J is for Jamberry

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s this big craze going on and it’s all to do with nails! If you’re female and on Facebook, it’s practically inevitable that you’ll be invited to somebody’s Jamberry nail party. Heaven knows I’ve been invited to my share….

Up until recently it didn’t do a single thing for me. I pretty much happily ignored the invite, though I was thrilled for my friends who were all into it. I mean, let’s be real. I’m fairly simple and low key. If I get my nails done it’s at a professional salon and is more about relaxation and pampering time than it is my actual nails.

Heck, the one and ONLY time I tried fake/acrylic nails I almost had a panic attack. I kid you not, they stuck those nails on, and I suddenly felt as if I couldn’t breathe. My friends laughed. “Kitt, you don’t breathe through your hands. What’s wrong with you?”

I guess I do so many things with my hands (writing, talking, typing) that gluing something unnatural over them left me feeling a bit claustrophobic and frozen.

That’s why when my dear friend, Kerry, invited me to a free sample she called her “Jamberry challenge” where I’d try it on, then write a review I was a bit hesitant.

Don’t judge me…. I don’t take the best hand selfies.

So here’s my take on Jamberries.

The instructions were fairly simple. Thank goodness. It didn’t take much to follow. My biggest problem was finding out where I’d stowed my hair dryer.

The end result was kinda cute. I did get lots of compliments from friends and co-workers. They thought it looked great. The only thing that will make Jamberries for special occasions for me is that putting them on is kind of time consuming and patience has never been my virtue.

But seriously? I’d totally do it again, and I’d definitely be very interested in Dallas Cowboys ones.

So have you guys heard of Jamberry? What do you think?

If you’re interested, Kerry can be found on Facebook or on her Jamberry Consultant Page. You should check out the many options she has to offer!

8 thoughts on “J is for Jamberry

  1. amaryllisturman says:

    I like Jamberry but they dont last 2 weeks on my nails. I am notorious for picking at them until I peel them off. I cannot help myself.
    While I have them on, I have gotten a lot compliments.


  2. Kerry says:

    It looks good on you, darlin!!! 🙂 Thanks for taking the challenge!! And as for time consuming, it does get easier with practice. I get mine done in about 30-ish minutes while I’m watching television.


  3. Jessi Gage says:

    I trim my nails and keep up with cuticle maintenance. That’s it. I’ve never liked painting them or wearing acrylic nails because after the polish/acrylic comes off, my nails are yellow and weak. I suppose I’m a nail health naturalist 🙂


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