S is for Sex Appeal


What is sexy?

If you were to ask the average adolescent they’d probably tell you it’s a hottie dressed in provocative clothes. Or lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination.

And if you asked them what sex appeal was, they’d probably give a similar answer.

As we mature, we start to realize there’s so much more to sex appeal than hot, half naked, and obvious.

MeowWhat comes to mind for you when you think of someone who oozes sex appeal?

For me, it’s intelligence and humor. Somehow they seem to manifest themselves in the playfully irresistible grins or the knowing, intent looks.

CleverYeah, for me, intelligence is an amazing turn on. So is someone comfortable in their own skin.

Sexy Soul

Confidence is hot. So is honesty. And honor.

Yeah. What people seem to forget is that sexy is predominantly mental. Not physical (although being in great health is also sexy).

What things do you find irresistibly sexy? What screams sex appeal to you?

8 thoughts on “S is for Sex Appeal

  1. RO says:

    I’m with you! When I was younger, sexiness was based solely on looks, now, I find a witty personality, along with lots of intelligence and honesty are the things that are sexy and stand the test of time. If I had to use an example, it would be Tim Daly’s portrayal as the husband of Secretary of State,Tea Leoni on CBS. As a Professor of Theology, he’s brilliant, respected by his peers, friends and family and his sense of humor is phenomenal. Great Topic! Hugs…Ro

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  2. Kristy K. James...Where Romance and Fantasy Collide says:

    Intelligence, kindness, the ability to hold a conversation instead of giving a monologue. Confidence (not to be confused with arrogance). It doesn’t hurt if they’re good looking and buff, but some pretty average – and less than average guys – are some of the sexiest men I’ve ever known. And some who most women would consider the perfect male (based on appearance alone) are such asses there’s nothing attractive about them at all. At least not to me.

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  3. MonaKarel says:

    all of those…confidence, intelligence, kindness. And there’s a certain something, a look in their eyes, that says they appreciate me, themselves, and the world around them.
    It helps if they think I’m special!

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