Shimmer & Shine! It’s #SparkleFriday…


My dear friend, August McLaughlin, tagged me in her quest to turn Black Friday into Sparkle Friday. As one who has been working retail for about fifteen years, I understood all too well the stress that happens during this time of year.

This year has been a bit of a challenge as I found myself laid off unexpectedly. Fortunately someone else shared her Sparkle, and I found a new opportunity very quickly! In fact, if you’ve noticed a bit of media silence from me, it’s because I’m currently in training.

My first day on the new job, I had my first opportunity to Sparkle for someone else! One of my new co-workers was in need of a ride home. When I discovered she lived nearby, I offered her a ride home. No, it wasn’t anything fancy, but it was something.

Then there was the call from one of my besties at the end of last week. I was at work, but stepped away to answer her call. She’d just had her first child a few days ago, afterall.

Turned out she wanted to know when my shift ended & if I could stop by her house on the way home to take her to the ER. She was experiencing shortness of breath. She seemed to think it was non-urgent, but I knew there was a good chance it was more serious. I still had a couple hours, so I called my hubby who should’ve been on the way home. My hubby picked her up and took her in while her man stayed at home with the baby, keeping her safe from the germs of ER.

I met them as soon as I got off work & we kept her company until it was time to go, then took her home. We were all relieved it turned out to be a false alarm….nothing serious.

These were smallish gestures, but it meant something to them… Sometimes the family you build through mutual respect, love and friendship is just as rewarding (maybe even more so) is just as important to you as the one you’re born into…

So share with us…. Have you done something kind for someone else to bring on your Sparkle? If so, what? I’d love to read about it!

10 thoughts on “Shimmer & Shine! It’s #SparkleFriday…

  1. Raani York says:

    This is great, Kitt. And why should something small not be something good? It meant a lot to all of you – so it was GREAT acts of kindness!! You must a very, very good friend!! I’m honored to know you!!


  2. ratmom says:

    That is wonderful. On Thanksgiving we knew that there were two people here in my courtyard that were home alone so we took a plate of food to both of them. Then yesterday when I looked outside I saw one of my neighbors putting two rolls of christmas wrapping paper on each of the 18 apartment doors in my courtyard. She had gotten them for free and decided to share them. I thought that was really thoughtful of her.


  3. shanjeniah says:

    “Little things mean a lot”.

    Those “small gestures” of yours undoubtedly had a large impact on the recipients.

    We (my offsprung and I) dared a large chain toy store on Black Friday, to choose some special gifts for a toy donation drive. In addition to watching them think about what might make other children happy, I loved the way they interacted with me, each other, other customers, and store staff members.

    I’ve always treated service professionals with respect (I have a parent who doesn’t, and I’ve had those jobs), and I love meeting the eyes of people who are tending to my needs, making a little human connection, and trying to give them a smile to carry on through their day…

    I LOVE this post! =)

    Mine is here:


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