Valentine #FREE Giveaway and $.99 Book Sale

I’ve always been a bit in love with love. Maybe that’s part of why I write the subject matter I do. The physical manifestation of affection has always been fascinating. To my mind, George Michael had it right when he said:

“Sex is natural, sex is good
Not everybody does it,
But everybody should.”

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like you to share some of your most memorable Valentine’s Day stories. I don’t care if it’s romantic, hilarious…or the biggest nightmare ever. I’d love for you guys to share. In return, I’ll be entering everyone who comments into a drawing to win a FREE Kindle copy of my newest release, Four One Night. All commenters from the time this post goes live until the end of Valentine’s Day –12AM EST, February 15th. As this is an ebook, this drawing will be open internationally.

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As we reached the guys, I let go of Candace and hooked my hand around Michael’s neck. Eager to share my pent up hunger, I yanked him down to indulge in a hard, heady mating of lips and tongue. The rough demand in my kiss was my loud and clear message that the time on the dance floor left me hot and ready for action.

When we finally separated, Michael whispered against my lips. “Holy shit! You and Candace were amazing out there, but now I feel left out.”

My lips pursed together, but laughter still escaped. “Not for long!”

His eyebrows drew together, curiosity written all over his face. “What exactly does that mean?”

“I’m going to tell her to kiss you,” I shrugged.

He blinked, surprised, and then snapped his fingers. “Just like that? How do you know she’d go for it? She doesn’t really know me!”

My head shook back and forth as I attempted for a look of feigned disappointment. “So little faith! Watch and learn.”

Candace stood next to James, chatting, when I strutted over and pulled her to me again. My lips slammed down over hers and my tongue delved into her mouth. My assault continued until she moaned, eagerly giving way to my marauding. The sultry sounds she was making were unmistakable as her body nestled against mine. This girl was putty in my hands.

Breaking away, I stared down into her baby blues. “Now, go kiss Michael.”

With a nod ok she headed to where he stood watching us, a glint that looked a lot like mischief in her eyes. The green in his hazel became more intense as he tracked each predatory step she took. Though his arousal was obvious by the tightening of his pants, no words were exchanged. Candace leaned into his body and rubbed her hardened nipples against his chest. Slowly, she pressed her petal pink lips to his, giving him a taste of the wet, hot passion she shared with me. Surprised, he froze. The moment he realized this was no longer a fantasy, his tongue rushed to meet her desire.

“You are so hot.” he groaned as he peppered wet kisses from her cheek to neck and back to her mouth.

From where we stood, James and I watched their dueling tongues. Though it was sexy, my need to join them was strong and my pulse raced in anticipation. It was time for me to take the reins.

My body felt hot and overly tight as arousal seeped through every pore. Mischief surged through me as I looked up at my best friend. “Ready to join the party?”

He eyed me carefully as a slow, knowing smile spread across his face. “Michael wasn’t kidding when he said you wanted to play tonight.”

I snorted. “Tell me you’re not dying to join in. Watching them.” The jut of my chin in their direction sent his gaze flickering back to the lip locked pair. “It’s kind of hot, right?

“Kind of?” He dragged his attention away from the scene to roll his eyes at me. “You are a wicked, wicked woman. But you already knew that. It’s part of your charm.”

I pulled him down and smacked a noisy kiss on his lips. “Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Also, to help celebrate the holiday made for lovers of all ages, I thought I’d give Three For All, my first novelette, FREE for the Valentine’s Day weekend, starting MIDNIGHT on Valentine’s Day Morning.


So, for all you lovers out there, whether you’re celebrating solo or with a partner…or three (or maybe more)…I hope you enjoy the holiday and my gifts to you. Thank you so much for sharing in all the fun and laughter that seems to thrive here. I truly do enjoy each and every one of you.

All friends, new or old, are obviously welcome, so share the news about the opportunity to win the FREE book and the Valentine’s weekend sale for Three For All!

Thanks! Of course I’m going to end this post with music…
Apparently Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz need dates for Valentine’s Day. Any volunteers?

17 thoughts on “Valentine #FREE Giveaway and $.99 Book Sale

  1. L.J. Kentowski says:

    Me & hubby don’t really celebrate Valentines Day, although he’s been known to surprise me with flowers here and there. Good thing is we show our love for one another throughout the whole year 🙂


  2. Tiffany A White says:

    Sadly, I don’t really have any funny or romantic Valentine stories. My birthday falls two days later and my husband always treats me like a royal princess all week – I get to do what I want, eat what I want, anything no matter the expense. As long as it involves a ton of chocolate, I’m a very happy girl. And to be honest, he treats me like this always, so it’s not really anything special. 😛

    Now, in elementary, probably the 2nd grade, a boy in my class gave me a stuffed teddy bear holding a heart that said “be mine.” It terrified me. Then, not too many years later, another boy one year younger than me gave me something similar (I had a crush on his older brother). I pretty much wasn’t ready for either bear and quit talking to both boys after that.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I think it’s awesome that your husband pampers you. I keep telling mine that I’m going to be pushing for a weeklong birthday celebration. It always seems to end way too quickly. Of course, then he’ll demand payment in kind. 😉

      Yeah, I could see how getting a gift that none of your other friends got in 2nd grade might be too much commitment for you to make at that point in your life. 🙂 I was glad that the boy who got me heart shaped container full of red hots (because he said I WAS red hot) waited till Jr High. Too bad he wasn’t my type. We’re still friends, though, and he’s got 3 kids, so I guess all’s well that ends well, right?


  3. msblondie2u says:

    Wow! Reading that excerpt was really awesome. Looking forward to be reading the entire book. Look out honey, here I come…. Pretty hot and heavy there. Totally enjoyed. Thank you Kitt, for an awesome book that you have written.


  4. Sami C says:

    Hubby always treats me like the queen of his castle
    so things don’t really change much for Valentine’s Day –
    this year he’s gotten our daughter and I tickets to the
    three-day Ink Life Tour (lots of good bands to enjoy)
    and he gets to watch the Military Channel in peace – btw
    he’s always the king of my castle even after 24 years of
    this wonderful thing we call marriage!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      That’s so awesome! Don’t you love men who truly understand the concept of “to love, honor and cherish as long as you both shall live?” Marriage to the right person is the best kind of adventure. 🙂


  5. Brooke says:

    I always thought the rise petal, candles and candy were to much of a cliche for someone like myself to enjoy however; I was proven wrong valentines day 2013. My partner at the time met me at the door as I came home from work with all the cliche greetings, leading me to the to the bedroom by way of rose petals. I remember thinking” oh god, really?,doesn’t he know me well enough to know how unoriginal I think this is?” But once we were in the bedroom he abruptly slams the door and hands me a teddy negligee and a small crop then says to me “I thought you would look sexy in this while I spanked your ass in this” as he pointed at a sex swing on the back of the bedroom door. Oh what fun we had! Best night of sex I have ever had in my life. Oh how I do miss him this valentines day!


  6. kindredspirit23 says:

    I suppose the worst part of Valentine’s Day is that I don’t remember any memorable Valentine’s Days. Now, that could be, in part, due to the stroke and its effects on my memory, but, somehow, I rather think that I have had a mostly boring Valentine’s Day history. Not that my love life has been boring, – hilarious and atrocious would be more to the point. But that one special day for lover’s, um, not so much. I suppose there’s still time to change that. However, I have been growing ever fonder of the single life as of late. It doesn’t mean I won’t day or have a valentine at some point, but, now, it is looking pretty sparse. I think that I will work on my birthday instead.


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