Z is for Zamboni


What is the first word you think of when you hear Zamboni?

Hockey, of course!

Well, okay. I guess it’s vaguely possible that you think figure skating.

But not moi. 

For me it’s hockey. The drop of the puck. The sound of the pipe organ filtering music into the stadium to add to the suspense of the game. The swish of skates as they glide across the freshly resurfaced ice (thanks, zamboni). Heck, it’s the thwacking sound of sticks as they clash against each other in battle!

Yep! No question about it. It’s all about hockey for me.

Specifically, I’m all about the Chelsea Dagger & my Chicago Blackhawks!

Why bring this up now? It’s my Z word & it’s the playoffs, baby! 

Which team are you cheering for?

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