What Do You Call A Guy Who Watches Your Every Move?


And apparently, if you’re Santa, you’re immune because it’s part of the job description… How else would he know if you’ve been naughty or nice, or if you’ve moved, or even what your heart desires?

Here’s a classic version of a universal favorite, sung by a classic. I adore Eartha Kitt.

Randomness and the Soapbox I Never Thought I’d Stand On

There have been some pretty interesting things that have truly entertained me lately, and I thought I’d share….

Some tickled my Funnybone…..

Saw this one on Twitter:

I’m pretty sure you can guess where my brain went. Could. Not. Help. It. Self control in the face of innuendo and naughty thoughts is just asking too much of me.

Then there’s this one…

As many of you know, I’m a die hard Cowboy fan, so the irony that an Eagles fan in a commercial cracks me up is not lost on me… Maybe it’s the fact that my step-dad is a celiac and this is pretty much a staple and he badly mispronounces it… Or maybe it’s the fact that some equally ignorant eagle fan thinks it might be a loofah, but regardless…I giggle every time.

Then there’s the SEXY/FUNNY combo….

This one is a bit older for me, but I loved how these military men who were stationed in Afghanistan decided to show their appreciation to the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders for their Call Me Maybe video. The guys look like they’re having fun…and some of them are not only hot, they know how to shake it! Why don’t you be the judge? Do you have a favorite?

If you haven’t liked Bring Back Desire on facebook yet, why not? I figured since it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month it was the perfect time to share this message. Check out this breast screening reminder that was posted on her page! Watch till the end or you’ll miss when the real fun begins.

For Empowerment and Natural Beauty….

I found this particular post on Where’s My Sammich to be totally fantastic… How to draw b00bies. I spotted my set right away. 😉

My blogger buddy Laura Hilger did on vulnerability and change post that included a video by Brene Brown that…if you have 20 minutes…will blow you away.

Marcia Richards wrote a post about Mothers and Daughters that had one of the best analogies I’ve ever seen…and some awesome life lessons she hopes she instilled in her daughter. I have a funny feeling she succeeded. 🙂

The song stuck in my head….

Just a warning…this song is stuck in both me and hubby’s heads…and it’s the unrated version, so it’s got some lady parts showing. I don’t care what people say… Robin Thicke may be a bit of a dirty boy…and on the naughty side, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s probably fun to hang out with. He looks so much like his dad, Alan Thicke, doesn’t he? (maybe a smidge hotter, but definitely…great genes)

My Soapbox Moment…

Okay. I can’t even believe I’m going to there, but I’m going to weigh in on the whole Miley Cyrus drama. Yeah, yeah…I’m not a huge fan of her twerking. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Who Let The Dogs Out”, either, but no one said anything about hacks guys who became famous for barking. In fact, everyone went around barking.

Of course they were one hit wonders, so maybe Akon is a better example. After the minor and initial uproar about Akon making the unwise choice to dry hump a minor onstage at one of his concerts, all was forgiven and not much more was said. I won’t even get into all the things R Kelly has done and how although people gossip and titter behind their hands, no one is calling him talentless or a hack. These instances seem to be treated with a dismissive shrug and a “boys will be boys” mentality.

Miley dances provocatively and everyone is in an uproar because she used to be a Disney kid. She wasn’t doing much more than what either of the two above guys did. She was dancing some lame dance that the kids today are acting like they invented (when really, it’s been around forever, just never named…that I know of). So because of that she’s got mental issues? She’s vilified? She’s on the edge? On drugs?

A commentator on one of the college football pregame shows a couple weeks ago asserted that she was basically a talentless hack… My bet is his only exposure to her or her music was with the recent music award debacle and what he’s heard through the scandal rags. I saw another article where she expressed her admiration for her godmother, Dolly Parton. In the comments, folks said things about her not even being fit to say Dolly’s name. Really?

Personally, I’m starting to feel sorry for this kid. Growing up in the spotlight is not easy.  I’m not going to judge. She hasn’t done anything many people her age do, spotlight or not! How many young people do you know that danced provocatively? I WAS one of those kids. How many young people cut their hair into wild styles and color it? I knew folks that colored their hair purple, blue and green!

In fact, I’ll hope this is a phase she’s going through…much like many child stars. Heck, Alyssa Milano & Tiffany posed for Playboy. Elizabeth Berkeley did Showgirls. Hillary Duff kissed a girl on Gossip Girl. The list could go on and on…. Personally, I don’t think any of us should be casting any stones. Very few of us haven’t done anything in our youth that we look back on with regret….and regardless of how you may feel about her personally, there’s no question that she’s chock full of talent. She even comes by it honestly. She inherited it!

Check this song out and then try to tell me this girl has no talent… By the way, this is both acoustic and outdoors…

So what about you guys? Any soap boxes you want to step on? Any songs stuck in your head? Anything that’s gotten you hot under the collar or empowered you? Maybe there’s something that made you laugh this week…. Tell me all about it!

Sexy Younger Guys–Cougartime!

“Older men are great playmates and younger men are great playthings.”

Once upon a time, before I got married, several of my gal pals used to jokingly call me Demi Moore. Why? Certainly not because we looked alike. The truth is, it was uncanny. If we were out somewhere and there was a hot guy or three between the ages of 18-25, they seemed to gravitate my way. It used to leave me shaking my head and laughing. I won’t lie…it was flattering being asked to judge an impromptu “Hottest Ass” competition when I was over 30. Those guys are lucky I always used my superpowers for the forces of good. 😉

Many of you have already figured out by the above quote (which, incidentally, may be a Kitt original, but I can’t recall with any certainty) that I’m an equal opportunity man lover. In fact, it’s because I love men of all ages that I felt men under 25 deserved equal time. Afterall, I’ve already done a Sexy Older Men post a while back.

These guys are my top 5 faves in no particular order….

Zac Efron (age 25) – There’s something about dark hair and blue eyes that has always done it for me. Add musical talent and I’m weak in the knees. Did I mention he also has tattoos? Yummy! Though I was tempted to include a clip of him singing (High School Musical or Hairspray), I decided on something else.

Then there’s Taylor Lautner (21 years old). With him, I practically feel like I’ve watched him grow up. I’ve even watched his Sharkboy movie. It wasn’t until I saw him all wolfie in the Twilight series that my eyes were opened. Truthfully, though…I enjoy him in action movies. He was completely droolworthy in Abduction. With him, there’s a sense of confidence that I find really appealing…not to mention I don’t really get the egomaniac vibe from him.

Third is one of my Glee guys, Jacob Artist, the 20 year old who plays the younger Puckerman brother (the older one is over 25). Not only can he sing…He can move that body in ways that has me thinking sinful thoughts. He’s got the whole soulful thing down to a science. The below is probably one of my all time favorite vocal music performances by him.

Then there’s Tyler Hoechlin (age 25). The first time I saw him was on 7th Heaven. Little Ruthie had a huge crush. Since then he’s been mostly in movies, but he’s currently back on tv in Teen Wolf. He definitely does well with the darker, animalistic tendencies. There’s something very magnetic about his appeal.

Finally, Alex Pettyfer, 23. Yeah, there are women who will recognize him from Magic Mike, but I actually preferred his moves in I Am Number Four. He’s got a vulnerability to him that blends well with his natural sex appeal.

What stars 25 and under do you find to be attractive and why?

My Battle With The Foot In Mouth Disease

My fantastically funny friend, Gloria Richard wrote a post yesterday entitled Ever Lost Your Brain’s Remote Control. After recounting several of her hilarious mishaps over the years, she challenged us to share some of our moments. As I sat thinking about the many idiot moments I’d had over the years I figured I’d share some of my own. Hey, turnabout is fair play, especially since I shared some of my friends’ more awkward moments in the past.


Those of us who tend to say what we think know that there is a hazard that goes with being blunt. For example, there was a young lady that I used to work with at a popular electronic retailer store. I was new, and she and I were pretty friendly. The weather had taken on a cooler edge recently, so when I walked in, I was wearing my black leather biker jacket.

black biker jacket

It was a men’s jacket and I loved it…still do, actually. I was the first “real” gift hubby ever gave to me. Anyway, back to the story. As I came walking down this young lady’s department, she came over to say hi and the following conversation ensued.

Her (with a big grin and a nudge) : Hey there, Biker Bitch!
Me (with a grin and a wink) : Better watch your step or I’m going to make you my bitch.
Her (eye contact, not laughing) : Any time.
Me (blinking) : Um, yeah….

Oops! Yeah, I’d heard the rumors about her being either lesbian or bisexual, I just didn’t care. It just never occurred to me that a simple off the cuff response could create such an interesting ripple. Well, it confirmed the rumor if nothing else…LOL! Oddly enough, that moment helped to cement our friendship.

Unfortunately my talent for the awkward started much earlier. It’s the hazard of being a person whose mouth rarely stops moving. Sometimes we can be deliberately hurtful and regret it later. My “lesson learned” moment actually became my college application essay. Here’s the short version.

While we lived in the Philippines we had some live in help. A maid and a nanny. Hey, the dollar stretches quite well in third world countries. Anyway, as my mom is also Filipina, our servants were more like family and were treated as such. I was about 7 years old when my mouth got me into trouble.

Nanny (looking around at toys strewn all over the floor): Kitt!
Me (fake innocent look): What?
Nanny (pointing at all the toys): Put away all your toys or you’re not playing outside.
Me (irritated): Pfft! Your the maid. Isn’t that what we pay you for?
From somewhere behind me….
Mom (snarling): Kitt. What. Did. You. Just. Say?

Yeah…mom had walked up behind me and heard the whole thing. She was NOT happy. I got my butt whipped, had to clean up my toy AND I got grounded for the day. No bueno.

My sophomore year in high school there was a 4 day choral music festival held at a one of the private universities in Michigan, culminating in a concert on Saturday afternoon with the University Orchestra. The private high schools tied to this particular religion from the surrounding 5 states sent the top 2 singers from each section (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) to go to this event. It was a privilege to be chosen, and I was one of the 2 sopranos chosen to represent my school. We were put up in the women’s dorm and spent most of the time rehearsing songs in German (Haydn) and Latin with a couple of English ones thrown in for good measure.

As you can imagine, after a while we became restless. Several of us congregated in one of the dorm rooms early that Saturday afternoon waiting for the concert. Keep in mind, most of us were little suburban kids. I, being half Asian, was the closest we had to an ethnic mix in that room. To this day I’m not exactly sure how it started…all I remember was thinking I was going to die.

What had I done? I sang Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love Of All”. And not in my normal voice. NOOOO. I was singing it at the top of my lungs, over enunciating each word with theatrical dramatics.

“I Buhleeve that children are hour fyuchaaaa.
Teech them well ahnd let them lead the waaaayyyy.
Show them ahl the beauty they possess insiiiiide.
Give. Them. A Sense of pride.
To make it easiahhhh!”

The girls were all in a fit of giggles as I belted it out….and then came the knock on the door. My singing stopped. We all looked at each other, eyes huge and praying… Why? Because late that night an all black university from Canada had come down for an event the following week and were staying in the rooms across the hall from us.

Of course, with my luck…it WAS, in fact, several of the very nice ladies from that university. Here’s what happened:

My traitorous friend: Uh, hello?
Nice lady: Hi girls, we heard someone singing from down the hall. Who WAS that?
(Yup! You guessed it. All hands pointed at me as I slowly turned around to face the women in the doorway.)
Me: Sorry about that.
Nice lady: Why are you sorry? We thought you sounded GREAT!!!!
Me (blinking while my friends all tried to hide their laughter): Um… Thank you?

And just like that, they were gone… Thankfully they hadn’t realized I was poking fun at the way a lot of divas overdramatize song lyrics. As my friends cracked up, I was mortified. Seriously. What if I’d really offended them? Sooo not my intent.

Then there was the time I met the Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Football Hall Of Fame quarterback, Terry Bradshaw.


Okay…so I’m unapologetically an Dallas Cowboys fan, but still. I love football and I respect the game. That’s one of the reasons that every time I think of this moment I want to hide somewhere. Why? Because my usual eloquence eluded me that day in a big, BIG way…making me sound like a total airheaded bimbo (something I hate).

So the back story? Mr Bradshaw’s brother has a home in the Sarasota area. He’d come to town for a visit only to realize he’d left his camera bag back at home in his foyer. What did he do when he discovered this error? Why, what every wealthy man does, of course. He showed up to the local electronics store with his dad at opening (when it’s least crowded) and replaced everything he’d left behind.

The guys in the store were dying to talk to him and ask for his autograph, but figured it would be easier to break that ice if they sent a female in. As I qualified and was the only woman knowledgeable enough about football and his HOF career, they asked me to go over and talked to him. I didn’t want to disrespect his privacy so I declined being used in this manner. Fortunately for them, he noticed several guys hovering and welcomed them over to get his autograph and offered the opportunity to any employee in the store who wanted it.

Once he gave permission, the guys let me know and I walked over to get his autograph before I left. Here’s how THAT went down.

Me (in a timid voice that was so unlike me the guys all blinked): Excuse me Mr Bradshaw. Would you mind if I asked you for your autograph?
TB (with a gentle smile): Sure thing, Sweetheart. Do you have anything for me to sign?
Me (holding up small brochure form): This?
TB: Why don’t we find something a bit bigger?
(Grabs a manual receipt form)
Me (while he’s signing): Thank you so much! (And then I made my big faux pas that made me want to commit seppuku) I just want to say, I really LOVE watching you and Howie (Long) on Sundays.
TB (Showing class all the way, put an arm around me): Aw, thank you sweetheart. We need more fans like you.


Why was that so mortifying? Because I was well aware of his Hall of Fame career and his 4 Superbowl rings…and what did I mention? His Fox Sports thing? OMG! Yes, that is my head you hear banging on my desk. Never mind that this incident happened nearly 10 years ago. I’m still mortified…. But I also still have this awesome autograph.

Terry Bradshaw Autograph

My Terry Bradshaw Autograph

Okay, enough of my verbal face plants…. What about you guys? Care to share some of your more awkward moments? If not, I’m open to you sharing the awkward moments of friends and family. And just so no one can question my Cowboy Fandom….Here’s a pic of me at one of them many Cowboy events I’ve been to… Hanging out with some Cowboy Legends

Tailgate in Big D with Hubby, Bill Bates, Me, Everson Walls & Kenny Gant

Tailgate in Big D with Hubby, Bill Bates, Me, Everson Walls & Kenny Gant

And here’s another one of me with my girls at a game at Cowboy Stadium.

At The Game

At The Game




Where To Find Beautiful

With all the terrible sadness and tragedy of this last week, my heart has been a bit heavy. My thoughts have been with those in Oklahoma who are going through so much right now. My prayers have been filled with them and childhood and online friends who’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer.

I needed my heart to be soothed. To remember the good in the world. To be empowered and inspired.

Today I thought I’d share with you the things that have touched me….and hope that they speak to you, too.

Here’s some poetry from a young lady named Botlhale Boikanyo from South Africa’s Got Talent at the age of 11.

Next is Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough’s Freestyle performance Monday night on Dancing With The Stars. It brought tears to my eyes. The emotions were so clearly displayed. She bared her soul with that dance. (The song was gorgeous, too.)

My last addition is a song sung by Jotta A, a Brazilian boy. I believe he was 12 at the time of this particular recording. I think it might be from Brazil’s Got Talent. You can definitely tell English is not his first language as he mispronounces some words, but the heart of the song…the message…  He delivers that, loud and clear. He’s singing Chris Tomlin’s Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone.

Where do you go when you need to add a little beauty to your life? Have you seen anything that’s wow’ed you lately? If so, please share it with me!

The Redheaded Stranger Ain’t No Stranger

I don’t normally do back to back music related posts, but I couldn’t let the 80th birthday of one of my favorite singer/songwriters go without mention…especially following the loss of another favorite last week in “The Possum”, George Jones.

Willie Nelson, aka “The Redheaded Stranger”, has been a notorious and fun part of music tapestry for a while. In fact, Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick even wrote the above song to warn about partying with Willie. LOL! He’s one of the few who can claim to have smoked weed in the White House, and we just nod and smile tolerantly.  We all know he began the stand for farming communities through Farm Aid. With all that and his amazing talent with voice and lyric, can we really call him a stranger? It seems he’s made an impact on so many!

There was nothing like the legendary ballads he told, especially when he’d do it with his equally legendary friends. The Highwaymen is probably one of the most popular songs shared in multiple repertoires as this song was done with Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash…. Truth is, these kinds of collaborations don’t happen very often anymore. Sadly, only 2 of the Highwaymen are alive. Kris Kristofferson & Willie.

It’s funny, because they did Good Hearted Woman (In Love With A Good Timing Man)…and I think they got it right. It wasn’t an easy life, but boy, if you could hang on…you were in for the ride of your life.

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before. Change the gender and adjust the word from “loved before” to “lusted for” and it could’ve been the song of my youth. The fact that he blows away another strong vocalist and Latin playboy in Julio Iglesias should tell you just how powerful Willie’s vocals are.

He has a way of making you feel his music. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground is a prime example of how he can tear your heart out even as you sway to every word he says. In fact, this makes me think of my brothers who both died way too young. It would’ve been a great dedication for them.

As lovely as songs like this and You Were Always On My Mind are, though, my all time favorite is a duet called Seven Spanish Angels that he does with Ray Charles. I think it’s the poetry to the words and the way these two vocalists dance around the words that wowed me.

So in honor of Willie’s 80th birthday…what’s your favorite Willie song? I’d love for you to share! You can never have too much Willie. (Yes, that innuendo was deliberate….LOL!)

Sometimes Sick Means Naughty…

I have a penchant for the naughty… Shocker, I know. 😉 You can quit laughing any time now…

Anyway, I’ve been recovering from a vacation in the Bahamas that led to a sinus infection that led to hubby getting sick…and, as I’ve told you guys before, strange things happen when I’m not feeling well. Today has been the first time in nearly a week that I haven’t felt the need to sleep the day away. What does that mean? That music has been in my head….


Of course, like I said…there’s a danger in being the music in my head when I’m recovering from being ill. Why? Because chances are you’re not going to get the traditional stuff. So here’s the deal…I’ve had naughty/maybe inappropriate songs stuck in my head….and I would like you guys to join me in my raunchy fun…

They think the love of Big Butts started with Sir Mix-A-Lot. I beg to differ. I’ve always loved this Queen song…and even more so when my boy Puck from Glee re-did it… “Fat Bottomed Girls”!

It’s not only the boys who can be bad… and on that note, here’s another naughty favorite. Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It”. If you were a child of the ’80’s how could you not love this song?

Then there’s the mellow, sneak up on you kind of nasty… And who does that better than Jimmy Buffett? Which song? You need ask? There’s only one that fits this category… “Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw”, of course!

The hair band, rocker chick in me always found this one deliciously naughty… Great White’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”…My, my, my….

Finally, for the really naughty girl in me… Lil Rob’s …”Bring Out The Freak In You”. (Warning you right now…this is definitely explicit).

So, keeping all this in mind…what songs would you add to my bad girl list?

There’s actually a special song that’s been stuck in my head for a couple weeks now. Why? Because it’s kind of become the theme for a Work In Progress of mine. Yes, that’s the biggest reason why I’ve been MIA lately. What started out as just one piece has somehow turned into 2 (so far). Soon, I’ll be revealing more to you guys… Please be patient with me. I promise I haven’t disappeared.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the Maroon 5 song that’s turned into the theme for my piece…

Don’t forget…let me know what naughty songs you absolutely love (and why)….

Remembering 20 Little Angels

As many of you know, early in January my account got suspended because I was mistaken for spam. After about 4 days Word press finally realized the error and returned my account back to me. At that time I’d posted a blog about someone I consider One Of The Good Guys. Unfortunately it happened right before I posted this particular blog.

In society today, people have been gaining more notoriety from poor behaviors, falls from grace, etc. I, like many of you, have become conditioned to be cynical. So when I hear about a celebrity so moved by a tragedy that he’s compelled to do something to help, I perk up. I take notice.

The cynics are always ready when they hear someone made a song about it…”Sure, real classy… Make money off people’s grief.” There may have been a time or two where I’ve thought similar thoughts about certain books or movies. But again, this one was different. Andy Griggs sat horrified as the events at Sandy Hook Elementary unfolded before our stricken nation. Like all of us he cried. He sent out messages on Facebook and Twitter wondering if anyone knew people in New Town and what he could do to help. Obviously he and a songwriter friend wrote a song, then cut it. Then he made sure that all the proceeds went to United Way in New Town and that he would be completely unable to touch any of those funds. The other day while surfing YouTube he found that someone had taken his song and made a video for it. He loved it and encouraged us all to check it out…

As Valentine’s Day is coming I felt the need to send some love to New Town and the families of those lost… So I’m sharing the video and keeping New Town, Connecticut in my prayers. It was good to see the children of Sandy Hook Chorus singing in the Superbowl…and a great reminder that it’s important to continue to move forward with love and remembrance in our hearts.

Sexy Men Of HGTV

I watch HGTV a lot.  The channel is great for ambient noise when I’m writing… and a great distraction when I’m on the treadmill, running.

In the past, when I’d write I’d put music on. The problem was that I’d get distracted singing along or enjoying the way the different instruments bonded together to create an amazing blend of tones that sounded like magic to my ears. Nothing got written down. Then I turned to TV. I’d turn on a show I liked…but get so caught up in the show I’d forget that I was supposed to be writing.

Next I turned to complete silence. This works…most of the time, it’s actually my preference. I have learned, though, that there is such a thing as too much silence. As I discussed that issue with my writing mentor she recommended I find a channel that had something on that I wouldn’t be upset to miss, but that if I needed to step away from my work…I’d enjoy what I see.

Thus began my mad girl crush on a few guys on three awesome shows!  So…without any further ado, I introduce you to my top 3 HGTV crushes…

In 3rd places are twins from Property Brothers…I’m sure you can imagine all the fantasies that can work with twins. (And with one being a contractor…great hands!)

Then there’s Scott from Income Property… He has a sense of humor, he’s great with his hands…and his dimple keeps winking at me.

And then there’s my all time favorite, Jamie Durie from The Outdoor Room…he used to be a stripper, but now he creates the most amazing outdoor rooms. With his accent, his smile and his talent…how could I resist?

When you’re working on your art, what do you do to get focused? Do you require ambient noise? Do you have a favorite HGTV show?

(Guys, I know Sabrina Soto is hot…and my hubby thinks Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes is pretty badass, so I know you can contribute to this convo.)


One Of The Good Guys

We always hear about the douche bags out there. In fact, it is probably one of the most popular weekly blog posts that Shit Talkin’ Nick’s most popular posts. It’s a sad state of the world today when a person can come up with a douchebag every single week. But, to be fair, he decided to bring focus on people who did something wonderful, too… He named those posts The Anti-Douche.

Why am I bringing this up? Because…one of my favorite musicians wowed me recently with his kindness, generosity and talent and I thought he deserved some recognition. As you all know, we were all shocked and hurt by the events at Sandy Hook Elementary…and all the other violent acts that have been happening across this country. I remember being on here and on Facebook the day that it happened… Andy Griggs’ reaction was immediate. He posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew anyone in that town of Connecticut…or a way to contact someone out there to see what kind of help could be offered. He’s got a big heart that way.

What did he do next? What else does a talented singer/songwriter do? He used his special talents to try to find a way to cope and heal…but also found a way to try to help. This press release just came out, talking about what he’s doing to help the school and the families…

The general gist is that he’s written a song with his friend and songwriter, Bobby Pinson, called “20 Little Angels” that is available free to listen to on his website… The song will be available to download on iTunes and 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Sandy Hook School Support fund. I thought that was pretty awesome, and so was the song….and I’m not the only one.  Here is what The Boot has to say about his song…

It’s nice to see that there are still good guys out there! Click the link to the song…check it out! In the meantime, here’s a taste of his music…through one of my favorite romantic ballads.