Privates, Piercings and Play

I’m in this awesome book club on Facebook co-hosted by the Herding Cats and Burning Soup and Fictional Candy blog owners. It’s an awesome, eclectic group of people who are all about reading and discussing kink in its various formats.

Here’s the innocent little question that kicked off a very interesting discussion:

“So. Pierced cocks. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with them. I’ve read a few in books so far but yall have any suggestions of ones you’ve read?”

Could NOT resist the IYKWIM reference. :-)

Could NOT resist the IYKWIM reference. 🙂


As always happens, everything started with a few hot, sexy books that featured penile piercings on the heroes that led to screaming orgasms to their ladyloves. Yes, I had a few recommendations. Shocker, I know… Somehow, from there, it went to talking personal experiences.

For example: One of the ladies mentioned having her clit pierced. Not my personal cup ‘o’ tea as I have a strong suspicion I’m allergic to any sort of pain in that part of my genital region, but I’ve heard good things. In fact, I remember this one historical romance I read (probably as a teenager) where they guy had a thing for a gypsy woman who had a hoop piercing on her clit hood. In this particular story, the hoop was big enough to work like a cock ring, and he slid into her, through the hoop. Apparently the whole thing drove her wild. It made for some steamy reading.

The reality as I know it? Far different. As many of my regular readers know, my experiences both in retail and medically related have made for some entertaining, if awkward moments. This one spelled Crossed Boundaries in a big way.

The back story?

One of my friends had joined the military and got stationed for his tech school in the Chicagoland area. Knowing I was from that area, he texted me to ask me about places (bars) to have a good time. He also introduced me to one of his best friends. The guy was a true blue Texas cowboy (and Cowboy fan) who rode a motorcycle and had tattoos. Yeah, he was pretty much the trifecta for wet panty fantasies between the accent, the bike, and the bad boy nature. As is MY nature, we flirted. This led to him sending a pix message of himself. (And before ya’ll go there, it was of his face!)

I know, you’re wondering what this has to do with piercings, right? Well, here’s how. I received that message while doing a store visit to one of my locations. When I pulled the pic up, one of my female employees happened to be standing behind me and looking over my shoulder.

Here’s the conversation that followed:

Her: Mmmm. He’s hot!
Me: Yeah. I guess he is.
Her: You know, I would totally be up for a threeway with you and him.
Me: Uhhhh…..(Yes, for once I had that deer-in-the-headlights look.)
Her: Seriously. I bet he’s good in bed. He looks like
he knows what he’s doing. I could sit on his face while you ride him. That would feel so good on my piercing. You know I have a hood ring, right? It’s amazing. Even walking turns me on because it gives me friction in all the right places. Wanna see?
Me: (blinking several times) Uh. No thanks. And I really think it’s time to change the subject. This is not an appropriate conversation for us to have, not just because I’m your manager, but because this is our workplace. This conversation never need happen again at work. With anyone. Understood?
Her: I guess. It just sounded hot. Sorry.

As you guys know, I’m pretty open minded about a lot of things, but never in a million years did I think that one of my employees would not only overshare re: her piercing, but think it was appropriate to invite herself into a 3 way! The thing is, after I knew about her piercing, it put several other things to light. A couple of guys had complained about “odor” issues when working with her. To say the scent was pungent, unfortunately, would be accurate. Not only was she in a perpetual state of excitement, I’m pretty sure she didn’t wear undies to catch the spillage and/or mask the odor. Fortunately, she also didn’t wear hosiery on her feet, so I was able to address the odor issue without directly focusing my discussion around her genitalia.

Now, as time and distance have allowed me to look at this more objectively, I wonder just how pleasurable it might be. I mean, I know people who don’t use vibrators because of concern surrounding killing the nerve endings in the clitoral area. And do you have any idea just how many genital piercing options there are for women? And men? I do. I looked it up!

Don’t get me wrong, I knew all about the Prince Albert, which is the most common male piercing. Heck, it was a co-worker back in the day who offered to show me “his” and explained how beneficial it was to a woman’s pleasure. Unlike the above person, he was a peer and offered to show me when we were NOT in the workplace. I took him at his word, but didn’t take him up on the offer as he was married and his wife wasn’t around (though, to be fair, I’m pretty sure they were swingers). Instead, I asked him questions like, “Didn’t that hurt?” and “So how does that work when you have to pee? Do you stream in 3 directions?” These are the questions my inquiring mind wanted to know. BTW, the answer to the latter was that he sits to pee, though he didn’t specify if he became multi-directional. I’m still curious about that one. LOL!

These days I’m also pretty sure that his Prince Albert didn’t do what he claimed…that would more likely be the Apadravya. See? Age and the internet do wonders for a person’s knowledge.

Practically everyone’s heard about the benefits of tongue rings, so no details are necessary with that one. One warning with that? Begin your kisses carefully. Getting knocked in the teeth with hardware has a bit of a resonating effect, never mind the fear of chipped teeth. Maybe it’s just me, but the one time I kissed a guy who’d recently gotten his tongue pierced and wanted to “share it” with me, this was my experience.

On a guy, I find pierced nipples to be pretty hot. If they’ve got hoops or those one that are almost hoops with little balls on the end, I have trouble keeping my hands to myself. This urge to turn, twist and tug becomes very strong. If I’m friends with the guy and out in a social setting, they may find themselves fondled a smidge. Fortunately, they’ve all seemed to like it. On women? I’ve always wondered how that worked for nipple sensitivity and breast feeding. In my imagination, milk became multi-directional. (Don’t worry, I assumed the piercing was removed prior to breast feeding to prevent any gagging and choking issues with the baby…I wasn’t stupid enough to think it stayed in.) Also, I have very sensitive nipples (clothing is almost uncomfortable when I’m PMSing). I’d be afraid to lose that.

I did some research and found that lactation is only a problem if you’ve had a bad piercing job and can result in blocked ducts. My guess is that’s a scar tissue issue, but I’m no expert. I was also told by my male friends that sensitivity is actually enhanced by the piercings. Research says the same is true for women. It also let me know that piercing the nips is probably not for me. I don’t think I could take any added sensitivity there.

So here are my questions… Are there any forms of body art expressions that have captured your curiosity? Anything that’s gotten you a bit hot around the collar? Maybe it’s tattoos. Maybe it’s piercings. Maybe something I’ve not heard of yet. And if you’ve done sex acts with people who have these piercings, was it all it was hyped up to be? How is oral sex with someone who has a tongue ring? Yeah, I’m dying to know! Is sex with someone with an Apadravya as hot as I think it is? Do the books do it justice? And speaking of books….do you have any hot, smexy books to recommend that include the above mentioned piercing? Tell, tell, TELL!

47 thoughts on “Privates, Piercings and Play

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    I am curious about hearing someone describe what a clit piercing feels like, but a dude-piercing, I just don’t like the idea of anything tiny and hard going in there with a penis like some kind of headlamp on a spelunker. *shivers* But then, I admit to being uninformed in this area. Am I up to doing research, um, probably not. I’ll take non-pierced over pierced genitalia any day.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      LOL! I think my research on this subject will mostly be through Q & A, not actual participation. 😀 Hey, I sincerely doubt that all the murder mystery writers out there had to actually commit and perfect murders to get it right in their books. Sometimes words are enough. 😉


  2. rebecca2000 says:

    I’ve always loved tattoos though never wanted one myself. Piercings are not my thing. I don’t judge others for having them, I just don’t get turned on by them nor do I want them. Even tongue piercings, if a guy knows what he is doing with his tongue (which few do, though most think they do) there is no need for help there.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      🙂 No one would probably notice…until the pants came down. On the one hand, piercings sound like they could do awesome things during intercourse. On the other, I think of how it might impact oral, and the scene from The Sweetest Thing gets stuck in my head. 😉


      • 1pointperspective says:

        i once shaved a bunch of random spots all over my chest for electrodes during a cardiac section in school. I’m pretty hairy, so the result looked comical. My wife never noticed, and the hair grew back. She swears I made the whole thing up. I’d be tempted to get a piercing just to see how long it would take before she noticed. My guess would be she wouldn’t know until we were going thru airport security.


  3. Fictional Candy says:

    Awesome post. ‘Nuff said 🙂 LOL. I love all piercings and tattoos on men… I’d love them on myself too, if I had the money to pay for them. Although I don’t think I’d get my girly bits pierced, that just seems like unjust punishment haha.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I find the male piercings to be intriguing, for sure…but I have to say, it might get in the way with BJ’s. Remember Selma Blair in The Sweetest Thing when she got “stuck” on his piercing. LOL!


  4. anna@herding cats & burning soup says:

    Bwaha Kitt. Love it. ::snort:: It was quite the list of fictional pierced wangs wasn’t it? I’m gonna have to start making my way through them.

    You already know I’m fascinated by pierced cocks. I just… yeah. Fascinated. lol Maybe one day I’ll get to play with one 😉

    I like eyebrow and lip piercings too. Had my tongue done for a while. And yeah gotta be careful of the teeth. lol And it hurts like a bitch to accidentally bite.

    Enjoyed the post 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks, Anna! Never even considered the implications of an accidental bite. Youch!

      You know what surprised me? How many pierced penis stories I actually knew and read! Granted, I somehow doubt my fascination is quite at your level, but my curiosity sure is engaged. It sounds like a wild ride & God knows I’m seriously into them… 😉

      I hope you get to play with a pierced cock someday. Anyone with your fascination deserves to have her curiosity sated. 😉


  5. jansenschmidt says:

    Well, here is information I really didn’t need to know. I’m with you on the not needing pain, especially in that particular region. Friction while walking is something I can live without. I find walking in pantyhose to be irritating enough, thank you very much.

    But, to each his own. If that’s what it takes to get you going, then party on my friends.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  6. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    I noticed that Susie and Patricia did not really answer your question. 🙂

    As for me, I always thought chicks with tattoos and piercings are sexy. My gal has tattoos. Been with tongue and nipple pierced girls too. But I draw the line at getting my penis cut into with any kind of piercing. Nope. Noppity nope. Not me.


  7. Professor Taboo says:

    Finally getting a few quick moments to catch-up on blogs I follow — I’m WAY behind on your’s Kitt. Sorry. 😦

    No surprise to you, I encounter some of these topics/questions often given my lifestyles. First regarding tats, I consider tattoos no different than art in a museum — how does it strike you? How does it make you feel as the observer? Is the art of a quality or effect deserving display in the Louvre or Smithsonian? Or it may not be intended for any observer, simply for the body it has been permanently placed upon. And like any great work of art, i.e. the human body, overkill is a risk. Imagine Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” or “Cafe Terrace at Night” having WAY TOO MUCH detail, colors, people, animals, shapes, etc, etc, as if you could NEVER find Waldo or the artist’s message/passion!

    I dated for several weeks an absolutely GORGEOUS woman with some of the most seductive bedroom-eyes I’ve ever had the honor & pleasure of gazing upon, and she was/is a photographer/artist with the most gentle warm personality anyone could possibly have…however, she was bordering on tat-overkill — then on top of that piercing-overkill too. It was reaching a point where it was all DETRACTING from the natural beauty she already possessed! But that was/is my opinion.

    With regard to piercings, you’ve already touched on the hyper-sensitizing benefits (if done correctly!) but also the potential risks, painful risks, permanent(?) risks. Is the overkill a reflection of deficiency or compensation, or does it serve a higher (successful?) purpose? I wonder if anatomical dynamics such as size or deficiency can be successfully modified? I would think so. But would that also depend on your partner’s anatomical dynamics? Some good fits and certainly some not-so-good fits.

    Considering all, I think this subject is very very subjective with no right or wrong, or better – worse. For example, I think back on my last five most incredible lovers, partners, or wives, and if I had three, four, five tats or the same amount of piercings for all five of those past lovers/partners…there is no way they would’ve all agreed on the same benefits or detractions/distractions.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      You’re right, of course, about the subjective appeal of tattoos and piercings, especially with regards to aesthetics. Of course, the clinician in me wonders if the sensation assistance makes the modifications worthwhile. (Yes, that means I’m curious about how an apadravya would feel for a woman from the inside.) 😉


      • Professor Taboo says:

        I found an apadravya interesting too because it is ‘intended’ to stimulate the woman’s G-spot and assuming the man’s cock is straight or points slightly upward missionary-style or upright with the woman on her back. But that can be done without having to modify the head of the cock, e.g. various positions of both partners. However, for gay men, would it stimulate anything worthwhile? How would lesbians benefit from an apadravya, if at all?

        Yeah, definitely SUBJECTIVE aesthetically as well as sexual in certain cases.


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