You Never Forget Your First…

Today is the birthday of the first celebrity I ever had a crush on. Sadly, Elvis was already dead by the time I fell in love…but his music had a way of crossing boundaries and generations. Of course, all the pre-teen me had to see was his flirtatious nature and the swivel of his hips in Blue Hawaii to fly off the deep end.

Don’t get me wrong, although Can’t Help Falling In Love is probably one of his most universally loved songs from that movie, it was his mischievous side that brought the twinkle to my eye and smile to my face.

The strange thing was that I’d actually been listening to him practically since birth, but it wasn’t until I was 11 or 12 that I saw him in a movie, flirting and swiveling his hips. I was a goner.

This was a very different side of Elvis from the one whom my parents introduced. But still, to this day, my heart appreciates that side of him, too, because it’s like he understood… having a wild streak doesn’t negate the spiritual aspects of our souls…or our need to feed it.

Although my favorite gospel song by him is In The Garden, I thought I’d throw up a tribute of some pretty amazing celebs in their own right…who knew him when he was just starting out. Plus, this one gets my toes tapping…(and I used to love singing it, myself.)

There are so many other songs I can share… tell stories about how they’ve impacted me and why, but then this post would probably be weeks long. Instead, I’ll share with you 3 of my all time favorite Elvis gifts I’ve been given.

Elvis gold record of Teddy Bear given by hubby while we were dating

Elvis gold record of Teddy Bear given by hubby while we were dating

It’s funny because when hubby gave me this gift, I didn’t know if he did it because he was trying to send me a message about himself or because he knew how much I loved the King. Either way, this gift is one of my priceless treasures.

A Silk Screen printed Elvis jacket from my sister

A Silk Screen printed Elvis jacket from my sister

I don’t know if my sister even knows I still have this jacket as I rarely wear it. It’s a treasure, and with Florida weather often being what it is, I’d hate to sweat in this awesome gift. Also, I don’t have many tops that match… 😉

Again, from hubby... "Return to Sender"

Again, from hubby… “Return to Sender”

Gosh, I love how Elvis’ eyes were superimposed into the background of this limited edition collectible. Yeah, even all these decades later I still have a mad crush on young Elvis. Strangely enough, I’ve never been to Graceland…Hmmm…maybe that needs to go on my bucket list.

So, do you remember your first celebrity crush? Who was it and why? Is the lucky recipient still with us or has he/she passed on? Can’t wait to see who you guys share…. And I’ll leave you with my last (and all time favorite) Elvis song while I look forward to your answers.


Home for the Holidays

The holidays can be lonely, particularly when you’re far away from the people you love. Over the years I’ve learned that family can be created in the friendships you build along the way. As difficult as it’s sometimes been to be away from my immediate family at Christmas, I’ve never been lacking in loved ones to celebrate the holiday with… And those who were far away? Well I’ve always been with them in thoughts and spirit.

As a gal who adores Elvis, I figured it was time to use one of his songs to speak the words of my heart.

What have you done when you’ve been unable to be with the people you loved to celebrate the holidays? Any tips to make them feel closer despite the miles?

Guilty Pleasures

I have a blogging buddy who has been an endless supply of entertainment this past holiday season. His birthday is coming up, but he’s also hit a rough patch. As we all know, this can make for a double whammy in the melancholy department. Since he’s looking for a way to chase the blues away, I thought maybe we could help!

If this were all about me, this would be a music based post. But, I’m considering the person I want to help cheer up. He’s a screen writer. So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m going to go with my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure movies… They can be musicals, they can be comedies, they can be whatever you want… And, of course…I’ll kick it off.

Just remember…this is to try to cheer someone up, so don’t judge…LOL!

There were so many different clips I could’ve chosen…many of them with music. But I picked this one because it shows the pure cheese that is Crybaby. Of course, the fact that Depp has a resemblance to Elvis in this may actually have something to do with my crush as well!

Like I said…I had a thing for Elvis…so I could’ve put pretty much any of his movies here…but chose this one. (Mostly because the song cracks me up.)

There is something just so cheesy and fun about this movie! Oddly enough, the first time I saw Maxwell Caulfied in this I’d already seen him in The Colby’s…so my first reaction was “OMG! It’s Miles Colby!”

It’s strange…I should really not be a fan of this movie considering The Cowboys are my team…but for the sake of this movie? I’m a Giants fan all the way…(And a huge Becky fan… She’s the couch cushion. ;-))

I LOVED Brandon Lee. Wish he were still around. He is what finally convinced me to go out with hubby. He asked me to go see Rapid Fire…LOL! For some reason, though, Showdown In Little Tokyo is my all time favorite. He and Dolph Lundgren just cracked me up.

So what about you guys? What are your guilty pleasure movies? Have you checked out Susie Landau’s “Use Me, Abuse Me Party“? If not, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to pimp yourself and to get to know some wonderful new bloggers. I strongly recommend you stop by and check it out!

Christmas and Elvis

As previously warned, I am posting at least 1 Christmas song a day, so I popped over for a minute from my visit at Seasons Of Insanity to bring it to you.

Today features two of my all time favorite musicians…together…in a way only the digital era could allow them to be.  Without further ado…Here are Martina McBride & Elvis singing my all time favorite sad Christmas song…

Any requests? Let me know…