A Confession And A Thank You

Ande from Bring Back Desire invited me over to her blog to do a guest post on one of my favorite topics…Erotic Romances. How could I resist? Oddly enough, it felt like a bit of a “coming out” party for me.  Why? Because although I’ve alluded to the fact that I enjoy dipping my pen into the erotic romance ink, I’ve never shared much more than that. Until now.

Most of you know that I’ve been working on a writing project. A few of you realized it’s a manuscript. I’ve kept the details close to the vest as I wrote, afraid to jinx myself. Maybe even afraid to hope. Well, no more. After sharing my work with my editor and three very carefully selected beta readers (Thank you, ladies) I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to handle this the way I handle pretty much everything else in my life. Jump in with both feet!

I know what you’re thinking. What does this have to do with her guest blog post? It has EVERYTHING to do with my guest post. You see, Ande asked me to write about how erotic romance can help you improve your love life from a writer’s perspective. For me, that was a “wow” moment. Ande is a connoisseur of erotic romances and she shares that love on her blog. And she felt I was qualified to write about erotic romances from a writer’s perspective! How cool is that? I haven’t even published anything yet.

I was already a bit staggered by the amount of faith and support my close friends and family have given me. Most of you know when I lost my job it would have been easy for me to find something else based on my skill set. Instead, my husband, knowing there would be some financial hardships for a while, encouraged me to stay home and follow my dreams. On the day I lost my job my sister and my best friend both called me to tell me they thought I should have been writing all along. And then there was my editor. She read my very rough draft and saw through all the writing mistakes to what it could be, then held my hand all the way through (both with tough love and positive reinforcement). Somewhere along the way, between this blog and Twitter, I made some amazing friends. In fact, all three of them were kind enough to read my manuscript and give feedback.

Who knew that my habit for writing out my hot, steamy fantasies would lead me down this path? Keep an eye open. Pretty soon I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my creations… Thanks again for all the support you guys have given me. With that in mind, my question for you guys today is this…. Have you ever found yourself taking a path in life you never expected to? Where did that path lead you? You guys know you’re also welcome to ask me anything you want….

But in the meantime, go check out that blog post. And for those of you who enjoy reading the racy, check out Desiree Holt, one of the coolest grandmas out there in her interview with CBS. (By the way, I’ve got to say, I’m really disappointed in the rude, condescending interviewer…. She sure handled him with class, though.)

Tuned In And Turned On

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Frisky Friday! So where else would I be if not here? I’d be at Bring Back Desire, of course. The name of the game there is to “Stay Tuned In and Turned On…” and Ande Lyon is phenomenal hostess. Yes, this is the article I told you guys about. 🙂

We would love if you guys would stop on in and check it out!

Frisky Friday