So Much More Than Music, So Much More Than a Holiday.

As many of you saw in my prior post, my hubby has a slightly wicked sense of humor. It stands to reason since he married me. But those moments that move me are when his depth and sensitivity shine through. He gets me on a molecular level…so when he shared this particular revamp of a Leonard Cohen favorite into an incredible Christian Christmas celebration, I was moved to tears.

Have you heard a song that’s completely moved you this holiday season?

6 thoughts on “So Much More Than Music, So Much More Than a Holiday.

  1. Paul S says:

    “When the Song of the Angels Is Stilled” is one of the most beautiful and moving Christmas songs I ever heard. A beautiful poem by Howard Thurman set a wonderful piece of music!!!


  2. Professor Taboo says:

    O Holy Night, sung by someone like Josh Groban or Celine Dion gives me goose-bumps everytime. Though I’m not Xian, you’re not human if that song doesn’t make you reverent. Lol

    There’s one special version of this song that for me, tops even Groban or Dion: Jon Anderson’s version (former lead singer of Yes) hits some INSANE notes that always moves me to many tears. The beginning is a bit “kiddish” with the electronic keyboards, but the duet almost makes me a cripple it is so powerful. 🙂


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