Paying My Respects to #JimmyMcIver this Holiday Season

Ever meet someone and felt fortunate to know them? That was my friend Jimmy McIver. Thanks to my passion for poetry and music, Ande Lyons introduced me to this fun, fabulous soul via Twitter. It wasn’t long till we were sharing poetry via email. He called his “Cowboy” poetry. They had that authentic, old range cowboy feel to them…including inflections, and they were terrific. I’ll cherish them and our chats about our shared art.

He also shared music with many of us, causing us to refer to ourselves as “Jimmy’s Ladies.” The conversations ran from encouraging to hilarious, to a bit off color, but regardless, they were always entertaining. Imagine our sorrow and disappointment when we saw the following message….


He was always so kind and cheerful that many of us probably thought we’d have him to enjoy forever…. God had other plans, and he was called “Home.” I thought it was appropriate for my daily holiday song this month to be a country one, because that was his favorite…and he always got a kick out of challenging my knowledge.

One day we’ll all be called home, so I hope ya’ll appreciate my choice. And for those of you missing someone special this holiday season, please know I’m giving you a big virtual hug.

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