First Try At Gluten Free Cakes


Here is the end result of my gluten free German chocolate pound cake for my stepdad’s birthday. The icing was amazing! The only change I would make based on the link to the recipe from yesterday’s post? Instead of only one baking German chocolate bar, I’d go 2.


This is the gluten free carrot cake. I have to say, this cake did not taste gluten free. If you look at the recipe for this one, be prepared…the icing recipe doesn’t actually make enough to cover the entire cake. Also, in order to ensure that the confectioner’s sugar doesn’t overwhelm the cream cheese flavor, double the cream cheese based on the recipe, then double the recipe. This means 12 oz of cream cheese, not 6.

If you decide to use gluten free all purpose flour instead of the recommended pizza dough flour (which is what I did), you will need to add 1/2 a teaspoon of xanthan gum.

Pausing To Aid In Celebration

Hi Everyone!  I had this big ole blog planned for today, but it’s gonna have to wait.  My mom called and notified me that we will be having a party for my stepdad’s 60th birthday tomorrow at their new homestead.  She also notified me that I make dessert.  This is not an easy feat as my step-dad is a ciliac (has a gluten allergy).  She said he wanted German Chocolate cake, and I found this awesome looking recipe.  When I called, though, and talked to my stepdad, he said Carrot cake sounded good to him.  Unsure of which one was better, I’ll be making both.  Better safe than sorry.  That also means my big ole blog plan is out the window…

Recently, they rented out their home in Chicago to move closer to me.  I suspect she did it just in case hubby and I decide to grace her with grandkids, she wanted to be nearby.  Well, that and my step aunt & uncle live in the area.  So they bought 5 acres about an hour away from me.  It comes complete with a little lake (that gators come out of) and a barn.  Fortunately, the area around the house is fenced so that I can bring my dogs with us when we go to visit and they get to play in a big yard.

Here are some pictures I took from around their house the last time I was out there.  I love all the lily pads they have in their lake. Can’t wait till they bloom!

The barn

Mom loves trees and plants