The Color Of Fall

Everyone has a favorite season, right? Living in Florida,we have two seasons. Rainy/hurricane season and sunny/summer season. Most of the time I’m perfectly good with that. Except during the fall. If it weren’t for Starbucks and their pumpkin spice lattes, the neighborhood kids going back to school and football season, I probably wouldn’t even know fall had arrived.

And the thing about fall is it’s so vivid, so rich with colors! I loved seeing the changing leaves, the slightly cooler weather. I loved going for walks when I lived up north. I loved seeing all those greens turn to reds and orange and yellow and rusty browns. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving!

And everyone has a favorite color, right? I know mine. It’s orange. I love the color. It’s beautiful and vibrant and warm. And unfortunately I’m a winter and can’t wear the color without looking washed out. Bummer.

But today I was missing fall, and the orange, so I did the next best thing. I brought the fall into my kitchen… Here is what I did today.


This is the batter from the pumpkin bread I made today.


I made three loaves. I guess it must have smelled pretty good because I stepped away, but when I got back, a slice had been cut. My husband had gotten home and cut himself a piece. He said that he and the dogs agreed that it tasted great. LOL!


And for a refreshing drink, I made a wonderful, fresh cantaloupe juice. I hadn’t made it since I was a kid living in the Philippines. It’s made with water, the juice from the cantaloupe strained into a pitcher, half of the cantaloupe grated, like cheese, the slices and juices added to the pitcher. Then add water and half a cup of sugar. Stir, and voila! Hubby tried it for the first time and loved it!

What about you? What is your favorite season and why? What things and colors do you associate with it?