Loving and the Holidays

There’s something pretty amazing to me about a capella. To be able to blend voices well, to make voices sound like instruments while maintaining the purity of clean, pared down lyrics always blows my mind. It takes amazing control, great listening skills and a lot of teamwork. No enhancements. Just voices. Wow.

Straight, No Chaser is probably one of the best in this genre. I absolutely love their arrangement of this Colbie Caillat holiday song.

Nothing like celebrating love and romance during the holidays and every day. Have you told the folks you love them today? Why not take them by surprise… Walk up to your lover with no warning and plant a hot, wet kiss on their lips for no other reason than they add joy to your life. See where it leads… Hopefully to shared body heat. 😉

A Man In Uniform? How About A Few….

As you all know, I’ve been posting daily Christmas songs. Initially I was thinking I’d post a Straight, No Chaser song… And then I saw these guys and was completely WOW’ed! So, straight from our very own US Air Force, I bring you…In The Stairwell and their rendition of a Straight, No Chaser song. Hope this brings you joy and puts a song in your heart like it did for me.

For those of you who are music lovers or musicians, yourself…you know how difficult A Capella can be. I think these guys did an awesome job. And aren’t they cuties? Yes, yes…we women have a weakness for a man in uniform. (I just had this conversation with a friend last night!)

This is also my little way of supporting the troops and wishing all of them a Very Merry Christmas…wherever in the world they may happen to be at this time.  Be safe, Ladies and Gentlemen…and enjoy! I know you’ll be with your families in heart and spirit.