You’re a Winner!

By David Castillo Dominici, courtesy of

By David Castillo Dominici, courtesy of


Jeri Walker-Bickett

You won a FREE copy of Four One Night via my Valentine’s Day gift drawing! Please email me at so we can make arrangements for you to collect your winnings. Thanks to all who participated.

I also discovered that yesterday my friend, Lanthie, from Life Cherries shared me with her awesome followers. If you’ve never checked out Lanthie’s blog, you should do so. She’s a fun loving, belly dancing, free spirit living in South Africa. She’s all about sharing sexy, yummy deliciousness and making new and interesting friends. Stop by and say hello. I promise, you won’t regret it.


Finally, a little reminder that my first novelette, Three For All, is currently on sale for $.99 this weekend only. (Any help to spread the word and/or reviews from those of you who’ve already read it, as always, is greatly appreciated.)

Here’s another excerpt to tantalize:

“Uh, guys?” I laughed, “Not to put a damper on all this male bonding going on, but um… Horny lady. Right here. Just thought I’d remind you.”

“Good call.” James grinned and reached out, pulling me flush against his muscular frame. He bent down and rubbed his nose against mine in a playful Eskimo kiss.

I shrugged and nipped his lower lip for teasing me. “What can I say? I’m always thinking.”

“About sex, maybe.” Michael teased from the front seat.

“Since when is that a bad thing?” I groaned as James’ hands found my hips. In one fluid motion he grabbed a handful of material and pulled my sundress over my head.

He nibbled along my jawline before finally taking my mouth in a searing play of lips and tongue. His strong hands that roved over my curves in sensual exploration had me arching towards him in a silent demand for more. With effort, he pulled his head back stared down at me, his eyes nearly black with desire. “Girl, you’re a lethal weapon under all those clothes.”

“Mmm!” I purred and reached down to gently squeeze the hard length threatening to push through his trunks. “Talk about lethal weapons.”

He groaned in response as his nimble fingers drove me wild in retaliation. With feather light caress, he stroked along the edges of my bikini top until my breasts strained upward to meet his touch. I reached out and threaded his dark, silky hair into my fist and tugged. His mouth came down firmly on mine. Our tongues dueled against each other in a heated assault as my body strained to get closer to his hard warmth. My hand slid down the length of his torso to explore and reveled at the ropes of solid muscle and coarse hair, so different from Michael’s bare chest.

Heady excitement rushed through me and dampened my panties as I explored James’ ripped body. My lips brushed along his collarbone before heading south to follow the trail my hands had taken. I traced a moist circle along the borders of his dusky nipples until they tightened under my avid tongue. Hardened to dusky nubs, my teeth grazed them with playful nibbles. His deep moan fed my desire like a fire in my veins. Through the rearview mirror my eyes met Michael’s as I bit down firmly on James’ pebbled bud. His eyes were fiery with desire as he watched me suckle the abused flesh into my mouth to soothe away the sting. My thighs brushed back and forth to soothe the painful throb of arousal in my uncomfortably wet panties.

“Somebody’s excited.” James murmured as circled his arm around my back, trailing his fingers down my spine. “Maybe it’s time to do something about it.”

“I’m not the only excitable one, captain obvious,” I tweaked his nipple with a laugh while he toyed with the ties of my bikini. “I’m ready when you are.”

He looked down at me until my nerves crackled with anticipation. “Patience.”

It felt like forever when, finally, he tugged on a strand and loosened the bow between my shoulder blades. With a sense of urgency, he worked his way upward to the knot at my neck. As if unwrapping a precious gift, he slowly peeled back the tiny triangles and stared. The warmth of his gaze sent tingles of awareness to my breasts, the top sliding unnoticed to the floorboards. The buttered leather felt soft against my back as James eased me against the seat. A shudder ripped through me when he grazed the edge of his nail over my rosy areola. He grabbed the top from across my tanned stomach and dropped it to the floor.

The cool of the air conditioner wafted through the vents like a caress against my bared chest and sent goose bumps along my exposed skin. My head tipped to glance out the windshield as we onto the road. Traffic was heavy in both directions. There was no question it was a Saturday afternoon or that we were leaving the beach.

“Do you think anyone can see us in here?” I wondered aloud. My inner exhibitionist thrilled at the thought causing my body to tighten in suppressed desire.

“Maybe. Probably, if they’re in trucks,” James looked out the window for a moment before he turned his attention back to me and shrugged as if this were an everyday occurrence. “Would you really care if they did?”

“Dani? Please. That’s part of the fun for her, can’t you tell?” Michael snorted as he shifted his attention over his shoulder to where James moved to straddle my hips. “She’s got an exhibitionist streak a mile wide. In fact, I’ll be that if you touch her pussy right now, you’ll find she’s sopping wet.”

His groan mingled with my laugh as James trailed way too slowly for my liking down my pelvis and toward my moist heat, following Michael’s advice. My hips canted upward in silent encouragement for him to speed his exploration. His brow quirked in acknowledgement even as he continued at his maddening pace.

“Oh, God. You’re killing me.” My body shook with anticipation.

“No he’s not, baby. Your fun’s just getting started,” Michael said, a wicked grin spread across his face as he watched me squirm under James’ progress.


Anyway, hope everyone had a good time yesterday, whether it was just another day or you chose to celebrate Valentine’s day. I hope you guys know just how much I appreciate all the support you’ve given me. I’m really lucky to have connected with such a fantastic group of people. Whether you’re a regular to my blog or a newcomer….I consider you all friends.

You guys really have given me courage and inspiration to keep chasing my dreams.

12 thoughts on “You’re a Winner!

  1. bethteliho says:

    DANG I missed the giveaway post! *pouts* Oh well, I’m happy for Jeri. I adore her.
    and I’m a winner after all cuz I just bought Three For All! How could I not after that teaser? YUM.


  2. The Hook says:

    “Uh, guys?” I laughed, “Not to put a damper on all this male bonding going on, but um… Horny lady. Right here. Just thought I’d remind you.”
    You’re the husky, sexy voice of our generation, my friend.
    Well done.


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