G- Goodbye Glee

I was one of those people hooked on Glee from day one. Between my love of music and my sense of playfulness, this show got to me.

Who could resist the irreverent Sue Sylvester and her love/hate relationship with Will Schuster? Or watching Rachel and Finn fall in love? Or better yet, Kurt and Blaine?

In honor of the end of Glee, I’d like to share a few of my favorite songs over the years….

Sometimes they make you nostalgic and dance with a few guilty pleasures…

Then there are moments you have one of those moments when you’re looking back at the mistakes you’ve made and trying to find your way back to right….

Or the times when they’d break your heart with their honesty and grief bleeding through the lyrics.

Goodbye Glee! I’ll keep you in my heart.


Not Much To Say

Early this morning, my husband’s uncle passed away.  Those of you who’ve been following my blog knew we’d just found out he’d been ill only a couple of weeks ago.  He’d only found out he’d been ill a couple of weeks ago.  I hate cancer.  Saying goodbye sucks.  But death is another part of life.  I choose to think it’s not the end.  This song, to me, embodies that.

Not much to say tonight.  Live life.  It’s too short.  Don’t leave too much space for regrets.  Take time to hug and kiss the people you love.  It makes a difference.