Fuck You, Cancer!


You sneak in,

Like a thief,


Entering the body,

Forcing it

To wage war on itself,

Sapping strength,

Muscle and bone,

Like a pestilence,

Stealing health.

And much needed time.

Confusion, devastation,

Questions and doubt…

“Why me, God?”

Or maybe

“Why them?”

Like a vampire,

You suck life and vitality

Leaving behind

A hollow reflection

That reverberates,

Aftershocks of destruction

To crumble

friends and families;

Those left behind,

And think you’ve won.

But that’s the battle,

Not the war.

Some things you can’t


They belong to the fighters.

The fierce warriors

Who stare you down,

Refusing to let you take

The love they give,

The life they live,

They never back down.

They fight and believe.

They are heroes,

Fortitude and fury

They battle until the body grows


They teach…

Love, compassion,

And take back

What you sought to destroy.

For friends, family,

And mankind.

Help and hope–

To restore faith, belief,

And healing.

The beauty of sharing strength

Of loving support,

Of community and humanity,

And remind the world…

It’s not how you die

But how you LIVED!

I lost a dear childhood friend to cancer today after a 6 year battle. Even more, two amazing kids lost a mom and a loving husband lost his wife. A brother lost his baby sister and two parents lost their baby girl.

A year and a half before that, there was my father-in-law. And before that there was another few friends and an uncle…and the list goes on. Cancer has reared its nasty head in nearly everyone’s lives, but the miracle is in their relentless pursuit of life. Of living. Of never giving up, even if their bodies give out.


11 thoughts on “Fuck You, Cancer!

  1. Sara says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss and their loss and the world’s loss. Cancer has taken way too many good people. My younger sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastasized cancer about 15 months ago and I struggle with knowing she likely won’t grow old with the rest of us. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

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    • Maeve T says:

      Cancer does not discriminate, it can take anyone from us. Sometimes the patient and their entire circle fight a long battle. There are also those who are taken from us without any notice at all … just BOOM! They may be seniors in their nineties or even precious little ones who have not even had a chance to experience life. The battle is rarely just that of the patient, it normally spirals out and can devastate anyone in that circle. So to the Survivors like you, Kitt…many of your readers, my self included — keep up the fight. Always hold the memory of the one you lost high in your heart with the brightest, most loving energy possible. Let it lift you in ways you didn’t know possible. Even when taking any type of stand against cancer, try to keep that brightness radiating to the world — a blinding light against the darkness. Deep jugs, my friend.

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  2. S. H. Timmins says:

    I know the heartache and pain you are feeling. The helplessness, the anger, and the bitterness for a vengeful disease. The gaping hole a life once filled. There are no words that will give you comfort, save this: Their life may have ended, but the memories live forever. Hold them close. Hugs to you, my friend. ❤

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  3. jansenschmidt says:

    I am so so sorry my friend. Speaking from personal experience, cancer is horrible, probably more so on the care givers and family than the patient. I know because my own battle with cancer was not nearly as devastating as having to watch my mother’s battle.

    You hang in there. Here’s a hug.

    Patricia Rickrode
    W/A Jansen Schmidt

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