H is for Happiness



I truly believe it’s one of the most dangerous words in the human language.

If I had more money… If I had a better job… If insert name here loved me… If I had taken that other path instead…

How many times have you heard people lament their lack of joy in their lives with that little word? If.

It’s tough to live in the now; to see the good things that are happening all around you when your energy is spent focusing on what you don’t have or envying the good fortune of others.

What we often neglect to realize is that every day we make a choice. To see the good in things and people. Or not. To believe in the best in people. To live in the moment. To recognize the things in life that are worth holding on to, believing in, and fighting for….and then doing it.

That’s part of the discovery of all the worthwhile things in life.

What brings you happiness? For me it’s the simple things. A song. An unexpected word of appreciation. A hug. Jokes. Beauty of nature painted across the sky, or in the sway of the leaves, a gentle breeze caressing my cheek. Playing in the rain. Time spent with friend or family (by the way, pets fall into this category).

That’s happiness….and it makes me the wealthiest woman in the world.

What things bring you happiness?

16 thoughts on “H is for Happiness

  1. Kristy K. James...Where Romance and Fantasy Collide says:

    Love that song! It kind of sounds like something you’d hear in an old Elvis movie.

    But yes, I agree. ‘If’ is almost never a good word, and I hate when people keep looking back and saying, “If I’d just done this” (or learned that, or said yes, or said no, or any of hundreds of other things). Of course, I’m guilty of doing the same thing on occasion.

    What makes me happy? My kids. The grandbaby that’s due in less than a month. And one extremely simple thing – waking up and feeling rested. It’s amazing how being tired can color your whole day – and not in a positive way.


  2. ramblingsfromamum says:

    I think all of us are guilty of the IF Syndrome. I know I raise my hand up, but I think I’m getting better at accepting and now my motto is usually ‘It is what it is’.
    Happiness, many forms, like you animals, music, sunsets, warm summer nights, a night with friends, laughter, my girls. My total happiness would be for my youngest K to be rid of her Borderline and Epilepsy. 💜

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  3. Professor Taboo says:

    “I’m clapping along because that’s how I feel!!!” 😉 😀

    What makes me happy? Experiences. Experiences with others. Experiences with others who enjoy being big kids, exploring, laughing, crying, loving, and hugging — yes, even MEN who can do that then I will likely gravitate more to them too, as well as women. And of COURSE being around children! That “spirit” of children is infectious as it is with adult children. 😉

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  4. Sally says:

    I recently reread Corrie ten Boom’s book “The Hiding Place” and jotted down this quote — “Happiness isn’t something that depends on our surroundings…It’s something we make inside ourselves.”

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