Condoms, Kinks, and Hijinks

Have you ever wondered what your friends think of you? Well, yesterday gave me a dose of hilarity while answering what my pal, Jenny Hansen (of the More Cowbell fame) thinks of me…or at least where she thinks my mind is most of the time. She tagged me on Facebook with the following image and this message:

Kitt, I just laughed my butt off. I ran a search for you to catch up on your posts and here was the result. I about fell off my chair. LOL.”

Courtesy of Jenny Hansen

Courtesy of Jenny Hansen

I admit it. I giggle snorted immediately…because the first thing that drew my eye was what drew hers.

What can I say? Sex comes up a lot when I’m around. But only in the best possible way. As you’ve probably noticed by the post titles, there’s also not much I won’t talk about.

Which actually leads right into the whole condoms and kinks portion.

As a few of you might remember from my piercings post, I am in a private facebook group where the members love to read and talk kink of all sorts. There are no judgments, you can ask questions, you can talk fetishes…and share the hottest, sexiest reads you’ve discovered with likeminded individuals.

My pal, Anna, from Herding Cats and Burning Soup threw out a question to the group a week or two ago surrounding fetishes. She asked the group what specific fetishes they loved to read about. Not authors. Kinks. Mine were easy…and not much of a shock to those who’ve read my books because a lot of it is also what I enjoy writing. I LOVE M/M/F ménages, especially if there’s some bisexual play between the guys. I also love D/s power exchanges (and I’m not gender specific on who wields the whip). I’m also hugely intrigued by rope bondage, specifically shibari, and think I’d like to take a class to learn how. Heck, Fet-con in Tampa is only a hop-skip-and-a-jump away. Maybe I should sign up.

Anyway, as often happens with this group, things devolve into hilarity…and this time it was all about a condom. As some of you know, bare backing can be considered a kink if/when you’re involved in what folks may consider a “risky” lifestyle. (For those of you wondering, bare backing is another word for unprotected sex.) Anna pointed out that in these books the heroes are usually quite big players at the beginnings of these books until they meet their “soul mates.” So, for her, condoms are a must. Then she went on to lament that although most of her favorite authors use condoms in their stories, she’d love a little variety…like glow in the dark. When she said that, my brain responded with “challenge accepted.”

This, of course, got me thinking. Sex and fantasies. What type of fantasies get you hot under the collar? Are you a ménage person, like me? Does the idea of exhibitionism get your furnace fired up? Or maybe it’s roleplay games. You know. The naughty college student caught cheating on the test by teacher. Or the been caught speeding one where you have to talk the big, bad officer out of writing you that ticket so your license doesn’t get suspended. Yeah… there are all sorts of options.

And as for that condom challenge? Yeah…. I’ve promised her Glow-in-the-dark in NEON GREEN, of course! But ya’ll know me. I like to push the envelope. I fully anticipate a sort of Lightsaber theme and “crossed swords.” Anyone have any color recommendations? LOL!

Also, I’ve got to send a huge THANK YOU to my incredible pal, August McLaughlin. She introduced me to the folks at Sexual Wellness News, and they’ve hired me to write the occasional article for them! My first one was just posted at the end of last month and it’s all about How to Rev Up Your Sex Life! Please go over there, check it out, along with the other awesome articles (August is one of their contributors), and share the love!

28 thoughts on “Condoms, Kinks, and Hijinks

  1. anna@herding cats & burning soup says:

    Bwaha Kitt. A glow in the dark cock would just make me so happy. I did a whole post back in may on the different types of Condoms. I don’t know if you saw that or not. Some are just so very odd but could seriously make for hilarious moments.

    You know I’m kinda an equal opportunity kink girl. At least for my reads. Some of them whoa no way in real life. I’ll totally wave my semi-vanilla flag on those. lol But in reads heck bring on the kink. Kinkier the better. 🙂


  2. Margo says:

    At least in my area, there’s a monthly workshop for people interested in rope bondage. It’s free and low pressure. A good place for beginners where they can learn and make friends. Trying to learn at a Con can be hard b/c the classes are much shorter, and the people there are usually much higher level practitioners. Check out FetLife for local groups if you’re interested. Have fun!


  3. Professor Taboo says:

    Bwahaha! Can’t say that I’m surprised by Jenny’s search result of you! That is something to be proud of Kitt! Umm, but I do have one concern…

    …does someone/something TRACK who visits those sites and how often!? lol 😉 On a serious note, I know Google tracks everyone’s searches/subjects.

    Nevertheless, keep up the great work, openness, positive proactive talk and action on a subject that never should’ve been put in the closet, or simply in the bedroom only. Fear stifles, courage fulfills.


  4. Eli Pacheco says:

    1. As a new reader to your blog who didn’t do a lot of snooping around, imagine my surprise today!

    2. I have, since my teenage years, felt condoms in team colors would be a fantastic way to show your allegiance.

    3. Looks like masterbation month came and went.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:


      Although sex often becomes a topic on my blog, I try to always approach it with both respect & humor…and hope that the openness I have regarding such sensitive subjects allows people to feel comfortable enough to ask questions if they’d like, or maybe realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong or abnormal about having a healthy sex drive. 🙂

      Oh yeah! Team colors would be awesome (Says the Cowboys, Cubs, Chicago Bulls, & Blackhawks fan…)


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