Sexy Chatting With Miz #GirlBoner Radio, August McLaughlin

Ya’ll know there’s not much I love more than an opportunity to talk sexy. In fact, it was this exact penchant that helped cement a friendship between myself and the creator of #GirlBoner, August McLaughlin. We’ve been going back and forth between our blogs, Facebook and Twitter for so long now that she feels more like an old friend than a stranger whose voice I’ve only heard in YouTube videos and podcasts.

So, of course, when she contacted me about my blog post celebrating the Beauty of a Woman’s Sexuality (for her third annual BlogFest) from a Christian standpoint, and asked me to share it and chat with her on her radio show, I was over the moon! Me? On GirlBoner radio? Actually talking to August live? Practically in person? Of course! That was yesterday.

So, for those of you who’d like to take a listen….maybe hear what I really sound like, or what it’s like when two totally Sex Positive women get together and chat…

Kinky Christian: Not an Oxymoron?

All I can say is that it was an honor to talk to my dear friend.

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Have you checked out August McLaughlin’s radio show yet? If not, go do it! I promise, you will not be disappointed. Also, if you listened to my interview, I’d love to hear what ya’ll thought!

12 thoughts on “Sexy Chatting With Miz #GirlBoner Radio, August McLaughlin

  1. Professor Taboo says:

    The radio broadcast made me laugh many times, sometimes hysterically. The shackles put on women (and men too) by “the church” or theocracies are finally being removed, at least in most parts of the world. And I applaud it all!

    I definitely enjoyed the discussion Kitt. Though I’d disagree and challenge the posture of “Kinky Christian” based on their accepted Canonical Scriptures and the subsequent theology… primarily the Patriarchal bias those Testaments contain and the amputation or removal of non-canonical heretical opposing Testaments… and would therefore suggest the complete dropping “Christian” from Kinky-Christian since it doesn’t reflect the essence of said canonical Scriptures… (huge inhale from all that – lol)
    I am nonetheless very pleased to witness the coming of a new refreshing social view of a very natural human connection, even HEALTHY one!

    *raises glass…HERE HERE!!!* 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      LOL! How strange that I actually understood that. What you’re talking about is a whole other GIANT sized kettle of fish of which many are completely unaware. Definitely a complex subject.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the broadcasting…and I’m going to assume that when you were laughing it was WITH us and not AT us. 😉 Actually, knowing you as I do… I know you’d never laugh at me on such an important topic. 😉 I’ve really appreciated your insights and love when you decide to share on my blog.


  2. Emma says:

    “Ya’ll know there’s not much I love more than an opportunity to talk sexy”. Kitt, I found myself nodding emphatically reading this. 😉 I’ll listen to the interview after work, ladies.


  3. brickhousechick says:

    Loved hearing your voice! I had gone over to Girl Boner Radio a few days ago and listened to a couple of the podcasts. Very informative! It was fun heading over there again today to hear your piece. I love how you tie in Christianity and how it can be paired with sex. I hope many people hear/read this message you shared.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks, Maria! She really does have some awesome (and educational) podcasts, doesn’t she? I’m so glad you enjoyed our piece. I really do hope that maybe I’ve helped ease some minds about people and their “Sacred Sexuality.” Shame need never be a part of that equation. I hate that it ever was.


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