Checking In to Say I Haven’t Checked Out!

So things in my universe have suddenly gotten very “whirlwind-y,” but that doesn’t mean I’m gone or have disappeared. I promise. In fact, tomorrow will be my first day off in about 14 days and I’m looking forward to it with bated breath.

I also have some friends lined up to come by and visit with us all…and I can’t wait to share them with you, but in the meantime, here are some things that have brightened my smile and helped give me the energy I need to persist.

Yeah, so maybe I have a bit of a girl crush on Naya Rivera… Who could blame me? Santana’s effin’ hot! Of course, I’m equally in love with Rachel Barry’s voice, but who isn’t? Seriously, Lea Michele is uber talented, and despite her shitty ass year of losing her fiancé, Cory Monteith, she’s plowed on….continuing with Glee AND releasing a new album!

Then there’s this one… one of my all time fave musicians, Billy Joel, playing with Jimmy Fallon. Tell me this app is not badass! See, this is why I love working “in my real life” in the wireless technology biz. So many cool things.

This song reminds me of my sister and me when we’d sing together in our youth… And yes, these two young ladies from the tv show Nashville are sisters in real life, too. Oddly enough, it was my younger sister who tended to do the harmony when we sang, too. 🙂 And then there’s the lyrics… How uplifting to remind us that it’s the simple things that count!

Finally, although Christian Kane is (and always will be) my all time favorite Leverage member (and an awesome musician in his own right), there’s something absolutely enchanting about listening to Hardison (aka Aldis Hodge) play this particular Scheherazade solo. Yeah…with the hectic chaos that has been the last two weeks, I’ve found it soothing.

What about you guys? Anything new, fun, or just beautiful that you’ve discovered lately that you’d like to share? What’s new in your lives? I’ve missed you guys!

24 thoughts on “Checking In to Say I Haven’t Checked Out!

  1. Austin says:

    I loved that Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel bit when I watched the show. Did you see later in the show when they did “You May Be Right” together? That was awesome…


  2. Gloria Richard Author says:

    What a rockin’ good way to start my day! ‘Nothing better than Billy Joel. Aside from…

    Well. you know!

    I have been a social media slug lately. It’s not because I don’t love ‘ya. It’s because…

    Well, you’ll find out when my new (and pending MORE COWBELL series) begins tomorrow.

    Or, Monday.

    Or, Tuesday.

    All depends on my salt and pepper shakers. And, that’s all I’m gonna’ say about that!.

    Welcome back, Kitt.


  3. brickhousechick says:

    I’ve missed you too Kitt! But, I know your absence has been due to good things happening in your life, so I feel better. 🙂 I don’t watch Glee anymore but I’m loving Nashville. Things are going to get messy again in Nashville, lots of drama! Next episode should be interesting.

    What’s new? Not much going on around here with the exception of college acceptances coming in. My daughter has been accepted to 8 of the 10 colleges she applied to, got one wait list and is awaiting the 10th respond. We are very proud of her and that’s kept us looking up! 🙂 Oh, and the rumor that Spring is here.


  4. August McLaughlin says:

    Beautiful stuff, Kitt! I’ve missed ya! (Big shocker, I’m sure. LOL) We’re getting a new oven today. Who knew I could get so excited about appliances?!? 😉 After being without, while the washer is broken, it’ll be a happy light. Hope you’re enjoying the heck out of your day off!


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