#FREE to Celebrate My Birthday With Me

Today, for those of us in the United States, we honor our Independence Day. It’s a day when we reflect on our freedoms, say thanks to those who came before us who fought for our rights (and those who still battle to uphold those freedoms) and celebrate with cook outs, neighborhood and beach parties, and end with fireworks.

It’s also my birthday!

As a Thank You to all of you who have supported me, either by reading my blog, sharing my posts, friending me on Facebook or following on Twitter, or just for being YOU, I’m giving away my first book, Three For All and have dropped the sequel, Four One Night to $.99 on Amazon Kindle for this holiday weekend. (The links attached in this paragraph lead to excerpts.)

To get your FREE copy, simply click the book cover.


To take advantage of the discounted offer, click the cover below.

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So, once again, thanks for helping my writing dream come true by supporting me by words of encouragement, by giving me the opportunity to get to know you on my blog or social media through comments (or laughter), by buying my books, or sharing them….and/or by leaving a review.

And finally, Happy Birthday to ME! 🙂 Thanks for helping me celebrate!

31 thoughts on “#FREE to Celebrate My Birthday With Me

  1. Chaz DeSimone says:

    Kitt, I do wish you a happy birthday. And I am glad that you are experience this country’s finally-acceptable acknowledgment that to be gay is natural and beautiful. (I’m not gay, but the following paragraph will explain how I can empathize so deeply.)
    I do not feel the sense of freedom that most Americans do, because I too am the “black sheep of society.” I am a nudist (and I do get black all over). I have relegated to going to nude beaches and clubs on the 4th of July or just staying inside all day. (I refuse on both a moral level, a principle level and a comfort level to wear any clothing — censorship I call it, no matter how cool or fashionable it is — in the sunshine.) I have been invited to attend an incredible 4th of July bbq/dance/potluck/fireworks show tomorrow. There’s also an Olympic size pool. I could have declined, but instead decided to attend, meet some friends, make some friends (if I don’t turn them away with my angst), and suffer in the bright, hot sunshine — my therapy when naked — but being this is prudesville Americana, I will keep my shirt on. Long sleeves most likely. I wish this country would finally grow up on its own birthday.
    Well, screw the title “Independence Day,” Kitt — it’s really “Kitt Crescendo Day!” Happy! Happy!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      So the bias against you is truly “skin deep.” I’m sorry. As a female who gets to watch her male counterparts walk around topless whenever the mood strikes, I understand on some small level.

      All we can do is continue to enlighten. As you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I’m working on the “prudesville” part, too, for a sex positive level. 😉

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!


      • Tana Bevan says:

        Kitt~A friend of mine told me that in the States, it’s a woman’s areola that needs to be covered to keep her from being arrested for indecent exposure. She attended many a Rocky Horror Picture Show dressed in dominatrix style, sans a top. She simply covered her areolas with black electrical tape. (She said it hurt like the dickens taking the tape off, but was totally worth it.) Oh, and if someone thinks size makes a difference, my friend was/is extremely large busted. (It’s genetic in her family.)

        As for you, may you have a wonderfully spectacular birthday!


        • Kitt Crescendo says:

          That’s pretty accurate, Tana. Unfortunately, I’m unwilling to endure pain in my nipple area. Mine are highly sensitive, but I love what she did. 😀 thanks for the birthday wishes!


  2. brickhousechick says:

    Feliz feliz en tu dia, amiguita que Dios te bendiga, que reine la paz en tu día, y que cumplas muchos mas!!! I will be thinking of you as I watch the fireworks go off! How fitting since your life is one huge firework display! 🙂 xoxo


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