Hey, Stranger! Let Me Introduce Myself… #Hello2016


Bonjour! I hope everyone’s having a stellar new year so far.

When Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup came up with this idea for a blog hop, I was pretty stoked! Basically, here’s how this one goes. In this hop, we’re to introduce you to fun, quirky things about ourselves and/or our blogs. Not the boring, obvious stuff like I’m an erotica writer who can turn practically anything into innuendo….but more random, surprising, or maybe disturbing things. PLUS, we give stuff away AND a lot of cool authors and bloggers are involved.

Is there anything better than FUN & FREE?

So here goes….

Image courtesy of Karen Shaw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Karen Shaw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

My biggest fear is not blood or guts or gore…. If you want to see me get all weak, girly, and scream like someone murdered me (aka not in the good, orgasmic way)… watch me when I see a frog. I completely lose my dignity. Don’t believe? Read about it….HERE.

I don’t care what anyone thinks. They. Are. NOT. Cute!


In a past life I worked for a hospital for several years. The tales I tell are both comical and a bit disconcerting with the strange things people have done…Check it OUT!

On a personal level?

Yup! I AM that girl that pretty much turns everything into a song. This was a little snippet from my wedding day. My sister gave me a hug, and someone said something like…”Awww, look at the sisters…” Which caused me to break into this song, and my sister to chime in. Yes, it’s a family thing. I come by it naturally.

The strange? Cause, ya know…. There had to be the strange, right?

My favorite flip flops and toe rings

My biggest insecurity body image insecurity came from my feet. I hated them with a passion. Felt they were ugly….until I met a foot fetishist who helped me view my feet in a different way. Here’s THAT story.

As for what most consider my most contradictory characteristic? I guess it’s the fact that despite writing ménage erotica, I don’t consider my very outspoken, focused belief in the Freak Flag, letting it fly to contradict my very passionate belief in Christianity and my faith. In fact, I wrote about that, too. It even got me on GirlBoner radio with August McLaughlin.

Anyway…. that’s a bit about me. Now, to tell you what I’m giving away and how to qualify.

I’m feeling generous. I’m giving away 3 books. Two are mine. (Three For All & Four One Night) The third? It’s a project I was honored enough to participate in… all about empowering female sexuality. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. The book? Embraceable: Empowering Facts and True Stories About Women’s Sexuality. They are all in ebook format.

To win, I want you to share something unique and personal about yourself with me. Something that might surprise people, or maybe what you’re passionate about, or which body issues you’ve overcome. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s in the spirit of getting to know each other.

And if you want a chance at more prizes? Check out the link below and visit the other participants!

23 thoughts on “Hey, Stranger! Let Me Introduce Myself… #Hello2016

  1. Diana Tidlund says:

    I spent 5 years married to a dirtbag and was an abused wife until I finally had enough and had him arrested…. I have been wonderfully happy with second hubby for 23 years….
    dirtbag on the other hand hasn’t changed… his last wife just left him for the same thing…ugh


  2. August McLaughlin says:

    Oh, yay, I got to hear you sing – and beautifully, I might add! You’re stunning inside and out.

    You’re so kind to include EMBRACEABLE in your giveaway. ❤️ Thanks, love!

    Something unique about me: I only learned to go fully under water and float in a pool in my mid-twenties. And I tend to slam car door. Hard. 🙂


  3. Ro says:

    Wow! Had no idea you are also an exotic singer! How fun and big kudos for doing it so well. Yikes on the froggy thing. I am not a fan either! Hugs…RO


  4. jlennidorner says:

    Well, I’ve been sharing that I like syrup on my scrapple. But you seem to want a deeper secret. I’m that “honorary sisterhood” one that gets carted around to scare off the weird guys and give a double check on the “gaydar.” Is that a secret? I guess it isn’t something I discuss online because the odds are higher of getting into a political debate with trolls. Body image… hmmm… this might or might not count, but I’m mute. With great effort, I can make some sounds, but I hate them. Every one of them. I’d rather fight a wolf than scream for help (not a random comparison as I have a scar at inappropriate-to-show-you spot). A tribal elder once told me that I was born to think and write, not to speak. That’s how I deal with it. But try explaining in THIS age that you are non-verbal and watch the “super fun” responses. :/

    Okay, that’s more personal information than I’ve shared online since… umm…
    yeah, I’m gonna go nap now or something.
    *awkward fleeing from my comment before I can hit delete*


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I, too, am used to scare off friends’ unwanted suitors…mostly because they know I tend to be brutally upfront.

      Thank you for sharing such a sensitive fact about yourself with regards to your muteness. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been hurt by careless words about your challenge. You seem like you’ve got a great sense of humor about life and people in general. I know how difficult that can be when you feel as though you’re under a microscope.

      And now you have me extremely curious as to the location of your scar. 🙂


      • jlennidorner says:

        That’d be just under my (fantastic) rear. I’m sure I could make a small fortune being the “butt with a bite mark” on the cover of bunches of erotica books. But my Snookums would probably not enjoy going to the bookstore and seeing that. “His a$$ is mine, keep your eyes off the covers!” Though it could go the other way, with a very proud Snookums proclaiming “Yeah, I’ve tapped that.” Oh myyyy, as George Takei would say. LOL. It’d probably depend on who was around.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Professor Taboo says:

    Happy happy New Year Kitt!!! ❤

    “To win, I want you to share something unique and personal about yourself with me. Something that might surprise people, or maybe what you’re passionate about, or which body issues you’ve overcome. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s in the spirit of getting to know each other.”

    I am a deeply committed father and family-man. Happily single since 2002. Prefer intimate raw companionship, BUT not for the wrong reasons. I can be a hopeless romantic… along with my smooth gentleman’s-manners, energetically mischievious, or downright naughty. But I’m afraid that won’t suprise you Kitt. 😉

    Passionate about? Body issues overcomed?

    Passionate about all of life with plenty of ups and downs because it all teaches! The more the better! Body issues? Hmm…this will be fun…or not. 😮 Umm…

    …much better control of north-south blood-flow? 😈

    Liked by 1 person

  6. clickclickmycat says:

    I quit smoking on August 6, 2015, my 60th birthday, after 45 years. Cold turkey. No patches, no gum. Haven’t had a cigarette since. Yes, I have now officially become one of those people, who can tell you the last time they smoked.

    Liked by 1 person

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