A is for Anal Appeal


This picture cracked me up…. but all kidding aside, it seems I’ve always had a fascination for anal play. Long before I’d even tried it. (Yes, with a personal philosophy that I’ll try anything once…and more frequently if I enjoy it, it was only a matter of time.)

When I was younger I giggle-snorted when I heard that some girls, mostly from super strict, religious families, gave up their asses to preserve their “virginity.” Convoluted, yes… But accurate in the most technical sense of the word. Yeah, their hymens were untainted, so they could still come to their marriage beds and claim “pure.” But who was I to judge. Truth is, up until that moment, I don’t think I ever considered anal play a thing.

And yeah. It sounded uncomfortable, but after my attention was drawn, I realized that lots of guys I knew seemed to have a preoccupation with getting into that part of the anatomy, and it wasn’t solely about anal play being taboo. I mean, c’mon…. Guys, no girl is naïve enough to believe the “oops! My cock is directionally challenged. It really didn’t mean to try to slide into that hole.” Can you really blame the women who have retaliated with the “if you want my ass, I get to take yours first” challenge?

Still, it was unsanitary, right? More so than oral sex. Why did so many seem to want to get up in there? So I asked my guy friends. Turned out most of them hadn’t gotten there, but they’d heard it was extra tight and porn had made it seem like a pretty cool place to enter. Needless to say, this wasn’t a good enough answer for a young and curious Kitt. More research was definitely needed.

Oddly enough, while the boys were right, that wasn’t what really revved my engine. Nope. What did it for me was discovering the power of a prostate massage. As strong as a G-spot orgasm? Really? Yum! There’s a lot of power and trust exchanged with being able to help a guy explore that kind of pleasure. So why not?

And for women… Do you realize how many nerve endings there are in that area? The first time my salad was tossed (anal stimulation via the tongue), I became a believer. The trick is to build a person up to the pleasure. Make sure they’re prepared via lubrication and stretching…maybe start with fingers (one first, then another, and move them to scissor and stretch). Or if it’s available, anal plugs or other toys designed to stimulate and stretch that tight muscle. If you’re the giver, make sure your partner (if they’re a newbie) breathes out and tries to relax as you breach for the first time. It gets easier. It feels better. And a little manual stimulation or sensual distraction helps, too.

What you don’t do is what inevitably happens the first time and sours beginners on the whole act if they’re not very adventurous. As noted above, the “oops, I slipped method” is more likely to both land you in the doghouse and in the “never again” category. No prep is also no good. It’s tight. A bit painful. Makes almost anyone but a masochist want to forget they’d ever tried it and say no for the next time. Don’t assume that the only workable position for anal is doggie style.

The bottom line is this. Anal sex can be just as intimate and powerful as any other types of sex, and just as fun. So now I’m curious…. Have you tried anal sex? What do you remember about the first time you’d heard of or tried it? Is it on your “yes, please” or “no thanks” list?

27 thoughts on “A is for Anal Appeal

  1. Vanessa says:

    Yes.. My first time was with my husband we were in 69 position it was with his fingers but OMG!! It was mind blowing! I never thought I would react like that..lol!


  2. ratmom says:

    That picture is hilarious. Hubby and I have been together 25 years this yer. So we’ve done a lot of things to keep things interesting and this is one of them. It’s good when you are with someone who wants a new experience to be good for you. And I can tell you from experience that men like anal play as much as women if you can talk them into it.


  3. Shannygirl says:

    My first husband is the one who convinced me to try it (my first love, God rest his soul tried his hardest to convince me but I was to scared)…anyways.. my first husband was a master at anal.. he promised he’d be gentle and not force anything.. he did the 1 finger then 2 massage.. he made sure he remembered the rest of my body not just my anus… and OMG.. I’d never had an O that big before then.. yeah I’d had them.. but this was fireworks going off, the national anthem being sung kinda fireworks. He’d unlocked a beast and she ran wild and free.. Been a fan ever since.. 🙂 I’ve talked to female friends who just won’t have anything at all to do with it, tried to tell them what they are missing.. but nope.. that door is shut for them.. and I feel bad. They are missing out even more then their husbands.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      So glad to hear it rocked your world in the best possible way! The friends who won’t try? Well, I get that, too. Different strokes for different folks. Just like there are actually some women out there who don’t like oral done to them. Exploration is the key to knowing what works for you….at least that’s my theory. 😉


  4. August McLaughlin says:

    I have no shame about enjoying anal. Butts are beautiful! LOL I do recall the first time being really exciting, partly because it felt so adventurous and taboo. It was a total surprise — one of those “whoops, wrong whole! – but let’s keep going” type scenarios.

    Cleaniness is important, of course, but hopefully we all take care of those parts any way, right? 🙂 Love this post, and you, Kitt!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      So, August…. Inquiring minds wanna know. Now that you’re older and wiser, do you still think it was truly a “whoops” or a “maybe if I pretend she’ll let me?”

      Butt seriously, you’re so right about cleanliness. I probably should’ve added that any body part that has been in that orifice should probably not enter the vagina until cleaned. Talk about UTI’s, etc…. (And I love you, too.)


  5. trampslikeus2 says:

    I like anal play. Giving and receiving. I think oral/anal is the “gate way” to introduce new people to anal play. One the connection between cock/kitty and anus is made it becomes clear that there is fun to be had. That said this is the one area where size is a disadvantage


  6. P V Ariel says:

    Hi Kitt,
    This is indeed a nauseating one!
    God expects us from the right usage of our body parts!
    But sad to note people try different experiments! So sad!
    Let us utilize it properly, somewhere in one of the write-ups here you said and i read:
    “But as I got to thinking, the book that’s impacted my adult life most (besides The Bible, of course) is a book by Brian Tracy called Eat That Frog. from this statement I believe that you give importance to Bible most. So let us follow the instructions there.
    Let us utilize the things for the glory of God and use it according to its proper use.
    I am sorry to note this, Hope you will note get annoyed!
    Have a great day.
    Season’s Greetings to you and all your dear ones
    Good day

    Philip Ariel@Philipscom
    An Minion to A to Z Blog Challenge @J L Camp bell’s Joyful Brigade


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I am not annoyed. I simply believe we probably have fundamentally different points of view when it comes to God & spirituality. My place is not to judge your interpretations of the scriptures, nor to attempt to disrespect you by trying to force my opinions on you. You’re entitled to your thoughts just as I’m entitled to mine.


      • kindredspirit23 says:

        Have to agree with you, Kitt. If you are bothered by it, then don’t do it. Just don’t force your opinion on others. I feel the same way with LBGT dealings. As you know, I have looked (and am looking) into this whole world. it is fascinating and most of it doesn’t turn me off. I will continue my lookings, but would never want to try and push my opinion on others. i will just give them in discussion or when asked.

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  7. Joelle Casteel says:

    Love being on the receiving end! I don’t have any experience with non-fictional pegging, but I’ve written plenty. My dominant and my favorite position for it is spooning actually. Like with panties- just had a vent on my FB timeline :D- I don’t really understand the taboo, at least not from a distance or as something others feel. For much of life however I’ve saved anal intercourse as something “only for dominants with whom I’m partnered”

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  8. kindredspirit23 says:

    Okay, two things: Have only done it once and, believe it or not, it was accidental. She, evidently, had done it a lot and was loose and prepared. I honestly was off and it went in fairly easy. We didn’t finish. She mentioned what was going on and I had already pulled out. We finished off normally.
    Two: I have heard that, if a woman gets used to anal sex, it can loose her anal muscles to the point that, when she gets much older, she may have incontinent problems. Don’t know if that is really true, but that has kept me from it. That and I truly thought it was painful or, at least, not pleasurable for the woman.

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