Christmas Magic Through a Child’s Eyes

I’m fortunate. Although my family has lived miles away for years, one of my sisters has managed to make it into town during the holidays.

Part of my joy has been watching that little boy’s eyes light up with excitement and wonder. Children can find laughter and fun in practically everything. A couple years ago I got a sweater with reversible sequins that can spell out naughty or nice depending on which way you rub… The kid had a blast. His laughter was infectious. That joy….innocent.

Nephew figuring out the sequins flip

He loves helping bake in the kitchen and was thrilled to share his Gingerbread ninjas that he’d made… In fact, he’s super excited about helping me bake my Christmas cookies this weekend.

Decorating his Ninjas

When they went to a little group of boutique shops near their house for dinner one night and discovered the whole place had been decked out for the holidays, he was ecstatic.

A whole Christmas town!

His eyes wide, voice filled with wonder, he looked around and said to my sis in a hushed voice, “Mama, it’s Christmas town!”

Seeing the holidays through a Child’s eyes reminds you of the magic and how you felt before cynicism and life wore us down. Being around him reminds me constantly of all the things I love about this holiday. I think that’s why this Lady A song drew me in.

If you love this holiday, what is your favorite memory? What do you love most about this time of year?

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