The Magic of Robin Williams

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a Robin Williams fan. Yeah, I remember him as Mork. As a child I got a huge kick out of him as Popeye. But as I got older, matured, he somehow managed to touch my soul….

My passion for poetry? He seemed to understand….

Understanding that sometimes the flaws are the best (and most overlooked) parts of a relationship? Yeah, he got that, too…

I could go on and on, but instead I’ll just say a prayer for the people he loved and left behind….and for all of us who he touched along the way even though he never knew us. The magic of Robin Williams was in his depth, his intelligence, and his ability to draw out our laughter, even through his pain. He will be missed by so many.

Irving Berlin and the Holidays

Sometimes I wonder where our holidays would be if it weren’t for the creations of guys like Irving Berlin. I mean, think about it… No Holiday Inn. No White Christmas. Those movies…and the songs that came from them became classic staples to the American culture.

So when I came across this gorgeous rendition of one of Berlin’s classics (and one of my all time favorite Christmas songs) featuring two of my favorite voices, of course I had to include it in my holiday celebration music! I love that technology now gives us these kinds of opportunities.

While I’m at it, I thought I’d also include a clip from my favorite Christmas movie ever… White Christmas. Considering the weather for most of you these days, I figured it was appropriate. (I’m in Florida and only enjoy snow on Christmas Eve/Morning.)

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Is there something in particular that sets it apart from the other holiday movies for you? A song? A character? You know me….I’m always curious.

Sexy Younger Guys–Cougartime!

“Older men are great playmates and younger men are great playthings.”

Once upon a time, before I got married, several of my gal pals used to jokingly call me Demi Moore. Why? Certainly not because we looked alike. The truth is, it was uncanny. If we were out somewhere and there was a hot guy or three between the ages of 18-25, they seemed to gravitate my way. It used to leave me shaking my head and laughing. I won’t lie…it was flattering being asked to judge an impromptu “Hottest Ass” competition when I was over 30. Those guys are lucky I always used my superpowers for the forces of good. 😉

Many of you have already figured out by the above quote (which, incidentally, may be a Kitt original, but I can’t recall with any certainty) that I’m an equal opportunity man lover. In fact, it’s because I love men of all ages that I felt men under 25 deserved equal time. Afterall, I’ve already done a Sexy Older Men post a while back.

These guys are my top 5 faves in no particular order….

Zac Efron (age 25) – There’s something about dark hair and blue eyes that has always done it for me. Add musical talent and I’m weak in the knees. Did I mention he also has tattoos? Yummy! Though I was tempted to include a clip of him singing (High School Musical or Hairspray), I decided on something else.

Then there’s Taylor Lautner (21 years old). With him, I practically feel like I’ve watched him grow up. I’ve even watched his Sharkboy movie. It wasn’t until I saw him all wolfie in the Twilight series that my eyes were opened. Truthfully, though…I enjoy him in action movies. He was completely droolworthy in Abduction. With him, there’s a sense of confidence that I find really appealing…not to mention I don’t really get the egomaniac vibe from him.

Third is one of my Glee guys, Jacob Artist, the 20 year old who plays the younger Puckerman brother (the older one is over 25). Not only can he sing…He can move that body in ways that has me thinking sinful thoughts. He’s got the whole soulful thing down to a science. The below is probably one of my all time favorite vocal music performances by him.

Then there’s Tyler Hoechlin (age 25). The first time I saw him was on 7th Heaven. Little Ruthie had a huge crush. Since then he’s been mostly in movies, but he’s currently back on tv in Teen Wolf. He definitely does well with the darker, animalistic tendencies. There’s something very magnetic about his appeal.

Finally, Alex Pettyfer, 23. Yeah, there are women who will recognize him from Magic Mike, but I actually preferred his moves in I Am Number Four. He’s got a vulnerability to him that blends well with his natural sex appeal.

What stars 25 and under do you find to be attractive and why?

Maniacal Musical Space Invasions

I’m in the mood to be mildly inappropriate, and I’m taking you guys along for the ride…as usual.

So here’s the deal, I woke up this morning in a soft, kind of romantic mood. As often happens with me, though, my music led me down a slightly different path…and got me thinking.

About boundaries.

I know, strange, right? But here’s the deal…. I absolutely loved Pitch Perfect.

Maybe it’s the whole growing up singing thing.

Either way, there are some really cool songs in the movie, but there was a specific scene that was stuck in my head this morning. How many times have you heard the question “Do you sing in the shower?” I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard it a bunch! So imagine doing just that only to be accosted by a virtual stranger while you’re completely naked. For those of you who may not have seen the movie…that’s exactly what happened in this scene. For those of you who had…enjoy!

You know what cracked me up about the whole thing? If someone walked into my naked space and refused to leave, I’d probably push my way out. In this universe, it was cause for a duet! Did anyone else kinda crack up when Brittany Snow told Anna Kendrick that the song was her “lady jam” because “it builds and it builds”? Wow, talk about oversharing as the icing to the personal space issues…LOL!

I guess the good part was that it led to auditions…and one of my all time favorite songs in the movie.

But of course, with my brain being as convoluted as it is…thoughts of personal space issues got me thinking about another favorite movie, The Sweetest Thing.

What scene am I talking about? Why the one where Selma Blair gets stuck on a prince albert piercing, of course! I mean, seriously. Can you imagine? You get stuck wrapped around some man’s Johnson and by the time your roommates come home the police, fire department, mailman, pizza delivery guy, nurse and half the neighborhood are in your apartment watching you drool around his cock? Who invited them all in? And why on earth didn’t the nurse think of trying to help the poor woman relax her throat? See for yourself….

Nothing says relax the throat quite like singing Aerosmith, right? A little factoid to remember when playing with men with Prince Alberts….just sayin’. 😉

No matter how I look at it, though, the song that makes this girl party complete is The Penis Song…

So now I’d like you to share some stuff with me… Like what awkward movie musical moments make you laugh? Or How would you have reacted to any of these situations? Have you even seen either of these movies?  What parts made you laugh? How do you feel about people invading your personal space? If you’re female (and straight), how do you feel about Prince Albert piercings? Have you ever “tried” one? If you’re a guy, do you have one? Hahahahaha! Ya’ll knew I had to ask… If you want to be safe, you can just tell me what you sing in the shower…that’s always good, too. 😉


Combining Laughter And Learning

Yesterday, my awesome new buddy Jess Witkins did a post called “Guilty Pleasures: Flashback Fun” inspired by Thoughts Appear’s  Movies Teach Us posts.  In it, she discussed the lessons that can be learned from watching the funnier movies. At the end she asked for examples, but I couldn’t do it! Why? Because I had too many movies floating around in my brain to narrow it down to just one. Instead, I decided to try my hand at it and see what you guys think. (I still had so many movies that I may have to do this in sections if you guys enjoy it as much as I did). 🙂

Real Genius

Real GeniusLessons Learned:

  • All schools for the gifted are located near beauty colleges, and they love playing with minors.
  • Dry ice can be cut and used as coin in vending machines
  • TPing a house is a lame prank. Assembling someone’s car in their bedroom…THAT’s a prank! Go big or go home!
  • The best way to convince someone you’re Jesus when gas lighting a person is to tell them to stop playing with themselves.


Adventures In Babysitting


Lessons Learned:

  • When your boyfriend calls on your anniversary to cancel because his mom is sick and he needs to care for her, he’s cheating on you.
  • All kids know how to scale skyscrapers with nothing but rope.
  • Cars always break down in front of frat houses.
  • There’s only one rule when running from thugs in a bad neighborhood and you duck into the local bar. “Nobody leaves this place without singin’ the blues”.
  • Thor is REAL!


Blast From the Past

Blast_from_the_PastLessons Learned:

  • If Christopher Walken is your dad, you’re doomed to an unusual childhood (possibly in a bomb shelter or Baltimore).
  • In case of nuclear war, you must stay in your underground bomb shelter for 35 years (every household has one).
  • Guys named Adam are destined to fall in love with girls named Eve.
  • All guys that grew up in bomb shelters have manners, dance well and love Perry Como.


Exit To Eden


Lessons Learned:

  • Somewhere in the Caribbean is a sexual Fantasy Island that specializes in D/s play.
  • Everyone is sexy to someone. Just ask the guy who volunteered to sleep on Rosie O’Donnell’s floor.
  • “The best submissives usually become the best Masters.”
  • “Australian kink!” is a method for eating croissants-butter edge of bread, butter woman’s nipple, sprinkle cinnamon on edge of bread, sprinkle cinnamon on nipple. Guy nibbles on nipple, girl eats croissant.


Pump Up The Volume


Lessons Learned:

  • If a guy is shy and chews Black Jack chewing gum, he must run a pirate radio station.
  • Everything you need to set up a pirate radio station can be purchased at Radio Shack.
  • The FCC won’t come after you for broadcasting illegally unless they get multiple complaints.
  • If a bare chested hottie says “I’m not like you”, the best way to prove he’s wrong is to take of your shirt and show him your boobs.
  • The truth is a Virus!

One of my all time favorite soundtracks is Pump Up The Volume. Combining Samantha Mathis & Christian Slater with Ivan Neville’s “Why Can’t I Fall In Love” was just….::fanning myself::

So what about you guys? What lessons have you learned from your comedies over the years? Did you enjoy this segment? If I missed a few lessons, share yours…because I tried to limit myself to 4-5 bullet points per movie.

Material Girls v. Real Live Women

Women like Madonna and Marilyn Monroe are known at the quintessential “Material Girls”. Heck, Madonna had a hit song with that title….while Marilyn flaunted her love of richness with Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. For those of you who are nostalgic, or maybe are too young to have seen the movie the song was featured it…Here’s the clip from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Oddly enough, they’re not the original. Before these two, the indomitable Eartha Kitt (aka The Original Catwoman) did a song with a similar theme called Just An Old Fashioned Girl. It’s a very charming song, actually, and if you haven’t seen it before, you should watch.

Based on the three above examples, it’s glamourous, a bit fun, even. There’s always a wink and a smile. It’s all tongue in cheek. The sad truth, though, is that there is a reason for this character creeping up. Unfortunately, she’s not just a beautiful myth. There are many women out there who perpetuate that stereotype…and not in the fun, quirky way we see in those songs and it frustrates me.

Women are strong creatures. They’re resilient, intelligent, adaptable. It drives me absolutely crazy when women decide to settle for the strictly material or pretend to be something they’re not… We have all known different versions of these women who show off the lesser versions of themselves…the ones that dumb themselves down, or pretend to be helpless or incapable. It’s so sad.

When we as women portray ourselves as “the weaker sex” for whatever reason, we lessen what we could be. We don’t give ourselves the opportunity to truly love and be loved. We fool good men into thinking that the vision of us we’re choosing to reflect is the true person, someone they can love…only to eventually be disillusioned. The reality is that we can’t keep up that kind of pretense forever. The mask cracks–the true creature beneath shines through…and the person who’s chosen to love they mythical you that you’ve created is left with both shattered heart and damaged trust…more often than not, too late to prevent irreparable harm. Yes, we can also be manipulative like that.

There is a power in showing your true self to the world. You give them the opportunity to love the amazing person you can be. No walls. No gimmicks. No games. The people that choose to love you are there for the right reasons. And yes, there’s always a chance that someone else is hiding who they really are (unfortunately the world is not perfect and women aren’t the only people capable of such machinations), but we’re also resilient. We learn. We grow. We rebuild.

The other benefit? For me, at least…by not hiding my brain, my competitiveness and my drive…I’ve been able to create careers for myself. I have shown myself beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m perfectly capable of providing for myself…and anyone else who may come along. The men who’ve shared parts of my life have known that I’ve wanted them there strictly for who they are. They’ve never had to wonder if it’s because I’m afraid of being alone or because I can’t live without a man to support me or any of the other wrong reasons people get into relationships. Somehow it’s made the relationships stronger, healthier, less stressful.

I’m not saying that being yourself will make everything perfect…life rarely is. But I think you’ll find it’s worthwhile. Sure, sometimes the phonies do wind up with all the superficial things…but it can’t keep them warm at night. It’s not there to comfort them when they cry, to laugh with them when they succeed. To understand who they are.

Remember, you don’t have to hide who you are at the core… you’re beautiful just the way you are. Don’t allow yourself to be less than the best you that you can be. You deserve to be loved for the person you are. I hope you don’t misunderstand…I don’t presume to judge you if you’ve been one of those people… the ones who’ve hidden who they are for whatever reason. I just hope that you realize how absolutely, beautifully unique you are. I hope that everyone allows their true selves to shine through…because like snow flakes and finger prints, we’re all originals…all precious and unique.

What myths or personas out there drive you crazy or make you sad? Do you think that they make this world better or worse? Why do you think people hide?

And for Valentine’s Day….here’s my message of love….


The Super Heroes In The Mirror And In Your Bed

It’s funny…I’ve always loved this song, but for some reason as much as it made me think of love and romance (yes, this is my song for my Valentine’s Day countdown today), it also makes me think of super heroes.

I’ve got a little secret…I’m a bit of a tomboy. My hubby will tell you that I only pull my girl card out when it’s convenient for me. This means that as a girl, my favorite cartoons were Thundercats, He-Man, and GI Joe. When I got older I got hooked on X-Men & WildC.A.T.S. I’ve always loved stories with lots of action, preferably with enhanced powers…maybe even super powers.

When TV shows like Mutant X, Dark Angel, Birds Of Prey and Lois & Clark came on the screen, they had a guaranteed fan in me. As a little girl, I used to pretend to be Wonder Woman. Once these new shows came on I loved the powers of the women in the first 3 shows. In Mutant X, I loved Shalimar Fox. She was a mutant, enhanced with feline/cat-like instincts. Come to think of it, Max from Dark Angel and Helena Kyle had feral natures, too. Shoot, Helena was Catwoman & Batman’s daughter…it stood to reason. Yes, with all the super powers out there…I feel the need to be a bit on the animal magnetism side…grace and balance and power. I thought other powers were interesting, but if I could have picked…that would be my super power. What about you guys?

Of course no super heroine should be doomed to a life alone…so I fantasized about the type of Superhero a girl like me should have. I’ve had little mini-crushes on all sorts of superheroes over the years, but there are 3 that really speak to me.

Instead of showing off his strength and amazing abs…I’m going to showcase his other side…which I find equally sexy. Apparently, so did Lois! Who could blame her?

Of course I’m a woman, so the next one is not really a surprise. So far he’s been droolworthy in every movie I’ve seen him in…but still, it’s the first role that captured my imagination the best. He’s just dead sexy and a pretty badass superhero!

My all time favorite male superhero has been a favorite since his cartoon days. There was something intensely sexy about his southern charm & playful wit…and when they finally put him in one of the movies I cheered. It was about time! Of course he’s also one of the most loved comic book heroes… Do you know who it is yet?  It’s the Ragin’ Cajun, himself…Mr Remy LeBeau! Yeah, I’d love for him to shuffle my deck…and then some. ;-D

I keep hoping they’ll finally give his character his own movie… So far, no luck. I keep hoping! So now you know about me…what kind of super hero I’d love to be. What about you? And if you could be with any superhero, who are your dream guys/girls? More importantly, why? (By the way, my superhero men were listed in order…3-2-1)

Super Hero or Happily Ever After?

I was on the phone with a gal pal of mine last week when plans for the weekend came up. Her boys were going to be camping with her husband, so she was planning mother/daughter time.

Her: My 12 year old daughter has her first celebrity crush.
Me: Awww!
Her: So let me ask you a question. If a 12 year old had a crush on an Avenger, who do you think it would be?
Me: Probably Captain America…or maybe Thor.
Her: Right! Captain America was All-American…clean cut. Thor…well, everyone has a crush on him these days. But not my daughter!
Me: Really? Who is it? I guess I could kind of see Hulk! Please tell me it’s not Ironman…he’s just a bit naughty for a 12 year old!
Her: Not my daughter. She has a crush on Hawkeye!
Me: Ok…I can see it. His a bit of a badass boyscout…but with a dark side.
Her: Yup! Jeremy Renner…most of his characters are that way. I guess she’s a lot more like her mother than I realized, LOL!
Me: (laughing) I guess so! I really loved him in his Bourne movie.
Her: Absolutely! So, since hubby and the boys are away this weekend, I’ve decided to indulge her crush and take her to see Hansel And Gretel…Of course, that indulges me, too.

Well, as it turned out, hubby and I took a very good friend to see that same movie to celebrate her birthday…. If you haven’t seen the trailers for this movie yet…let me give you a taste.

As I sat there watching previews before the movie started I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood. Growing up, I remembered being told fairy tales…just like most of you. The usually started with a Princess…had an Evil Witch (or maybe a Dragon) and had a happy ending! They were mostly sweet and light…kind of like the Disney movies.

But there was this other side…the Fairy Tales I read about. Yes, I was that girl who checked out Grimm’s Fairy Tales from the library when I was in 3rd grade. I was fascinated with how different many of those tales were from their Disney counterparts. They were darker…scarier…definitely not so saccharine sweet! And I LOVED them! In fact, I loved reading them as much as I thrilled reading Greek Mythology! It seemed more realistic somehow…even at that young age. It also fed my thirst for “other” worlds and adventures. It opened my mind up to possibility! I wouldn’t say I was cynical already…but I was well aware that the sugar of Disney tales…while cute and great for “little” kids…was just too “goody two shoes” to be within the realm of possible.

It seems that there Hollywood is finally starting to tell the darker, scarier versions of these stories, too! I first noticed it with Red Riding Hood (which I still need to see)…

That movie was followed by Snow White And The Huntsman…which I DID see…and enjoyed! Sadly, I’m not a huge Kristen Stewart fan, and this was the movie in which she had the “affair” with her director. She was actually pretty good in this movie…though, there’s no question that Chris Hemsworth definitely stole the show. I also really liked that Snow White ended with her Prince, and not The Huntsman…leaving him available for my fantasies. 🙂

While watching Hansel & Gretel (which, in my opinion….was good, not GREAT), they played a preview for Jack The Giant Slayer…an interpretation of the Jack In The Beanstalk story. It looked action packed…and awesome! It was also pretty cool seeing Obi Wan playing this kind of role…and yes, I’m well aware of the fact that he was played by Ewan McGregor…but I love the series enough to always associate him with that character. See for yourself…

Now my buddy WordSurfer can get all in depth as to the history and import of the darker fairy tales… And I’d agree. But most important to me is the fact that it’s pretty awesome to see some of my favorite stories from my youth being brought to life (albeit with all sorts of different Hollywood twists) in these action packed movies in the same way that all my favorite superheroes are! The fact that a couple of them are playing dual roles as superheroes/fairy tale heroes is just icing on my cake!

Don’t get me wrong…there’s room for those Disney princesses… I still enjoy those stories, too. But there’s nothing quite so thrilling to me as a bit of action packed nostalgia. So let me ask you…what kinds of books/stories/characters were you drawn to as a child? What do you think of this new Hollywood trend?


Guilty Pleasures

I have a blogging buddy who has been an endless supply of entertainment this past holiday season. His birthday is coming up, but he’s also hit a rough patch. As we all know, this can make for a double whammy in the melancholy department. Since he’s looking for a way to chase the blues away, I thought maybe we could help!

If this were all about me, this would be a music based post. But, I’m considering the person I want to help cheer up. He’s a screen writer. So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m going to go with my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure movies… They can be musicals, they can be comedies, they can be whatever you want… And, of course…I’ll kick it off.

Just remember…this is to try to cheer someone up, so don’t judge…LOL!

There were so many different clips I could’ve chosen…many of them with music. But I picked this one because it shows the pure cheese that is Crybaby. Of course, the fact that Depp has a resemblance to Elvis in this may actually have something to do with my crush as well!

Like I said…I had a thing for Elvis…so I could’ve put pretty much any of his movies here…but chose this one. (Mostly because the song cracks me up.)

There is something just so cheesy and fun about this movie! Oddly enough, the first time I saw Maxwell Caulfied in this I’d already seen him in The Colby’s…so my first reaction was “OMG! It’s Miles Colby!”

It’s strange…I should really not be a fan of this movie considering The Cowboys are my team…but for the sake of this movie? I’m a Giants fan all the way…(And a huge Becky fan… She’s the couch cushion. ;-))

I LOVED Brandon Lee. Wish he were still around. He is what finally convinced me to go out with hubby. He asked me to go see Rapid Fire…LOL! For some reason, though, Showdown In Little Tokyo is my all time favorite. He and Dolph Lundgren just cracked me up.

So what about you guys? What are your guilty pleasure movies? Have you checked out Susie Landau’s “Use Me, Abuse Me Party“? If not, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to pimp yourself and to get to know some wonderful new bloggers. I strongly recommend you stop by and check it out!

David Foster Touched Me…No, Not Literally!

I’m having a musical moment again…shocker, right? Not….LOL!

What kind of musical moment have I been having? Well, the last few days I found myself on YouTube doing searches for some favorite songs of mine. I realized I must have been feeling nostalgic…but there was a theme. Many of the songs I was looking up were from one of my all time favorite composers…David Foster!

So you’re probably asking…who the heck is that guy and why should I care, right? Well, that guy has done some of the best, most memorable movie scores. In fact, initially I thought I’d do a top 5 soundtracks post…but then I thought…let me show you guys  a bit about what makes David Foster so amazing…

For example…many of you are familiar with the Love Theme to St Elmo’s Fire…and the instrumental version is amazing…but I love the words that go with it.

There is also The Prayer…and although this particular singing of it isn’t my favorite…I love this piece because he talked about composing it. It’s funny how similar composing music and writing a book/story can be. Listen to what he says and see if it doesn’t resonate with you. (Plus, Katherine Jenkins does have an amazing voice!)

Remember Casper…when he whispered “Can I keep you?” Loved that movie…and the song David Foster wrote…sung by Jordan Hill (a completely underrated talent). By the way, she also sang the duet my hubby and I danced to on our wedding day…so I truly do have a soft spot for her and the amazing talent she has.

He also wrote this amazing song from Pretty Woman, sung by Peter Cetera of Chicago. Are you surprised yet?

He even wrote the Whitney Houston hit “I Have Nothing” from the movie The Bodyguard. What’s especially cool about a guy like him is that he pays it forward…by discovering and promoting new talents… Can you imagine being given an opportunity the way this lovely young girl, Charice, just got?

My ultimate favorite, though, is one from the movie Stealing Home. David Foster sings this one with Marilyn Martin. Something about it reminds me of the sweet nostalgia of first loves and first times…

Can you imagine that kind of talent and passion? Did any of those songs bring back thoughts or memories for you? I know for me, tons of images come flooding back. Do you have a particular artist or writer or composer who has touched you deeply and never let go? If I ever get a chance, I would love to go to a David Foster event…I think I’m going to put it on my bucket list…he’s just incredible!