Merry Mercenary Christmas?

I’ll be honest… I love this song. I think it’s fun and flirty and playful. 

But, I don’t really take this particular song past that because the words are a bit mercenary. It’s really all “me, me, me” and places a ton of value in things that don’t really matter. I’m sure, by the earlier songs, you’ve already figured out where my values are….

Are there songs you enjoy, but don’t embrace the concepts?

6 thoughts on “Merry Mercenary Christmas?

  1. anna@herding cats & burning soup says:

    I so didn’t know they were still putting out songs. lol

    Really that’s most music these days. If you actually listen to the lyrics most are pretty awful or shallow.


  2. Emma says:

    I hadn’t heard this version. Fun song definitely, and I love Kylie’s version.
    “Do They Know It’s Christmas” has always been a favourite song of mine to listen to at this time of year and I can’t help but sing along to it when it comes on the radio, but it’s been pointed out a lot in recent years that it’s condescending and guilty of stereotyping….


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