It’s Not About What You Get….

Well, at least it isn’t for me. My joy has always been in the giving. Knowing I managed to do something to brighten someone else’s day. So what about those who are less fortunate? Maybe this song was meant to be part of a children’s cartoon lesson/story….but I think the message goes way beyond them, don’t you?

I’m trying to think of some sort of anonymous thing I could do to brighten someone else’s holiday… Have you got anything like that planned? If you do, I could use some help brainstorming…

What can I say, I once heard the lyrics “Love isn’t love till you give it away” and it stuck with me.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not About What You Get….

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    I get such gift-giving anxiety, usually. For whatever reason, this year is different. I’m really excited to give to others and am finding things to buy that feel like just the right gift. Mybe it’s because my heart is especially thankful this year?


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