#FreeThinkers Music and a Shout Out to @LostInVegas83

If you’ve been a regular reader here, you know I’m passionate about my music. It goes soul deep for me. What can I say? It’s what happens when you’ve been singing almost longer than you’ve been walking.

Because of that, YouTube has become a fixture in my life. I love to check out the recommendations. So when this video crossed my iPad, I had to check it out.

So these guys, George and Ryan, are definitely outside of their preferred genre on this song. I mean, it’s in my wheelhouse, and I adore Chris Stapleton’s music. How could I resist? But for these guys? They, by their own admission, don’t know much about country, which makes it awesome the whole thing about their channel is this: Opening Minds & Broadening Horizons! Hence ‘Free Thinkers.’ And they lead by example!

I hadn’t realized there were review channels out there like this…and since watching them, I’ve checked out a few others, but these guys, by far, are the best. And even better, their introducing themselves, me, and others to all sorts of other eclectic music types.

And they’ve introduced amazing bands I’ve never heard of… Like this one! It’s kind of classical meets metal? The violinist was Lindsey Sterling-esque. And it’s got a sick beat! Pretty badass, right? Still trying to figure out how Ne Obliviscaris is pronounced.

They’ve opened my eyes to new artists like this badass British female rapper, Lady Leshurr. I mean, seriously. I have tons of respect for a woman who can go hard like she does…taking no prisoners. Poetry to a rhythm the way she throws it is pure art!

As for this one, I’m not so sure how to qualify this particular genre. Progressive rock? I truly loved this one. It reminded me of some of my favorite music back in the nineties. The lead singer of the Deftones sort of reminded me of Morrissey. Very velvety smooth with it’s seductive appeal. Loved it!

This is the last I’ll share right now… This guy? Impressed the heck out of me. With his intelligent verse and slick beats, it’s no surprise that Lute wowed me. He keeps things down to earth and does it with style.

Yup! Lots of new music and styles, and I LOVE that these guys brought them to me. I’m eternally grateful for George and Ryan aka Lost In Vegas. Thanks for feeding my music passions!

As for you guys, what new music has inspired you? Do you watch music reviews on YouTube? Any other kind of reviews? Feel free to share links in the comments.

4 thoughts on “#FreeThinkers Music and a Shout Out to @LostInVegas83

  1. John says:

    hey ya’ll
    just started watching some of your vids

    i’m older and i’d enjoy hearing you hear:
    corrosion of conformity: clean my wounds, albatross, redemption city, vote with a bullett, drowning in adaydream
    slayer from seasons in the abyss: reign in blood/ raining blood
    better iron maiden than the trooper: the number of the beast there are more vocal changes and bruce is their actual plane pilot
    ministry: nwo, jesus built my hot rod
    mettalica: 4 horsemen, sanitarium, ride the lightning, call of cthullu
    Queensryche : mindcrime the whole album its a rock opera -chills when seen live they were insane good so tight
    tool: sober, swampsong, stinkfist
    nine inch nails: head like a hole, sin, terrible lie
    my name is john d
    tried not to put out too many songs
    unfortunately there’s another thousand plus out there
    thanks for what you guys are doing

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  2. John says:

    don’t forget:
    suicidal tendancies:how can i laugh tomorrow, i wasn’t meant to feel so asleep at the wheel, you can’t bring me down, trip at the brain, no body hears, instititutionalized

    bad brains- re-ignition and more depending on their sets

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