C is for Chocolate

Chocolate KittyWhen it comes to my creature comforts there’s one thing besides coffee that I can’t live without. Sometimes it’s rich, dark, velvety smoothness. Other times it’s creamy, smooth, and coats my tongue with its melty goodness.

chocolate-counts-as-saladWhen I was a young girl living in Germany I got hooked on their chocolates….with hazelnuts. As I got older I discovered Belgian chocolates, Asian ones, then American ones. Pretty soon I was an equal opportunity chocolate lover.

I’ve had chocolate in chili, in my drinks…. and desserts go without saying. In fact, hubby makes an amazing chocolate pecan pie, a fabulous pumpkin cheesecake with Ghiradelli chocolate swirls….to name a few.

My favorite candy bar is Toblerone; favorite cookie (not home made) is Pepperidge Farm’s double chocolate Milanos. Heck! Even my favorite Starbucks coffee is Mocha.

My love affair with chocolate is renown that one of my online friends, Kelly, even sent me some chocolates from her favorite chocolatier!

Thanks, Kelly!

Thanks, Kelly!

So my favorite Creature Comfort that starts with a ‘C’ should be very obvious by now… This means it’s your turn to share your addiction! What ‘C’ item are you hooked on?


20 thoughts on “C is for Chocolate

  1. MonaKarel says:

    The worst part of kicking my sugar habit was losing chocolate. I’m not fond of the sugar alcohols so most of the ‘low carb’ chocolates just didn’t do it for me. Then I discovered very dark chocolate (above 85%) had less carbs than a lot of those sugar free.
    Ah, bliss
    I’ve also come up with a low carb mole recipe. Mmmm.
    My addiction? I’ll have my C blog up very shortly!


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