Masturbation Misses

Masturbation Month

I couldn’t let the end of Masturbation month without acknowledging it. After all, we have a pretty strong history together if you recall my prior posts like Self Discovery, or Lessons in Going Solo, or Self Pleasure: A Solo Sport? Obviously I’m passionate about sexuality and self pleasure.

Maybe that’s why I’m still able to be surprised when I come across the woefully uneducated or amazingly puritanical viewpoints. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but in this modern age of technology and education, I still find myself blown away.


Okay, so this one is funny and a bit cute. There’s nothing at all wrong with the naïve innocence that comes with youth. In fact, it’s important to hold on to that innocence.


And this is a big one.

It’s also important not to shelter your child so much that they are completely clueless about themselves, their sexuality, and the world around them. Don’t leave the job of teaching sex (and I’m not talking in the “sex is evil” sort of way) and/or the body to their friends or teachers.

Teach them not to be afraid of self discovery. Teach them not to be ashamed of the strong physical reactions self pleasure can bring. And for goodness sake…at least give them an idea that sex toys exist or you could wind up with a situation like this….


Okay. So it’s funny in an OMG, kinda gross sort of way. But here’s a truth. If we talked about sex openly and honestly, would this meme even ever happen?

Or worse….

Can you imagine being so woefully uneducated about sex toys and pleasure that this happened?

So technically it’s not a masturbatory toy, but you get my drift. These things are misses in education. In open discussion. In sexual awareness.

Self pleasure is a powerful thing! So is information. It’s through self pleasure that we discover what feels good. How to teach our partners to help us enjoy sex. How not to settle for a poor relationship simply because they make you “feel good” because you can do that all on your own without any help.

So now it’s your turn…

Why is masturbation and/or sex education important to you? Or if it isn’t, why not?

13 thoughts on “Masturbation Misses

  1. kindredspirit23 says:

    I wish I had gotten more answers when I asked them. Instead, I was made to feel I was wrong to be asking or it was simply passed off without much of an answer at all. I remember doing my own research and deciding that, since I kept having white discharges at night, I must have gonorrhea. Dad put a “no” to that, but did not explain what was happening…

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  2. ratmom says:

    Those meme’s are great and a little eww for kissing that one. lol Thankfully my mom was pretty open and told me anything I wanted to know but I think I learned more from my friends in high school. You know how kids love to talk. lol

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    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Ha! Right? I still remember my friend whose boyfriend didn’t want to wear a condom because they were “uncomfortable” and didn’t want her taking the birth control pills her doctor prescribed, but instead found a “wholistic” alternative at the local organic grocery. Yeah. Pregnant with twins at 19.

      Then there was the 23 year old girl who wanted to how long it would take before taking a pregnancy test because she gave her boyfriend oral and accidentally swallowed.

      Wish I could say I was joking, but they are both true stories.


  3. Vanessa says:

    I love this one Kitt!! So when my child find my massager he was 3. When he was older I was very open with him about sex, being prepared and the consequences if not . By doing that he was very very open with me about it. Lol! He’s 21 now and still calls & talks to me.

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  4. Michelle @MsRomanticReads says:

    That “toe ring” about killed me! Well, that and the Fleshlight. I don’t have kids to teach about these things, but if I did, you bet I’d be sitting him or her down and having open talks. I didn’t have that; I just kind of learned things on my own or from friends, but then again growing up in the 80’s/90’s was different than it is nowadays.

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