Pure Sexploration

My best friend is one of those rare people. She knew she was going to wait until she got married before she had sex. She was also fortunate enough to find her soul mate pretty early. Oddly enough, there have been a lot of decisions in her life that she’s questioned or regretted, but that was definitely not one of them.

Knowing our shared uptight religious upbringing, her lack of experience (and youth…yes, she married young), and her experimental personality I gifted her with something special for her first year of marriage. It was a book called 101 Nights of Great Sex.

The Updated Version of my gift

The way I figured things, youth and inexperience didn’t have to mean a lifetime sentence to the missionary position or boring, fumbling sex that would leave them both unsatisfied. Obviously, this was not a gift I gave her at her bridal shower thrown by our church or in front of her family. This was the little secret surprise that was passed along privately and discreetly.

Why chose this book? Because it was his and hers adventures that would take them out of the “traditional” and allow them to explore other avenues that they may not have considered on their own. It was an adventure they could embark on together.

Here’s the cool thing about this particular book. It comes with these sealed envelopes for Him and Her. How it’s supposed to work is that one of you opens an envelope. Once the envelope is opened you’re supposed to do whatever it says within 24 hours. Sometimes it’s something romantic, sometimes it’s wild or risqué. I believe one of them was sex in a movie theater. Another one had something to do with food. You get the gist.

When I bought the book, I had only met her guy a handful of times and didn’t really know him that well, but I wanted to make sure my friend’s sense of fun and adventure was fed. Plus, what she lacked in practical experience, she more than made up for with her imagination.

Some might think I went out on a limb, buying this book. I mean, what if her guy didn’t share her adventurous streak? He could have been offended! Truth is, it pretty much cemented that he loved me… In fact, it turned out to be his favorite gift and I got a big whopping thank you. He actually likes when his wife and I get together, whether by phone or in person, because he knows we bring out the best in each other. Oddly enough, I was pretty sure he was going to be okay with the gift based on something he’d said years ago to her…when they were still in high school.

They went to a boarding school in Michigan together, and my hubby and I (who was then my male best friend) went up to visit her. She told me about meeting this guy and how they had started dating. Unlike most guys, he was pretty good at keeping her off balance, so she wasn’t sure what to make of him. She told us that one day he told her the strangest thing… He’d said something about a dream where a bunch of women were throwing pickles at him. She didn’t get it yet, then, but I did. It was a reference to Real Genius, the movie, and one of Val Kilmer’s funny asides. It also told me that he had a sense of humor (and a dirty mind).

Of course, telling me something like that was pretty irresistible. When she mentioned the need to throw him off kilter a little bit to even the playing field, we took her off campus and found a small general store. We picked up a jar of pickles, and when he wasn’t around, she snuck them into his locker for him to find. What could he do but laugh? And the playing field was even.

They’re one of the few couples within my general group of friends who were together before me and hubby and are still going strong. They’ve been each other’s best friends, support…and found ways to keep the spice alive in their relationship by finding playful ways to connect both in and out of the bedroom. No, she doesn’t share the details, just the general gist of adventurous behaviors….or maybe places.

Let’s be real for a second…. So many people, once the relationship turns into something long termed, limit all the naughty play to the bedroom. But WHY? Don’t you remember the adrenaline rush attached to the fear of being caught? Hello! Wasn’t that part of the reason that as young people, there was something scary, yet fun about sneaking a make out session in your significant other’s parents’ home? Maybe on the couch while “watching tv” or in the basement while you guys were “listening to music” or maybe even at the kitchen table when you guys were “doing homework”?

I admit, giving a guy a BJ on a hotel lounge chair on the beach at night might be a bit more risky, but does it make it any less exciting? What about road head? Am I the only female who’s noticed that the gag reflex doesn’t quite kick in as quickly when the fear of being caught is also battling your nerves? Or that you’re way more into it and capable of getting off untouched knowing that someone else might see and you’ve got him going wild above you?

Joint adventures together is so important to keeping the sex alive in relationships….and no, they don’t ALL have to be about exhibitionism. Sometimes it can be voyeuristic. Why do you think couples watch porn together? Have you ever been with your partner and stumbled on someone else’s intimate moment? Did you find it difficult to look away? How aroused did you find yourself?

Or what about sensory depravation? Hello Ice Cube scene in 9 1/2 Weeks! There are so many ways to experiment and explore. The important part is to do it! Explore. Discover new and interesting ways to excite your lover. A little honesty and non-judgmental sharing of fantasies can open up a world of new adventures to be explored together! Why not indulge?

Do you know of any products out there that help couples explore their sensual sides together? I want to hear about it! I’m always looking for something new and exciting, myself.


Imperfectly Perfect

Most writers are people watchers and I’m no exception. The only difference between me and some of my counterparts is that I’m a bit of a talker and social butterfly where some of my counterparts are a bit more reserved. What does this mean for me? Front row seat v. the sidelines. It also means that it’s not uncommon for me to be used as an advice giver, sounding board or just an empathetic ear.

After the loss of my friend at the end of last week, my introspective side kicked in. It seems like there have been two common threads in the dissatisfaction my friends have been expressing: Their inability to find the “perfect” significant other and/or how they weren’t “perfectly” happy in their sex life. You guys are astute. I know you picked up on the same thing I did. Perfect seems to be thrown around a lot.

As imperfect people that’s an awfully big word to be bandied about like that…. Nobody’s perfect. Not me. Not you. We’re all flawed….and those that are narcissistic enough to believe they’re perfect? They’re not exactly relationship material, are they?

So why do we get hung up on “Perfect”? Because, seriously…my friends weren’t the only ones that got caught up in the hype. Hello! It took me 16 years before “fully” committing to my relationship with my husband by getting married. He was my best friend. He’d do anything for me and me for him…except get married.

For a little while I was afraid that maybe my beloved romance novels had given me unrealistic expectations regarding relationships. But no. That wasn’t right. Anyone who’s read the “greats” knows the men and women aren’t perfect. They fight themselves, each other, their fears…plenty of conflict…but they find a way to make it to their happily ending.

But if not my romances, what?


Well, okay. Maybe not Disney in particular….just fairy tales. Think about it. Girl somehow becomes a damsel in distress, in need of a rescue. The hero who rides in always looks perfect, knows what to say and wears the perfect clothes. He IS perfect. The conflict is always caused by some outside evil source that he vanquishes with a flourish….and the moment ends with the perfect happily ever after kiss. Right?

There is no accidental going in too fast for that kiss only to have your teeth smack against each other… Or someone bobs when they should have weaved and the heads get knocked together…. Or you step in and right onto the hero/heroine’s foot, Yeah…Never happens.

As for the sex…. The assumption would be that guys are the only ones who have this complaint, right? Wrong. I saw a funny clip a few days back and wondered how I was going to share it with you guys. Turns out I didn’t have long to wait. It’s a great fit for today’s post.

In porn, sex happens all over the place…often incidentally and with strangers. In fact, a friend shared something she saw the other day and I couldn’t help but crack up!


What you never see in porn are some of the stories some of my friends and I have laughed about. You know….getting so hot and sweaty with your partner that you’ve basically stuck to each other…and when you go to separate there’s a big suction “pop” sound that has you rolling with laughter. Or deciding to get all hot and racy with a partner after a day on the beach with a lover only to find out tanning oil and satin sheets don’t always go so well together as you slide onto the bed…and keep sliding…right into the bedside table.

Or maybe it’s the exhausted sex after a long day…where it’s just a relief and a release of tension. Not spectacular, but not bad. The imperfection could be caused by *gasp* a lack of orgasm. Maybe sex was initiated but fatigue and stress cause a lack of aroused response from the man in the relationship. How’s that possible? Isn’t that all men think of???? (For those of you who may not know me well…insert sarcasm here.)

So much perfection we’re expected to live up to…. Unrealistic perfection. Me? It took me a while to figure out that the hot, spicy, romantic gestures and feelings are cyclical. That much of that IS based on what we get in fairy tales and the like… What hit me over the head is when I started to notice it was a cycle. The things that never changed? The fact that the guy sitting patiently next to me was my very best friend. He knew me inside and out….and I knew him. More importantly, we loved and accepted each other just the way we were…flaws and all. The reality is, when I looked harder, I found that those flaws were almost custom made to match mine. Which made us imperfectly perfect for each other. Does he buy me roses every day and massage my feet? No. But he finds recipes he thinks I’d enjoy and makes me dinner. He’ll be at the grocery store and see Pepperidge Farm is having a BOGO on Milano cookies and will pick some up because he knows I love them. We’ll sit down to watch tv and I’ll scratch his back because I know he enjoys that. I’ll hold off watching something on the DVR till he gets home because it’s more fun to watch it together.

As for the sex…guys aren’t the only ones these days that have unrealistic expectations. Sometimes ours come from books, sometimes from porn. Either way there are things we do to one another that undermine the ability to have great sex.

Examples? Many women simply don’t talk to their men about it. They take it, they fake it…then they either don’t talk about it at all…or they complain to their friends about it. Here’s a sad truth about that… Ladies, if the women you’re complaining to have significant others, chances are that the conversation didn’t just stay between you and your friend. If their partner is friends with yours…guess who has heard about your complaints? Although we don’t acknowledge it often, guys have feelings, too. They are capable of being hurt. And before we get up on our high horse and say something about their egos…imagine how you would feel if someone important to you said you sucked in bed. Yeah. Major ouch. Guys, before you think you’re out of the woods on this one….You’re just as bad as we are, so the same thing applies to you!!!

The truth is, not every guy is uber experienced. In fact, it wasn’t until a little later in my relationship that I found out my husband, then boyfriend, was a bit intimidated by me and my experience. Sure, I was a virgin when we got together…but that was about the only think I hadn’t done…and multiple times. I assumed that because he’d had sex before (with one other girl) that HE was more experienced. After that conversation, I’ve tried never to assume again. We talk.

If communication lines are open it’s amazing how rarely misunderstandings happen. It’s also a great way to teach your partner what you like…. And you know what else? Sex is messy…and physical…so it stands to reason that there are going to be funny, goofy moments! Enjoy them! Laughter is sexy, too…not to mention healing.

Bottom line…before rushing to “perfection”….take a second. Look closely at whatever it was you were about to complain about. Is it your perception of what should be that has you bothered or is it something truly wrong? Sometimes, if you look closely enough you’ll find there’s something pretty amazing in the imperfections.

What do you think? Do you think I’m crazy for thinking this way? It’s okay to share… I’m comfortable in my crazy. Have you found beauty in imperfection? Tell me about it!

Me? I’ve embraced my imperfection… It’s made life so much more enjoyable!

Sunday Is For Intimacy

I love Sundays…especially the lazy ones. I adore Etta James…she was the original on this particular tune. Why did I choose Reba for this song? Because no one tells a story with her videos quite the way that she does. With this, she captures that “feel good” feeling, how special time spent with family can be, and the importance of children seeing that their parents love each other.

Sometimes I look at all the issues that face the world today…and think it all boils down to lack of love and family stability. It seems to me that people are so quick to throw love away when it gets hard. We don’t spend enough time together…talking to each other. People rarely sit down at the dinner table as a family anymore…not even on Sundays. We communicate through text messaging and email more than we do face to face. The intimacy of pure conversation, gone by the wayside.

A friend of mine joked one day on her Facebook page. She posted a picture and titled it “Teens At Risk” then added “no need to rub your eyes…these teens are actually playing the board game-gasp!” Sadly, that used to be something families did together. It was a great time to talk, to laugh, to build bonds….and we rarely see it anymore. When I was younger it was all about Scrabble and Life in our house. Can you imagine how a Scrabble game could go with our youth of today? With all the online and text short hand, it’s no wonder why writing and grammar is such a struggle in school. Even more importantly is that it’s just one more deterioration of family intimacy.

As important as family intimacy is, there’s also the intimacy between couples…the desire to work things out or love things out. As many of you who’ve read my poetry know, I have a predilection towards rain. I find rain to be intensely sexy. I love making out in the rain. I love walking in the rain (when it’s not too cold). I firmly believe rainy days were meant for three things…sleep, sex and reading….and not necessarily in that order. Isn’t it interesting that the ever so sexy Keith Urban just happens to have a song about rainy Sunday sex?

Am I completely off base in my assessments of what is lacking these days? I know there’s more than just this, but I think it’s a great place to start. So if you’re home with your family tonight, why not watch a show together? Or play a board game? And if it’s only you and the one you love, why not hide under the covers?

What’s The Difference?

A couple of days before Valentine’s Day a couple of gal pals were on a Twitter Chat hosted by iVillage under the hashtag #sexweek about women, sex and relationships. They talked about some surveys that had been done and did a little mini survey of their own. One question was how often do you and your partner make love? The answers ranged from weeks to days.

The next statement was about how wonderful and important making love was with your significant other and that it’s important to make time to do so. My friends and I agree with that, but think that finding time for sex with your partner is also good. As you’ve probably figured out, my friends are as outspoken as I am and said so. The moderator asked what the difference was.

When my friend told me that, it got me thinking… George Michael did a pretty good job of talking about sex in one of his songs….

But what about if the person is your significant other? Do you distinguish between sex and love? I do. For me sex is raw, and a bit animalistic. It’s hot, hard and intense in a physical sort of way. It can often be quick. And if you’re in the indulging fantasies mode, this would fall into the category of public places, fear of being caught…those kinds of things. Road head? Yeah, that would be in this category for me. Back of the movie theater or public restroom? Ditto. You get my drift.

Then there’s making love. I found it very appropriate that I found a song sung by a married couple. There’s a nuance to intimacy that requires a deeper understanding and connection with your partner.

Making love takes time, connection. Although there’s definitely a physical aspect to making love, this is more of a mental and emotional connection to me. If we go back to fantasy comparisons, this can be the candle lit room filled with soft, sexy music and rose petals on the bed. Or it can be tied up with a blind fold, gentle teasing with foods (strawberries, chocolates…you get my drift). It can even be the scented bath for two or massage… It’s a time when your bodies commune with each other, speaking through action.

I believe both are important to the bond a couple builds and works to maintain. They both have different sorts of values and should not be dismissed or negated as unimportant. The former is what keeps the spice in a relationship or allows you to explore together, growing and playing together. The latter is where you solidify all the things you should be telling each other. It pays homage to your love and value and respect for one another.

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Did I miss something? I don’t bite…unless you ask nicely. 😉

Love Sneaking Up On You

I’ve been busy all day with a little side gig I’ve picked up, but I’ve been thinking about love and Valentine’s day. People fall in love in so many ways. We hear about love at first sight. Sometimes it’s lust that turns into something deeper. Before I married my husband I was a sucker for a pretty face…and not a lot of substance. I knew they were meant to be temporary. Honestly, I hid from serious relationships. I kept most people with depth at arms length. I wasn’t ready to give my heart away.

I knew one day the right person for me would come along. He would be someone who challenged me. Someone intelligent and patient and able to get past all my defenses. It should have come as no surprise to me that the person who would overcome all my obstacles was someone who’d been there all along. All it took for me was falling in love with someone who’d became my best friend.

What type of person are you generally attracted to? If you’re now in a permanent relationship, what differentiated them from your typical “type”? What let you know that they were the one? It’s funny how you can look at someone every day as friends, then one day see someone completely different…like Kenny Loggins says…For The First Time.

Define Sexy….

Confession time…

I have sexy men on the brain. Okay, let me clarify…It’s not so much sexy men as what makes men sexy to me. I’ve been thinking about a project I’m working on. Then someone had to Tweet something on Twitter that had me doing this:


Who could distract me from my work?

Why Alex O’Laughlin, of course! He’s hot as a vamp…even hotter as 5-O… He has a bad boy streak that I find incredibly appealing.

So what makes men attractive to me? A bit of a bad boy streak…(That should be obvious). Intelligence. A sense of humor. And a bit of unexpected chivalry.

The truth is… I can kick ass all by myself. I find it sexy when men acknowledge that and let women fight their own battles…but are on stand by…just in case she decides she needs to tag him in.  Like Christian Kane’s Eliot Spencer… Yum! He trusts the women on his team to handle their part and tag him in as needed. Oh, and he can sing…and play guitar…and cook!

Then there’s the man that can write…sing…and can tickle my ivories anytime. Like Phil Vassar.

And then there’s raw physicality…(Combined with humor…it’s lethal for me…) So of course, I have a mad crush on Triple H!

What characteristics make a person sexy to you? (Hey it’s only fair that after I did my Girl Crushes segment that I gave my men equal time.)

Complimentary Insults?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of something that sounded like an insult only to realize that it was meant as a compliment? A gal pal and I were talking about that today.

Remember the guy I talked about last week? Well, the story didn’t completely end there. Here’s how our “I’m married” conversation went:

Him: It’s too bad I met you now that you’re getting ready to leave!
Me: Aww, you’re sweet.
Him: So would you like to hang out before you go? I’d like to take you to dinner or buy you a drink or something.
Me: It’s nice of you to ask, but I’m married.
Him: Like newly married or MARRIED married?
Me: Like married to my best friend married.
Him: It figures. All the good ones are. You’re just so pretty and have a big ass. I like the way you look

For two seconds I was all…did he really just tell me I have a big ass? How rude! Then I realized he likes the J-Lo booty types…and he meant it as a compliment. Fortunately I was able to process it before I responded with “Thanks!”

Then I started thinking to other compliments that could be misread as insults that I’ve either heard in songs or seen on tv shows and movies, etc.

“Girl, you’re so thick…You fill out that outfit so well!”

“You’ve got some big lips! Mmmm!”

“Look at those muscles…You look like you could do some damage to a man.”

You get my drift… For whatever reason, I’m finding this whole line of “compliments” to be hilarious. What “compliments” have you been given that could be misrepresented as insults?

Now I have to hit the treadmill…LMAO!

Radar Love…Or Broken Detectors

This week, I came to a realization…somewhere, somehow…I lost my edge! Either that or they grow El Paso men differently…and I don’t think that’s it.

In my wilder days, before I settled down, I was a bit of a player. Not that I was promiscuous. I wasn’t. I just dated. A. LOT. Most boyfriends rarely got past the 2 month mark. My family attributed this to my love of a pretty face/body battling my need for an intelligent man. Most of my boyfriends back then were blessed with one, not the other. Care to guess which? LOL!

Anyway, I have always been pretty perceptive about when a guy is attracted to me. Part of it is because I usually read people pretty well, but the other part is all those years of being a bad girl. Now that I keep my bad girl side reserved for hubby, apparently my my skills have suffered.

Don’t get me wrong…I still recognize when a guy looks at me, attracted. And I can still read the flirting… Where I’ve totally lost it is reading when someone is going to ask me out. Honestly, I don’t like hurting or embarrassing people, so if I sense it coming on, I will casually drop a “my husband likes” or a “my boyfriend says” into the conversation…always have (hence the my boyfriend reference).

So here’s what has me concerned about my skills. The sports bar next to the store I helped open is still under construction. Their employees have been coming in and out during breaks, buying our merchandise. So when one of the guys came in looking at hats, I thought nothing of it. I built rapport. He mentioned his mom had been at a game recently, and that she’d been wearing this awesome hat that had everyone asking her where she’d gotten them. I mentioned that if they were that popular, it may be something the owner might consider carrying in our store. I asked him to forward the picture to me. He did.

He was working on finding out who designed the hats for her and promised to get back to me. About an hour later he messaged me realizing we didn’t even know each other’s name and gave me his first name. I returned the courtesy and gave him my first name. He said he liked it. I get that a lot, so I let it roll off. Later, though, when he made the comment about me being so nice and other little innocuous things, I started to realize he was lightly flirting. I was amused.

As my relief came in, I told him to keep two of the caps aside for this customer. I mentioned that I thought he was flirting a little bit…and here’s how that convo went.

Me: Oh, my! I think he’s hitting on me a little!
Robert: You said he’s been texting you all afternoon. Of course he’s flirting!
Me: Awww. Well, that’s sweet. Kind of flattering.
Robert: He’s gonna ask you out tonight, mark my words!
Me: What! You’re crazy. He doesn’t even know me. We only talked for a few minutes. About the Cowboys.
Robert: You don’t know El Paso guys. He’s gonna ask you out.
Me: Nuh Uh! We’ve only talked a day. No way.
Robert: We’ll see.

And as I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, he asked me out. I had to text Robert back and tell him he was right & I was wrong. Do you know how much being wrong irks me? LOL!

I guess I never considered it as a possibility because it hasn’t happened in so often… Rarely am I without hubby at my side.

My lesson? Get to losing the last bit of weight on my plan so that we can get our rings re-sized and I can start wearing them again. It leaves less to chance.

For those of you wondering…of course I said no, but I let him down gently enough that he came back to buy those hats. And now I have one more new friend. 😉

Am I the only one who had special talents that seem to have gotten weaker with age and maturity? I can’t be… What are yours? Or when was the last time something or someone snuck under your radar?

First Time Sharing

Tonight I have firsts on my mind. First crush, first kiss, first love, first time, first heartbreak… I know, oddly innocent and nostalgic, but after my buddy LJ Kentowski mentioned in the last blog that I had a ton of memories, I figured it was time to jog everyone’s memory. So please, sit, relax and take a ride with me on this train of reminiscing. Think back to your firsts…when you hear the word, what comes to your mind? Bet it’s more than one thing!

My first solo: in church. I was 2. Song? Jesus Loves Me!

First Plane trip: 8 months old. From Philippines to California.

First best friend: a little blond girl named Corinne. Unfortunately the friendship was short lived based on all the travel our family did with the military. I was 3 and she was 4.

First crush: a boy in the Philippines. His name was Michael. He was 7, I was 6. He was my teacher’s nephew. He gave me my first kiss on the cheek. We lost touch when I moved to the states, but eventually got back in touch when I was in 8th grade.

First “real” kiss: I was 14. The boyfriend’s name was Joe. He had dark, almost black hair, dark brown eyes, a smattering of freckles over his turned up nose, and sexy lips. He was also the first boyfriend to give me his jean jacket to wear as a sign that we were dating.

First love: a boy named Jay. I was 15, he was 16. He was Italian. Brown hair and eyes. He had olive skin and an awesome tan to go with an awesome body. We were both big flirts. Our song was Atlantic Starr’s Always. He was a football player and wrestler. His sister was one of my two best friends. The other one was a girl named Laura. He cheated on me with her, effectively ending our friendship. Later I forgave him and took him back. He would be the first and last guy I’d do that with. This also makes him my first heartbreak. We were just too volatile for each other in the end. To this day I hate that song.

First time: actually, it’s kind of sweet! It was hubby. I was 9 days from my 20th birthday. I’d decided long ago that I wasn’t going to rush sex. I wanted it to be something I wouldn’t look back on with regret. Too many of my friends were like that. I decided waiting till marriage would be unrealistic for me. So I decided I needed to wait for someone I was in love with.

First job: babysitting at 13 years old. She paid me $5 an hour. The kid’s name was Michael & he was my brother’s best friend.

What firsts do you remember? Do you look back on them with nostalgia?

Here’s an awesome song about firsts that could’ve been written for hubby and me.

For The First Time

Long Nights And The Superficial Psyche

I have been burning my candle at both ends lately. Tonight is my first night back to my hotel room at a reasonable hour. It has been an insanely busy few days. We were going to open Thanksgiving night, but there was too much prep work to be done. My work day for Black Friday went from 7pm on Thanksgiving till about 10:45 am. I returned back to work at 6pm to close. We left the store around 10:30 or so & got back to the hotel around midnight after a stop to Walmart.

Tonight we left around 7pm & went to dinner. We sat at the bar where we talked sports and life and love with our very cool bartender. While discussing relationships he’d mentioned the value of being humble. For the benefit of being thankful for what you have without putting on airs or false pretenses.

His story? A couple of years ago he went to a bar in a bigger city with some friends. There was a beautiful woman sitting at the bar, so he thought he’d say hello. He walked up to her & here’s what happened.

Bartender: Hi there!
Girl: (looks over haughtily) Make and model of your car?
Bartender: (looks at her in disbelief, then sarcasm) 1978 Pinto
Girl…turns away.

Really? How utterly pretentious and superficial! Unreal. All she cared about was money. She deserved the lying response he concocted after her disrespect. It may explain why he told me he was glad to have found an amazing person… Don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting financial security or maybe an equal partner, but any number of things… But not like that! No wonder he said he wasn’t interested in “rookie camp”.

So tell me, folks, have you ever refused talking to someone based on something superficial? If so, tell, tell! When meeting someone new, what things have intrigued you enough to give a stranger a chance in the past? What things have you heard people verbally or theoretically snoop into at bars or clubs or restaurants that could be found offensive by the recipient? What things do you think are important to a relationship?

The area is beautiful out here! When I drive the freeway, I can’t believe that just looking across has me looking at Mexico. I am really enjoying those mountains! I promise, pictures will eventually be posted.

I do miss having time to write…I need to make tome to do what I love. If I’m mildly incoherent, please excuse me. I’m worn out!

Good Night!