Sassy, Sexy and on #SALE


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Despite the scary, something sexy is a throbbing undercurrent…reminding us that being able to survive the fear quickly turns into a sensual aphrodisiac. So, for everyone who’d rather be seduced than scared, I’ve put my books on sale for $.99 on Halloween only.

Do me a favor, if you’ve read one, enjoyed it, but haven’t yet gotten the other one, pick it up! And if you tell your friends or write a review, I’d be immensely grateful. If you’ve not read either, check out the excerpts below and let me know if they tickle your taste buds!

AND if you missed it….Halloween is also last day of the Fright Night Blog Hop! Lots of awesome giveaways for all my reader friends (and yes, I’m participating, so check it out)!


Excerpt for Three For All:

“Michael,” James glanced in the direction of the sand courts. “You coming?”
Michael lifted his head from mine and raised an eyebrow at James. “Go ahead if you want. I’ll stay here with Dani.”
“Oh, come on,” James whined. “You’re not seriously going to make me go play by myself.”
“That was a loaded statement.” I bit my tongue to keep from giggling over James’ inadvertent innuendo. “But seriously, there are always options.”
“Options?” His eyes were nearly black with intensity, his curiosity was caught. “Such as?”
“Well,” I smiled brightly and stepped between both men, “We could always head back to your uncle’s cottage. Much more privacy there.”
James shook his head as he took a step back. “Oh, hell no. This is my vacation too. We are not going back there just so I can sit all by myself in my room while you two get your freak on, christening every room in the place. Been there, done that. No thanks. Not today. Love you, but no.”
The urge to do a happy dance at the opportunity that just landed in my lap was nearly irresistible. Instead, I batted my eyes at them playfully as my hands found their way up both men’s chests, enjoying the feel of firm muscle. “Who said you had to be by yourself?”
James’ eyes widened, unsure he’d heard me right. He glanced one last time at the court before he settled back on me, his decision made. As his gaze shifted to my mouth, my tongue darted out to lick my lips. “What exactly are you saying, Dani?”
“Yeah, baby.” The steady beat of Michael’s heart pounded under my palm as his hand covered mine. “Spell it out for us. Exactly what are we talking here?”
“Well,” I looked from one man to the other and went for it. “I have this fantasy and you guys would be perfect.”
“Yeah?” They asked together; both pairs of eyes trained on me.
“Tell us more,” Michael’s hand dropped to his side, his easy smile all the encouragement I needed.
“Yeah,” James grinned and rubbed his palms together in anticipation, eyebrows raised. “We’re listening.”

Four One Night sample

Excerpt for Four One Night:

“Hey babe,” his dark, raspy voice came on the line. “What’s up?”
“Well, that all depends on you,” I purred as my hands motioned Candace to get in the car. “Work was nuts and Candace and I need to blow off some steam. We’re headed over to Club Heat for ladies night. Will you join us or do we need to find some other sexy men to play with?”
“Ooh, someone’s feeling feisty.” I could practically see his smile through the rumble in his voice. “I love it when Miss Dani comes out to play.”
“Then you’re gonna love me tonight.” Grabbing the handle, I tugged my door open. Finally out of the chilled air and in the driver’s seat, I slammed the door shut and shoved my key in the ignition.
“Two wild women looking to unleash themselves after a bad day?” The little beep of his car alarm being released sounded through the receiver followed by the slam of the door. “That may be more than I can handle alone.”
Tipping my head against my shoulder to cradle the phone, I turned the key in the ignition, quickly followed by the heater. “Michael Gallo! Afraid you might need reinforcements?”
Music flared in the background as he started his car. “Afraid is such a strong word. I prefer to think of it as being prepared for any eventuality.”
“Well, you know how I feel. The more, the merrier. Hot men and alcohol make everything better!” With one last look in my rear view mirror, I shifted into drive, leaving our bad day in the dust.
His rich laughter slid through me, warming me from the inside. “Good. I’ll give James a call and we’ll see you soon.”
I nodded. “Sounds like a plan.”
Candace stared at me intently as I hung up and dropped the phone into the cup holder. “So? Don’t keep me in suspense.” She grabbed my wrist just as I reached for the steering wheel and squeezed lightly. “What’s the game plan for tonight?”
“Well,” I glanced down from the road to where her pale fingers absently stroked the darker, olive skin of my forearm, “If you’d rather have me all to yourself, just say so. I can always call Michael back and cancel.”
“Tease.” She lifted her fingers from my arm with a light chuckle, “What exactly did you mean by ‘the more the merrier’?”
Maybe the little devil on my shoulder was right. I might have just been handed a prime opportunity. If I could only get everyone to see things my way. Might as well start with Candace. A smile flirted with the corners of my mouth as I maneuvered onto the interstate, grateful traffic was light. “What would you like it to mean?”

Again, you’re under no obligation, but I wanted to do something to celebrate the holiday…. Hope everyone has a Happy, Safe Halloween!

That Fateful Fright Night #BlogHop

Fright Night Blog Hop




Halloween is one of my most favorite times of the year. Our house is usually decked out to the nines in zombies and creepy crawlies. So when I had the chance to join a Halloween blog hop, of course I jumped at the chance.

Reality is, I haven’t written any suspenseful or scary books yet, so it won’t be one of my books I give away. Instead, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite people, L.J. Kentowski….and her first book, Guardian of Fate.

Guardian of fate 2

I stumbled on L.J. and this book through a mutual blogging friend and decided to give it a try. I was intrigued! This book had angels, demons, and so many twists and turns that you could almost get whiplash.. It simply drew me in! Check out this excerpt:

I charged through the woods, terror propelling me faster than I’ve ever run before. Branches ripped at my thin dress and lacerated exposed areas of my body, leaving bark in my skin and blood dripping from the wounds. The bottoms of my bare feet received the same torture from tree roots protruding out of the earth. I should have been in agony, but the adrenaline pumping through my veins masked any pain my body felt. It was the same thing causing me to perspire, while my breath formed puffs of steam in the chilly night air.

I looked over my shoulder, searching for the man who was chasing me. I saw nothing but the forest around me, but I knew he was there. I could feel his power energizing the air. Turning back, I slammed into something solid. Trembling, I looked up and my heart stopped as I stared into the face of the man I feared most. He grabbed my arms to hold me still, burning my skin under the pressure of his touch.

I knew I should try to free myself, but he drew me closer with an uncanny magnetism. His beauty enticed me like no other man ever tempted me before. While his body was perfect masculinity, with broad shoulders, lean muscular arms, and a taut stomach, his face possessed a mesmerizing softness. Dimples outlined his lush lips, making the hard lines of his jaw seem less intimidating, and promising a smile to warm even the iciest of hearts.

Every feature seemed created for perfection, but it was his eyes that locked me in. The lightest shade of blue, they seemed to glow in the darkness of the night. Unable to break away, I gazed into those eyes with tears in my own, as he brought his lips to mine. The kiss was gentle, but held a power that seemed to possess my very soul with its caress. He held me close, and I could feel the hard muscles of his chest press against me.

A cool wind brushed across my wet lips as he ended the kiss, and an emptiness came over me. Keeping his face only inches away, his fingers caressed my cheeks.

“Tell me you love me.”

My heart beat fast in my chest, as if it wanted to answer him on its own, binding itself to him forever. My eyes locked with his, and as much as it terrified me to tell him how I felt, I was compelled to answer.

“I love you,” I said breathlessly.

A smile grew slowly from his mouth. The reaction should have pleased me, but I only felt an overwhelming sense of dread.

“Will you kill me now?” my voice shook.

His smile faded, but he did not pull back. “No,” he said, softly. “You will do that yourself, Cassandra.”

So, how do you win a free copy? Share with me your favorite scary movie or book or Halloween song. I’ll be picking the winner via random drawing, and would love for it to be YOU!


Halloween Brings Out the Rocky Road in Vanilla

Isabella, my Skele-pup wishing you a Spooktakular Halloween

Isabella, my Skele-pup wishing you a Spooktakular Halloween

Before I get to talking (cause we all know I can do that quite well), I hope you all had a Boo-tiful day. Also, I won a writing contest on Marcia Richards’ blog! Ya’ll should check her out. She’s awesome and uplifting, both.

As holidays go, this one is a fun one. In fact, next to Christmas, it’s my hubby’s favorite holiday and with good reason. Halloween is FUN! What’s not to like? You suspend reality for a while. You get to pretend to be someone else, hang out with supernatural characters, knock on strangers doors and expect to receive sweet treats!

And then it hit me! Halloween is the holiday where Vanilla people get a chance to explore their inner Rocky Road. If those of us who don’t tend to live on the vanilla side of the bed think about it, this isn’t really a shocking revelation.

Let’s look more deeply at this holiday for a little bit. The obvious place to begin is in the sexy costumes that allow you to be someone else. To role play. Become your inner bad girl or sexy vamp. Heck, there are visual encouragements everywhere these days! Here’s an ad from Party City. Click the link! Take a look for yourself…

Sexy costumes from Party City

Sexy costumes from Party City

Playful, flirty…. And not much different than the sexy, flirty role play costumes that Fredericks of Hollywood offers! Well, except for the Fredericks ones are usually a bit more risqué and better quality. Hey, I know, thereof I speak. What can I say? I couldn’t resist their sexy French maid costume eons ago. Check out some of what they have to offer!

Sexy Fredericks of Hollywood Costumes

Sexy Fredericks of Hollywood Costumes

Even the vanilla folk have been known to become sexy witches or cheerleaders or harem girls. Me? I’ve been a China doll, Pocahontas, Tina Turner, Catholic Schoolgirl, and Hawaiian hula girl!

So that one’s easy. We all know how I love masks…

Yes, that's me... in a mask...

Yes, that’s me… in a mask…

Consider the impact…. Look at those costume parties and masquerades that happen. Tell me that part of the fantasy isn’t the opportunity to be completely anonymous and maybe mistaken for someone else prompting some sort of illicit behavior, excused away by “mistaken identity”. Maybe it hasn’t actually happened. Maybe it has! But isn’t that part of the fantasy?

I know what you guys are thinking… But Kitt, what about the scary part?

Decoration at the front of my house

Decoration at the front of my house

Things like decapitated vampire heads or spooky houses….

The bloody lady (triggered by motion sensor) that crawls out from under my car

The bloody lady (triggered by motion sensor) that crawls out from under my car

Or Haunted Houses or theme parks like Halloween Horror Nights by Universal or Howl-O-Scream by Busch Gardens and Sea World.

What makes them so popular with men and women alike? For a lot of guys it’s pretty simple. They enjoy that one time of year where they get to bow up and prove what manly men they are by A) not being scared B) by protecting their lady loves and C) women (sometimes strangers) squeal and jump into their arms.

But there’s another aspect… When a person becomes scared or excited by real or imagined threats, they experience an adrenaline rush. Most of us have been there at some time or another. We remember our accelerated heartbeat, our muscles tightening up, our elevated energy levels as our fight or flight responses are triggered. On a technical level? Adrenaline is another word for the hormone epinephrine, the same epinephrine that’s triggered by exercise and can help the metabolism as well as mood.

So what does this have to do with the not so Vanilla, you ask? Do you REALLY think it’s a coincidence that capture fantasies including women being chased by burglars caught in the act, barbarians, werewolves or other things that go bump in the night are so popular and known to induce the same general feeling as those haunted houses? Heck, it’s actually not that uncommon to take it a bit further toward the submission/dubious consent fantasies as August McLaughlin discusses on her blog. There, she interviews a doctor who explains how this can be beneficial and healing.

Another aspect of the Rocky Road (the word I’m choosing to represent the non-Vanilla folk) that is explored during this season by folks who don’t usually dip their toes into this end of the pool? The “mind fuck”. This can be something simple.

For example. Picture a bedroom set up for romance. Imagine being tied to a four poster bed, then smelling the sulfuric smell of a match being ignited and the scented candle at the side of the bed being lit. Maybe you’d talked about hot wax, so you expect to feel that slight burning drizzle against your skin. Your anticipation is heightened. When you finally feel the burn on your skin, it takes a moment for your brain to register that what you’re feeling isn’t hot at all, but the intense cold of an ice cube. Yes, that’s a fairly tame one, but it gives you the idea.

Isn’t a spooky haunted house where you expect someone to jump out at you….and then no one comes…until you let your guard down and get comfortable again pretty much the same thing? By the way, if you decide to experiment with a couple of the above mentioned scenarios, talk to your partner first. Set some parameters. Make sure there’s a safe word in place. It will keep you both from going too far out of your comfort zone into something you’ll regret. After all, often, with dubious consent, part of the fun is “fighting back” and saying “no”, though you really don’t mean it. It’s important for you both to have a word that lets all parties involved know you’re serious and that you either need to stop and discuss or completely end the scene.

Yes, Halloween is the holiday for exploration of our darker, wilder, baser sides with minimal judgment…

What do you guys think? What kinds of costumes have you worn over the years? Ever had something scary, sexy or downright naughty happen to you unexpectedly on Halloween? Anything else I may have missed? (Hey, it happens!)

Halloween Harmonies

Yes, I’ve been away for a little while. I took on a new temporary job that has kept me hopping. This last week has been all about me getting used to the travel and the rhythms of this new adventure.

In the meantime, Halloween has been on my brain. This holiday is full of frightful fun! We’ve been known to go all out with our yard décor….

Like this guy...

Like this guy…

This year I’m not sure if we’ll have time to decorate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit of the holiday. Here are five of my favorite songs that bring out my Halloween festive side. To be fair, none of them are really scary. They’re more music to set the mood for fun parties.

Starting with a bit of Shmaltz, we’ll go with a tried and true classic by the Oak Ridge Boys in honor of the original queen of the darkness…. It’s good for young and old alike.

Next is one of my favorite Glee mashups, combining Michael Jackson and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not only is it still kid friendly, it’s fun, playful and gets everyone dancing…and singing their favorite parts.

Getting a little darker, Warren Zevon pays homage to the werewolf, one of my favorite beasties. It definitely gets a person moving.

Of course, you can’t think Halloween and leave out the Witches…so the next two are for them. I’m a big fan of Joss Stone’s voice, but you combine her with Jeff Beck and you’ve got some serious spells flying….

Of course witch craft has such strong, seductive power that we can’t possibly leave out the very sensual Eagles song…

And now that I’m in a sexy mood…maybe it’s time to pick out a costume. Tameri Etherton, my fabulous blogging buddy who keeps me on her toes, recently suggested that with my dark side, this particular outfit might be ideal…. (She sent the picture to me via Facebook)

Is this outfit me???

Is this outfit me???

Do you have a better costume idea for me? Any favorite Halloween songs that get you in the party mood? I’d love to hear what you guys are thinking!

My Dark Prince


You call to me
In dead of night,
Your innocent lover,
Woman in white.

I feel compelled,
Invite you in,
Feel your power,
Taste your sin.

You gain your entry
Through my eyes.
Command my body,

Hunger flows
Within my vein,
Throbs for you
In sweet refrain.

Your dark desire
Leaves me bare,
A lamb caught in
The lion’s snare.

My heart races,
Draws you near
Hot seduction
And mingled fear.

I close my eyes
In painful bliss.
You pierce my skin
With passion’s kiss.

In honor of Halloween and my return from our short Texas vacation, I wrote this piece… And ode of sorts to the amazingly sexy vampires and the sensual way they fire my imagination. Do you have a favorite creature that gets your juices flowing even though he’s one of those creatures that goes bump in the night? What about him/her seduces you? What is your favorite scary movie to watch on Halloween? Who do you think the sexiest vampire on tv and in movies is? My personal favorite is Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John from Moonlight, though Ian Somerhalder is a close second for his work on Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I plan on enjoying it with my family. My sister, her hubby and their dog are in town to visit. Yay! Hope we get lots of Trick or Treaters this year. We have lots of candy to give away…and chili cooking in the crock pot for dinner!

All About All Hallows

Halloween used to be one of my favorite times as a child.  I loved going to haunted houses.  I loved Halloween parties.  I loved Trick-Or-Treating.  I loved the quick adrenaline rush of getting scared.  Some things never changed.  Tonight I’ll be going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando.

Exciting, right?  But only if you love being scared…which, oddly enough, I do!  Now I’m not much for horror movies, but I love haunted houses.  In fact, we decorate for Halloween most years.  Here are a few pictures of what you find around my house.

This lovely lady hides under my SUV and has a motion sensor.  When someone walks past, the sensor is triggered and she starts crawling out at you.

Here is one of our zombies coming up from the ground…

This beheaded vampire stands at the front of our overhang near the front door, a warning to all…BEWARE, all who enter!

Who better to meet you at the front door?  And he has a motion sensor, too…he swings that chainsaw!

Yeah…Halloween is fun. I have been known to still don a costume, even now.  (I don’t like the scary ones for myself…Mostly I’d be Pocahontas or a Hawaiian girl or I’ve even been known to dress up as a China Doll)  Hubby likes to get scary.  I remember one Halloween he did his makeup a little too well.  We showed up to the hospital we worked at, through the ER and they thought he’d been in a horrific accident.  They were running to get a gurney for him when he busted up laughing and told them it was all makeup.  That was my Pocahontas year.  Dang, I wish I had pictures from that time.  It was awesome.

Oddly enough, with my love of all things Halloween, there is one thing that is still on my wish list of things never done.  I haven’t gone to a Halloween costume ball.  I’d love to do something like that.  Doesn’t that sound like amazing fun?  (not to mention the naughty trouble that could ensue…masked man…sigh…LOL!)  What about you?  What things would you love to do?  What things haven’t you done?

Me, being me…well, I just felt the need to also share my favorite Halloween songs…Feel free to share yours, too!

The first scary movie I ever saw was The Exorcist.  Hated it.  Movies that mess in religion tend to creep me out.  Personally, if I want to watch something scary, I’d rather watch Supernatural or Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf.

So what gets you in the Halloween mood?