The Power of Mothers…


Throwing back to when I was 6

I’m a very lucky woman. I have a mother who dedicated herself to being a strong, loving person. Her faith in God & family have carried us through some of the toughest tragedies a family can face together.

Blessed. That’s what I’d call my life. Despite the hardships; the losses. I’m still blessed.

And my sweet little sister who stood beside me in this picture is now a mom, herself! Her journey to get there was both rocky and scary, but she’s got a core of strength, steeped in faith and love that would not be denied.

She’s going to be an amazing mother, and I couldn’t be more excited to see her share her life with the new addition she and my brother-in-law have given our family.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the message of “you can do anything and be anyone” will be passed along to my little nephew.  This Martina McBride song always reminds me of the sense of self my Mom inspired in me. I hope you love it…

And, to share my gratitude for you Mothers out there; the love you instill, the patience you exhibit, and the forgiveness that you endlessly give… I want to give something back. Go pick up a FREE copy of Four One Night on Mother’s Day. Consider it my gift to you, with love and respect for everything you do, tirelessly, day in, day out.


10 thoughts on “The Power of Mothers…

  1. Gloria Richard Author says:

    KITT! I’m late to the Happy Mother’s Day party, but hope you had a stellar day.

    In case you’ve been wondering; I was not kidnapped, did not fall into an abandoned well, or flee to a foreign country with no extradition. I’m in Pennsylvania for an extended stay. THEN, when I finally chewed through my angst-riddled chains in Texas, I went sleuthing for my favorite blogs. SPAM!! They were sent to spam. Yours, Jenny’s, August’s…most of the ones I used to visit daily.

    Hope all is well with you. I’m gaining serenity with each day I enjoy in the state where I was born and raised. Still a Yankee in my heart. I feel at home here.

    Oh! In the event you haven’t been wondering where I was…

    Why the hell not????

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    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I have TOTALLY missed you! My heart was sad at the thought that you’d fallen off grid. We really do need to find better ways to keep in touch so that when you go off grid, I won’t lose touch/you can still check in. 🙂


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