Arrogance Breeds Contempt #cockygate #ByeFaleena

If there’s one thing in the world I hate, it’s bullies and mean people.

This is a big world. And it’s hard. There is NO reason or excuse for being nasty or hurtful.

Having said that, I just had to speak out when I saw all the crap going down in the romance world.

Imagine the arrogance it must take for a person to copyright an everyday word and claim it for “branding” purposes. Imagine said author using the apparent inability of her fans to distinguish her works over other authors because they use the same word in the title. Then imagine this same author choosing to go after other authors with the word in their titles and basically serving them with cease and desist orders and threatening litigation.


And if you are/were her fan, how are you not offended? I mean:

  1. She basically called you stupid.
  2. She’s saying you can’t read well enough to recognize her name.
  3. She doesn’t think you’re capable of returning a book once you realize you’ve downloaded the wrong one.

All this, and you’re still willing to be her little monsters running around giving other people 1 star reviews because they have that word in their title or they have books whose characters share names with some of hers? Or if they’ve used the same stock photos in their book covers?


Put on your big girl panties and grow the eff up. You want to be big in this business? Do it by writing amazing books people can’t put down! Do it with class and respect for your peers. Don’t try to shut everyone else down in the hopes that you’ll be the only one left standing, and therefore “succeeding” by default. That’s just crappy.

And if you haven’t heard about this or you don’t know the word? Let Kid Rock educate you….


In her ideal world, no one else is allowed to use “Cocky.”

Whew! She must be relieved Kid hadn’t already beat her to it, huh?

And you know what breaks my heart? Some hard working, classy authors have already changed their titles thanks to her strong arm tactics. Even though they have every right to the word.

This is one of those times when readers and writers need to band together to show that this behavior of hers is unacceptable. That trying to undermine other people’s careers and livelihoods is not ok and has not gone unnoticed. That these lesser known authors have our support!

Here’s a LINK to a petition to cancel the Cocky trademark.

One blog, Ana’s Attic Book Blog has already found a bunch of authors that could use a little Love via book buys. Check out her post here on Facebook!

And like her page while you’re at it.

If you want to better understand the situation and how utterly effed up it really is? Check out this very well done Article.

Biotch! You’ve gone too far.

You’re arrogant, not cocky.


Because, as Kid Rock says, “It ain’t braggin’, mother fucker, if you back it up.” And people who can back it up don’t need the down and dirty tricks that you pulled, chick.

Need proof? Here’s how talent backs it up.

That’s class.

What I feel for this stunt?


What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. I’m randomly picking 5 people to give whichever Cocky book listed on Ana’s page that you’d like. Again, all you have to do is share your thoughts….whatever they may be.

16 thoughts on “Arrogance Breeds Contempt #cockygate #ByeFaleena

  1. Patricia Erickson says:

    I think she’s disgusting as a human being. I thought this was the year of women lifting each other up, I guess Feleena didn’t get the memo. I don’t expect an ebook for responding to a great blog with valid points that gives credit to other bloggers and writers.

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  2. Paula Perkins says:

    As a reader this just blows my mind! I just cannot imagine what went through her mind. Evidently she feels threatened by all the other authors and is afraid they all are going to steal her thunder. You can bet I’ll never buy any of her books! I hope this situation is resolved soon! No ebook is necessary for this, Kitt. Thanks for a great blog. I look forward to reading this each time.

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  3. kindredspirit23 says:

    Not sure exactly wth is going on, but to try and copyright a “word” that’s in such common usage is insane and completely without support! I mean, really, I could see you inventing a work and maybe getting it copyrighted, but even that’s a stretch. Maybe I will write a book entitled, “Words that Begin with ‘C’ and Sound Dirty, but Aren’t”. Yeah, let get it on!!!

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  4. shiarrael says:

    OK, I’m not much of a romance reader, so none of these authors’ names ring a bell … but really? I mean, a word? A word which I imagine is kind of a staple for the genre?
    Isn’t that like a confectioner copyrighting flour, so sorry to all the other bakers no more bread and donuts for you! … what the everlovin’…

    How about Byron copyrighting “Beauty”, eh? Makes just as much sense.

    Here’s my thought: Just be such a good writer that people automatically associate the word with you. Like that word above triggers a Pavlovian “she walks in Beauty like the night” response for people who like the “tortured poet” genre.
    If the woman in question is unable to do that… maybe she’s not all that good? I honestly don’t know, but now I’m not motivated to find out, either.

    On the other hand I’ve gotten me a few samples on my Kindle from the other authors you mentioned. Who knows, I might like a style, or get drawn into a story. Or maybe I’ll just buy a few anyways 😉

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  5. amaryllisturman says:

    She is being ridiculous!! Before this, had her “Cocky” series appeared in my Amazon suggested reading, I probably would have checked them out.

    I know there is the saying that there is no such thing as bad press, but in this instance, I will steer clear of Faleena’s books because she is being such a jerk. What gets me about the whole situation is how she sent those seemingly polite cease and desist letters. If that is not some of the most egocentric behavior you have ever seen, I don’t know what is.

    There are enough readers out there that authors do not have stoop to these disgusting tactics. As if THAT is going to convince readers to buy their books.

    The legal resources spent trying to determine if she is the ONLY one who can use the word “cocky” in a title should be spent going after the authors that are copying people’s books, adding a new cover, and selling as their own work.

    Hey Faleena, GTFOH with that nonsense!

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