Sunday Is For Intimacy

I love Sundays…especially the lazy ones. I adore Etta James…she was the original on this particular tune. Why did I choose Reba for this song? Because no one tells a story with her videos quite the way that she does. With this, she captures that “feel good” feeling, how special time spent with family can be, and the importance of children seeing that their parents love each other.

Sometimes I look at all the issues that face the world today…and think it all boils down to lack of love and family stability. It seems to me that people are so quick to throw love away when it gets hard. We don’t spend enough time together…talking to each other. People rarely sit down at the dinner table as a family anymore…not even on Sundays. We communicate through text messaging and email more than we do face to face. The intimacy of pure conversation, gone by the wayside.

A friend of mine joked one day on her Facebook page. She posted a picture and titled it “Teens At Risk” then added “no need to rub your eyes…these teens are actually playing the board game-gasp!” Sadly, that used to be something families did together. It was a great time to talk, to laugh, to build bonds….and we rarely see it anymore. When I was younger it was all about Scrabble and Life in our house. Can you imagine how a Scrabble game could go with our youth of today? With all the online and text short hand, it’s no wonder why writing and grammar is such a struggle in school. Even more importantly is that it’s just one more deterioration of family intimacy.

As important as family intimacy is, there’s also the intimacy between couples…the desire to work things out or love things out. As many of you who’ve read my poetry know, I have a predilection towards rain. I find rain to be intensely sexy. I love making out in the rain. I love walking in the rain (when it’s not too cold). I firmly believe rainy days were meant for three things…sleep, sex and reading….and not necessarily in that order. Isn’t it interesting that the ever so sexy Keith Urban just happens to have a song about rainy Sunday sex?

Am I completely off base in my assessments of what is lacking these days? I know there’s more than just this, but I think it’s a great place to start. So if you’re home with your family tonight, why not watch a show together? Or play a board game? And if it’s only you and the one you love, why not hide under the covers?

Family Time

Well, my sister and her husband are in town and staying with us. They arrived on Halloween evening and go back to Chicago on Monday. So far our time has been spent catching up, walking our dogs and enjoying our pool (we heated it for their time here).

While they’re here, my sister is also doing her schoolwork for her classes she’s taking online. Her nursing one is work…but she’s also taking a Diversity class that we’re both finding very interesting. I remember taking a workshop at my prior job about leading diverse teams. This takes it a step further. I think tomorrow I’ll be posting some of the intriguing questions that have come up.

Tonight we spent our evening playing Apples To Apples…a very fun game. Have you guys ever heard of it? Basically each person takes a turn as the reader. The reader reads off a specific word and definition. Everyone else has 7 cards that have words that could be used as an explanation or example to represent the reader’s word. Once all the cards are selected each person gets an opportunity to argue their case to the reader. The reader picks which word he thinks best represents the definition. It’s freaking hilarious! What games do you guys enjoy playing with friends? Do you guys play board games?

Tomorrow we go to a cousin’s birthday party. The next day is our family’s early Thanksgiving since my sis and her hubby won’t be here. We’re gonna head to mom’s to chow down! My hubby will be making a gluten free chocolate pecan pie. I’ll probably be making a carrot cake. Step dad will be deep frying a turkey.

What foods do you look forward to for Thanksgiving?