Tell Me a Summertime Story, Sing Me a Summertime Song

As much as I love “Hump Day,” this last one left something to be desired. My husband and I received a call that his dad (in his late 80’s) had been admitted into a Cardiac specialty unit and that his heart rate was “too low.” We heard words like angiogram, pace maker insertion, cardiac ablation, and even open heart surgery. We waited on pins and needles from thousands of miles away on Thursday as they did an angiogram to decide what they were going to do next. I’m pleased to report that the best possible outcome happened. My badass father-in-law who’s beaten cancer 3 times got a pace maker inserted and is now home recovering.

So obviously stress has been a big factor for me this last week. With my birthday fast approaching, I need to dip into some fun. Some sun! I’d like your help…

Summer-Beach-Quote-7Thinking back on some of my more awesome summers I thought… we need to talk summer romance.

The first boy to steal my heart was a brown haired, brown eyed Italian who’d recently moved to a neighboring town the summer I turned 14. He was a year older than me with bronze skin and an infectious smile that told me he was as big a flirt as me. He was also in high school.

For the first time in my existence, I found myself unsure. Would he think I was pretty enough? Would he care that I was only in eighth grade? Would he like me? To me, he was beautiful. He was a football player and wrestler an could have any girl he wanted. Yeah. My insecurity was because, for once, what someone else thought mattered to me. A lot.

So the first time he pulled me away to talk during one of our youth group outings, I was a bit tongue tied. When he looked down at me, I couldn’t look away. Finally, I broke the silence in my ever so blunt way.

Me: Why are you looking at me like that?
Him: Like what?
Me: Like you like me.
Him: Because I do.
Me: ::sputtering::
Him: Wow! Speechless. I never thought I’d see the day. And you’re blushing!
Me: I’m Filipino. We don’t blush.
Him: Yes, you do. And it’s cute…

And that began my first ever summer romance. Was it hot and heavy like in Three For All? Not even close. But there’s something about a first summer romance that brings out my inner nostalgic side.

Kinda like music. There’s something about certain songs that trigger memories. So, since I’m in the mood to share joy and fun and sun, I’m sharing songs with the word “Summer” in the title.

Since I’ve headed back to my youth, why don’t we start there with our music, too.

You’ve gotta love Bryan Adams. He just brings out a natural sense of fun….kinda like Kenny Chesney.

Or we can go a little bit hot and heavy… with Calvin Harris

Or a bit silly, dancing fun with Grease….

Now it’s your turn. Share a summer romance story or a favorite song with the word “summer” in it. Let’s bring on some playfulness and/or nostalgia.

30 thoughts on “Tell Me a Summertime Story, Sing Me a Summertime Song

  1. Kristy K. James...Where Romance and Fantasy Collide says:

    My first boyfriend showed up in my life when I was 14. He was 18, so like any good daughter, I lied and told my parents he was 16. As with others, it didn’t end well – about the same time I saw him kissing one of my cousins (who was just as shocked as I was). 🙂

    Best summer romance song? Not sure the video will show up because I don’t often use Vimeo videos on my blog. 🙂


  2. ramblingsfromamum says:

    Your story resonated with me. It took me back to the beach, where I was staying with a girlfriends family, trying to think how old I was..not very a young teenager, along came the Italian boy with brown rippling six pack, and locks to his shoulders yes we are talking the 70’s. His teeth sparkled more than the moon, and I melted into his brown eyes. So thank you for letting me relieve a memory I had forgotten. x


  3. Julie Glover says:

    My favorite teeange summer involved a lot of trips to the beach, mostly with my big sister. But we loaded up the car, headed up to the ocean and sand, maybe flirted a bit with some guys there, and then headed home relaxed and happy. It wasn’t anything special in one sense, but it was a long, beautiful summer.

    And my summer song? How about “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama? 🙂


  4. Gloria Richard Author says:

    Hi, Kitt!!!! SO glad your scare with FIL turned out well. Phew!

    I needed a pacemaker for my heart when my first (and lasting) summertime romance dream guy kissed me and asked if he could call me. ME? OMG!

    We we were high school sweethearts from that night forward. We’re still awesome friends with limited benefits, and laugh about the first song we slow danced to: Tracks of my Tears. MAGIC!!!!

    I’ve been MIA — back in Pennsylvania for as long as I choose to stay here. You can move a Yankee to Texas, but I can’t let my Yankee roots go.

    Complicating the obvious “why I’m not online” is the fact that my laptop chose this window to go kaput. Sigh. Impatiently awaiting her return from The Geek Hospital.


  5. Charron's Chatter says:

    great jams–awesome memory. Mine was an Italian too! When I lived in Switzerland–his name was Pino..hehehe…for real, though. That was his name. So tall! I love a tall good looking guy. (meow) >^^<


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