over my rosy areola. He grabbed the top from across my tanned stomach and dropped it to the floor.

The cool of the air conditioner wafted through the vents like a caress against my bared chest and sent goose bumps along my exposed skin. My head tipped to glance out the windshield as we onto the road. Traffic was heavy in both directions. There was no question it was a Saturday afternoon or that we were leaving the beach.

“Do you think anyone can see us in here?” I wondered aloud. My inner exhibitionist thrilled at the thought causing my body to tighten in suppressed desire.

“Maybe. Probably, if they’re in trucks,” James looked out the window for a moment before he turned his attention back to me and shrugged as if this were an everyday occurrence. “Would you really care if they did?”

“Dani? Please. That’s part of the fun for her, can’t you tell?” Michael snorted as he shifted his attention over his shoulder to where James moved to straddle my hips. “She’s got an exhibitionist streak a mile wide. In fact, I’ll be that if you touch her pussy right now, you’ll find she’s sopping wet.”

His groan mingled with my laugh as James trailed way too slowly for my liking down my pelvis and toward my moist heat, following Michael’s advice. My hips canted upward in silent encouragement for him to speed his exploration. His brow quirked in acknowledgement even as he continued at his maddening pace.

“Oh, God. You’re killing me.” My body shook with anticipation.

“No he’s not, baby. Your fun’s just getting started,” Michael said, a wicked grin spread across his face as he watched me squirm under James’ progress.


Anyway, hope everyone had a good time yesterday, whether it was just another day or you chose to celebrate Valentine’s day. I hope you guys know just how much I appreciate all the support you’ve given me. I’m really lucky to have connected with such a fantastic group of people. Whether you’re a regular to my blog or a newcomer….I consider you all friends.

You guys really have given me courage and inspiration to keep chasing my dreams.

Valentine #FREE Giveaway and $.99 Book Sale

I’ve always been a bit in love with love. Maybe that’s part of why I write the subject matter I do. The physical manifestation of affection has always been fascinating. To my mind, George Michael had it right when he said:

“Sex is natural, sex is good
Not everybody does it,
But everybody should.”

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like you to share some of your most memorable Valentine’s Day stories. I don’t care if it’s romantic, hilarious…or the biggest nightmare ever. I’d love for you guys to share. In return, I’ll be entering everyone who comments into a drawing to win a FREE Kindle copy of my newest release, Four One Night. All commenters from the time this post goes live until the end of Valentine’s Day –12AM EST, February 15th. As this is an ebook, this drawing will be open internationally.

Four One Night WEBSITE USE


As we reached the guys, I let go of Candace and hooked my hand around Michael’s neck. Eager to share my pent up hunger, I yanked him down to indulge in a hard, heady mating of lips and tongue. The rough demand in my kiss was my loud and clear message that the time on the dance floor left me hot and ready for action.

When we finally separated, Michael whispered against my lips. “Holy shit! You and Candace were amazing out there, but now I feel left out.”

My lips pursed together, but laughter still escaped. “Not for long!”

His eyebrows drew together, curiosity written all over his face. “What exactly does that mean?”

“I’m going to tell her to kiss you,” I shrugged.

He blinked, surprised, and then snapped his fingers. “Just like that? How do you know she’d go for it? She doesn’t really know me!”

My head shook back and forth as I attempted for a look of feigned disappointment. “So little faith! Watch and learn.”

Candace stood next to James, chatting, when I strutted over and pulled her to me again. My lips slammed down over hers and my tongue delved into her mouth. My assault continued until she moaned, eagerly giving way to my marauding. The sultry sounds she was making were unmistakable as her body nestled against mine. This girl was putty in my hands.

Breaking away, I stared down into her baby blues. “Now, go kiss Michael.”

With a nod ok she headed to where he stood watching us, a glint that looked a lot like mischief in her eyes. The green in his hazel became more intense as he tracked each predatory step she took. Though his arousal was obvious by the tightening of his pants, no words were exchanged. Candace leaned into his body and rubbed her hardened nipples against his chest. Slowly, she pressed her petal pink lips to his, giving him a taste of the wet, hot passion she shared with me. Surprised, he froze. The moment he realized this was no longer a fantasy, his tongue rushed to meet her desire.

“You are so hot.” he groaned as he peppered wet kisses from her cheek to neck and back to her mouth.

From where we stood, James and I watched their dueling tongues. Though it was sexy, my need to join them was strong and my pulse raced in anticipation. It was time for me to take the reins.

My body felt hot and overly tight as arousal seeped through every pore. Mischief surged through me as I looked up at my best friend. “Ready to join the party?”

He eyed me carefully as a slow, knowing smile spread across his face. “Michael wasn’t kidding when he said you wanted to play tonight.”

I snorted. “Tell me you’re not dying to join in. Watching them.” The jut of my chin in their direction sent his gaze flickering back to the lip locked pair. “It’s kind of hot, right?

“Kind of?” He dragged his attention away from the scene to roll his eyes at me. “You are a wicked, wicked woman. But you already knew that. It’s part of your charm.”

I pulled him down and smacked a noisy kiss on his lips. “Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Also, to help celebrate the holiday made for lovers of all ages, I thought I’d give Three For All, my first novelette, FREE for the Valentine’s Day weekend, starting MIDNIGHT on Valentine’s Day Morning.


So, for all you lovers out there, whether you’re celebrating solo or with a partner…or three (or maybe more)…I hope you enjoy the holiday and my gifts to you. Thank you so much for sharing in all the fun and laughter that seems to thrive here. I truly do enjoy each and every one of you.

All friends, new or old, are obviously welcome, so share the news about the opportunity to win the FREE book and the Valentine’s weekend sale for Three For All!

Thanks! Of course I’m going to end this post with music…
Apparently Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz need dates for Valentine’s Day. Any volunteers?

Pre-Valentine’s Day Preparedness

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or an “old married couple” there’s something about the Hearts and Flowers holiday that brings out the need to love and be loved.

As it turns out, I’ve got some people who just might be able to help with that!

First, we have my dear friends at Go Deeper Press, Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, hosting a 3 day event for FREE called The Mermaid Voyage. This is all about erotic self discovery. These lovely women are in touch with their sensual sides and are offering their assistance to help YOU get in touch with YOURS!

Next, here’s some help from Love Experts, Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird for those of you who feel like you’re in a sexual “rut” with your partner. Nothing like a little Role Play (and the right rules) to help bring back the spice. These guys are fantastic.

Then there’s my dear friend, August McLaughlin and her GirlBoner radio (available to view FREE HERE on iTunes). She’s all about frank, honest talk about the joy and beauty of human sexuality. I love her Sex Positive outlook on the world (which is actually probably one of the first bonds we shared). Care to know more about what it means to be Sex Positive? Read this post…I felt pretty awesome that she enjoyed my first book enough to mention it as part of this post. What an honor!

Finally, for those couples looking for something more “obscure” to spice things up….Here’s a post from one of my buddies, Anna Cade, of Herding Cats and Burning Soup that lists some of the more unique toys…including a “fleshlight.”

Now it’s your turn. Have you recently found a post that you think needs to be shared in preparation for Valentine’s Day? Are you a Valentine’s day hater? Do you have some great/funny opposing views to share?

Four One Night WEBSITE USE

My contribution to Valentine’s Day this year is my newest release, Four One Night. Did you miss the excerpt I shared on Emma and Loni’s pages a couple posts ago? Here it is, one more time, just for you guys.


I nodded my head, an idea taking hold in my mind. “You know, I decided I needed to blow off some steam about three hours ago. You’re coming with me. You need it even more than I do. We’ll call it medicinal.”

“That sounds exactly like the kind of distraction I need,” she said, a smile flitting across her face.

“Good. Because it’s too freaking cold to be standing around. My nipples are pointing all over the place for all the wrong reasons!” We hustled to my car, heels clicking a rapid staccato against the asphalt. “All this pent up energy has me in the mood to play. It’s time to call in reinforcements.”

“Ooh!” She looked at me over the hood, her baby blues full of mischief. “That means Michael’s coming. Think he can handle both of us?”

“We’re about to find out! If not, there’s always you and me.” I laughed and yanked my phone out of my purse pocket.

“Danielle Monroe! You are such a tease.” She tossed her dark gold curls over her shoulder.

“Am I? You’ve never seen my bad girl side.” My eyebrow raised, daring her to take me up on the offer.

“Now that sounds promising.” She said, batting her eyes in the worst parody of exaggerated flirtation I’d seen in a while.

Shaking my head and smiling at our antics, I dialed Michael. With the receiver to my ear, the muted strains of “My Cherie Amour” floated through instead of a ring. The frigid air whipped through the thin cotton of my shirt causing a shudder to ripple through my curvy frame. I grabbed for my key fob and quickly pressed the unlock button.

“Hey babe,” his dark, raspy voice came on the line. “What’s up?”

“Well, that all depends on you,” I purred as my hands motioned Candace to get in the car. “Work was nuts and Candace and I need to blow off some steam. We’re headed over to Club Heat for ladies night. Will you join us or do we need to find some other sexy men to play with?”

“Ooh, someone’s feeling feisty.” I could practically see his smile through the rumble in his voice. “I love it when Miss Dani comes out to play.”

“Then you’re gonna love me tonight.” Grabbing the handle, I tugged my door open. Finally out of the chilled air and in the driver’s seat, I slammed the door shut and shoved my key in the ignition.

“Two wild women looking to unleash themselves after a bad day?” The little beep of his car alarm being released sounded through the receiver followed by the slam of the door. “That may be more than I can handle alone.”

Tipping my head against my shoulder to cradle the phone, I turned the key in the ignition, quickly followed by the heater. “Michael Gallo! Afraid you might need reinforcements?”

Music flared in the background as he started his car. “Afraid is such a strong word. I prefer to think of it as being prepared for any eventuality.”

“Well, you know how I feel. The more, the merrier. Hot men and alcohol make everything better!” With one last look in my rear view mirror, I shifted into drive, leaving our bad day in the dust.

Fun, Fantasy, Release…#FourOneNight

Woot! I’m celebrating today, and I hope you’ll join me. My novelette, Four One Night, is up and available for purchase exclusively on Amazon Kindle! Yes, that means I’m celebrating a NEW RELEASE!

Four One Night WEBSITE USE

Some of you may have stopped by Emma Meade or Loni Flowers’ pages when they invited me to share my (then) upcoming release and read an excerpt while you were there. This one’s a little different.

I realized while working on my final edits that I have a huge penchant for including bits and pieces of my favorite things into my stories. Those of you who know me aren’t shocked to hear about the music…. but this time, I mentioned one of my favorite shots…so, I thought I’d share that excerpt and the recipe for the drink.


Nudging Candace with my elbow, I inclined my head in their direction. “See those two hotties headed our way?”

She nodded. “Are they both for you or is one for me?”

“Well,” I shrugged, barely able to hold back a grin, “If you’re good I may be convinced to share.”

Candace rubbed her hands together in anticipation, “Yum!”

“Drinks are always yummy!” James said as they joined us, extending liqueur glasses with shots of green liquid to each of us. Wrapping one arm around Michael’s neck, I grabbed the tumbler with my free hand and pulled his head down toward my mouth.

His green and gold eyes held mine as his velvet lips brushed mine. “Hi, Bad Girl,” he murmured against my mouth.

Nipping his lower lip between my teeth, I tugged lightly, then released. “You know what they say. When I’m good, I’m good. But when I’m bad, I’m better.”

“A-hem,” the exaggerated clearing of James’ throat had me ducking my head into Michael’s shoulder to hide my amusement. “You’ll have to excuse their rudeness. Obviously when they see each other they forget their manners. I’m James.”

“Thanks for the drink. I’m Candace.” She took the tumbler he handed her, toasting him in acknowledgement. “I’m assuming the guy she’s snuggled up to is the infamous Michael?”

With a sigh, I turned to face our audience. “Yes, this absolutely edible man I’ve been nibbling on is Michael Gallo. Michael, meet the notorious Candace Lawrence.”

Lifting his fingers from their perch on my hip, he offered his hand to Candace. “Finally, a face to go with the name. In fact, why don’t we make that our first toast of the evening?”

Twisting my wrist so the lime green liquid swirled in the glass, I looked at James. My voice raised to be heard over the loud music. “What is this?”

“It’s called an Alien Secretion, Sweetie,” he gestured toward my hand. “It’s yummy and 100 proof and will help you ladies forget about your horrible day. Drink up so we can get to partying!”

“I don’t know, James.” Stepping away from Michael to stand next to Candace, I nudged her shoulder with mine. “The name doesn’t make it sound very appetizing, does it?”

He rolled his eyes. “It’s just a little Midori Melon, pineapple juice, some Malibu and a touch of vodka. Trust me, Dani. You’ll love it!”


So what’s the book really about?

Blurb for Four One Night:

Life is all about taking chances. You’ll never know how far you can go unless you try. Well, that’s my philosophy, anyway. My name is Danielle Monroe, but everyone calls me Dani. I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t just pay lip service to living life to the fullest. I reach out and grab it!

After a brutal day at work, unwinding by taking one of my best girl friends to a club for drinks and dancing was just what I needed. It also gave me the opportunity to make a shared fantasy with my boyfriend, Michael, come true. All it took was a quick phone call, a few friends, and the stage was set. Now, if I could just get everyone to take a walk on the Wild Side with me…

There’s no harm in asking, right?


Now, on to that recipe:

Alien Secretion Shots

Alien Secretion Shots

Alien Secretion:

1/4 oz Absolut vodka
1/4 oz Midori melon liqueur
1/4 oz Malibu coconut rum
1/4 oz pineapple juice

Add ingredients together in a shaker with ice. Stir. Strain into a shot glass.

Voila! Tasty alcoholic treat!

So, how will you help me celebrate my milestone today? Share your favorite shot? Buy the book (hint, hint)? Tell a friend? Have a drink?

It’s a party! Don’t leave me dancing by myself….


Flowers and the Wild Side

When my dear friend, author and fellow blogger, Loni Flowers, agreed to beta read my first book, she was a bit surprised. Not so much with my dirty mind, but with my seriously naughty content. I still remember the message she sent me:

“I wasn’t expecting this type of read, but dare I say you’ve got me all hot and bothered and where is my toy when I need it!?!?!”

It was one of the nicest things I’d ever read because I was a bundle of nerves about sharing my work. This validated that I did a pretty good job. But there’s something really special about Loni… She has a way of making you smile. She knows my passion for music. In fact, she shares it. Unlike her (and mostly thanks to my background in vocal music), I can’t listen to music (especially with words) and write at the same time. Somehow I wind up with song lyrics on the page, rather than my story. I have to use my musical inspirations to put me in the mood to write certain stories or scenes. So it was such an awesome surprise when she messaged me on Facebook and said, “Have you heard the Maroon 5 song ‘Doin Dirt’? It makes me think of the club scene in your book.”

I listened to the song and died laughing…. She had a very valid point. Honestly, I’d never heard the song, but I’ve been hooked on it ever since. It’s perfect. But she’s not the kind of woman to stop there. Today she’s sharing me and that same book she read on her fancy, cool blog!

This is my fab friend, Loni Flowers!

This is my fab friend, Loni Flowers!

Thanks to her, I was also able to find the inspiration for Three For All. She actually didn’t even know that, but it all happened on one of those nights where we were sharing music back and forth and I was struggling with painting my opening scene in my head. Here’s the song I stumbled into that night…

Because she’s so wonderful and generous, I thought I’d share her updated cover reveal for her New Adult Romance, Painted Memories.

Painted Memories

This book is all about love, loss and redemption…with plenty of romance thrown in for good measure. You should check it (and Loni) out!

I Took A Trip To Ireland….Well, Kinda.

Okay. Maybe the trip was just virtual, but what can I say? I wish it were for real. I’m always excited when I get to hang out with someone as cool and sweet as my friend, Emma Meade! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to meet her in person?

My Fab Friend, Emma Meade!

My Fab Friend, Emma Meade!


Today she has me at her blog, Emma’s Ramblings, to share a bit about my upcoming release, Four One Night…. I’m extremely grateful for her generosity! If ya’ll ever see her on the streets here in the US, take her to Taco Bell. She’s seen the commercials and is dying to check it out for herself!

In the meantime, in honor of her Irish roots, I’m going to share Cups in Gaelic…because it’s awesomesause, just like Emma!


Privates, Piercings and Play

I’m in this awesome book club on Facebook co-hosted by the Herding Cats and Burning Soup and Fictional Candy blog owners. It’s an awesome, eclectic group of people who are all about reading and discussing kink in its various formats.

Here’s the innocent little question that kicked off a very interesting discussion:

“So. Pierced cocks. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with them. I’ve read a few in books so far but yall have any suggestions of ones you’ve read?”

Could NOT resist the IYKWIM reference. :-)

Could NOT resist the IYKWIM reference. 🙂


As always happens, everything started with a few hot, sexy books that featured penile piercings on the heroes that led to screaming orgasms to their ladyloves. Yes, I had a few recommendations. Shocker, I know… Somehow, from there, it went to talking personal experiences.

For example: One of the ladies mentioned having her clit pierced. Not my personal cup ‘o’ tea as I have a strong suspicion I’m allergic to any sort of pain in that part of my genital region, but I’ve heard good things. In fact, I remember this one historical romance I read (probably as a teenager) where they guy had a thing for a gypsy woman who had a hoop piercing on her clit hood. In this particular story, the hoop was big enough to work like a cock ring, and he slid into her, through the hoop. Apparently the whole thing drove her wild. It made for some steamy reading.

The reality as I know it? Far different. As many of my regular readers know, my experiences both in retail and medically related have made for some entertaining, if awkward moments. This one spelled Crossed Boundaries in a big way.

The back story?

One of my friends had joined the military and got stationed for his tech school in the Chicagoland area. Knowing I was from that area, he texted me to ask me about places (bars) to have a good time. He also introduced me to one of his best friends. The guy was a true blue Texas cowboy (and Cowboy fan) who rode a motorcycle and had tattoos. Yeah, he was pretty much the trifecta for wet panty fantasies between the accent, the bike, and the bad boy nature. As is MY nature, we flirted. This led to him sending a pix message of himself. (And before ya’ll go there, it was of his face!)

I know, you’re wondering what this has to do with piercings, right? Well, here’s how. I received that message while doing a store visit to one of my locations. When I pulled the pic up, one of my female employees happened to be standing behind me and looking over my shoulder.

Here’s the conversation that followed:

Her: Mmmm. He’s hot!
Me: Yeah. I guess he is.
Her: You know, I would totally be up for a threeway with you and him.
Me: Uhhhh…..(Yes, for once I had that deer-in-the-headlights look.)
Her: Seriously. I bet he’s good in bed. He looks like
he knows what he’s doing. I could sit on his face while you ride him. That would feel so good on my piercing. You know I have a hood ring, right? It’s amazing. Even walking turns me on because it gives me friction in all the right places. Wanna see?
Me: (blinking several times) Uh. No thanks. And I really think it’s time to change the subject. This is not an appropriate conversation for us to have, not just because I’m your manager, but because this is our workplace. This conversation never need happen again at work. With anyone. Understood?
Her: I guess. It just sounded hot. Sorry.

As you guys know, I’m pretty open minded about a lot of things, but never in a million years did I think that one of my employees would not only overshare re: her piercing, but think it was appropriate to invite herself into a 3 way! The thing is, after I knew about her piercing, it put several other things to light. A couple of guys had complained about “odor” issues when working with her. To say the scent was pungent, unfortunately, would be accurate. Not only was she in a perpetual state of excitement, I’m pretty sure she didn’t wear undies to catch the spillage and/or mask the odor. Fortunately, she also didn’t wear hosiery on her feet, so I was able to address the odor issue without directly focusing my discussion around her genitalia.

Now, as time and distance have allowed me to look at this more objectively, I wonder just how pleasurable it might be. I mean, I know people who don’t use vibrators because of concern surrounding killing the nerve endings in the clitoral area. And do you have any idea just how many genital piercing options there are for women? And men? I do. I looked it up!

Don’t get me wrong, I knew all about the Prince Albert, which is the most common male piercing. Heck, it was a co-worker back in the day who offered to show me “his” and explained how beneficial it was to a woman’s pleasure. Unlike the above person, he was a peer and offered to show me when we were NOT in the workplace. I took him at his word, but didn’t take him up on the offer as he was married and his wife wasn’t around (though, to be fair, I’m pretty sure they were swingers). Instead, I asked him questions like, “Didn’t that hurt?” and “So how does that work when you have to pee? Do you stream in 3 directions?” These are the questions my inquiring mind wanted to know. BTW, the answer to the latter was that he sits to pee, though he didn’t specify if he became multi-directional. I’m still curious about that one. LOL!

These days I’m also pretty sure that his Prince Albert didn’t do what he claimed…that would more likely be the Apadravya. See? Age and the internet do wonders for a person’s knowledge.

Practically everyone’s heard about the benefits of tongue rings, so no details are necessary with that one. One warning with that? Begin your kisses carefully. Getting knocked in the teeth with hardware has a bit of a resonating effect, never mind the fear of chipped teeth. Maybe it’s just me, but the one time I kissed a guy who’d recently gotten his tongue pierced and wanted to “share it” with me, this was my experience.

On a guy, I find pierced nipples to be pretty hot. If they’ve got hoops or those one that are almost hoops with little balls on the end, I have trouble keeping my hands to myself. This urge to turn, twist and tug becomes very strong. If I’m friends with the guy and out in a social setting, they may find themselves fondled a smidge. Fortunately, they’ve all seemed to like it. On women? I’ve always wondered how that worked for nipple sensitivity and breast feeding. In my imagination, milk became multi-directional. (Don’t worry, I assumed the piercing was removed prior to breast feeding to prevent any gagging and choking issues with the baby…I wasn’t stupid enough to think it stayed in.) Also, I have very sensitive nipples (clothing is almost uncomfortable when I’m PMSing). I’d be afraid to lose that.

I did some research and found that lactation is only a problem if you’ve had a bad piercing job and can result in blocked ducts. My guess is that’s a scar tissue issue, but I’m no expert. I was also told by my male friends that sensitivity is actually enhanced by the piercings. Research says the same is true for women. It also let me know that piercing the nips is probably not for me. I don’t think I could take any added sensitivity there.

So here are my questions… Are there any forms of body art expressions that have captured your curiosity? Anything that’s gotten you a bit hot around the collar? Maybe it’s tattoos. Maybe it’s piercings. Maybe something I’ve not heard of yet. And if you’ve done sex acts with people who have these piercings, was it all it was hyped up to be? How is oral sex with someone who has a tongue ring? Yeah, I’m dying to know! Is sex with someone with an Apadravya as hot as I think it is? Do the books do it justice? And speaking of books….do you have any hot, smexy books to recommend that include the above mentioned piercing? Tell, tell, TELL!