Hey, Stranger! Let Me Introduce Myself… #Hello2016


Bonjour! I hope everyone’s having a stellar new year so far.

When Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup came up with this idea for a blog hop, I was pretty stoked! Basically, here’s how this one goes. In this hop, we’re to introduce you to fun, quirky things about ourselves and/or our blogs. Not the boring, obvious stuff like I’m an erotica writer who can turn practically anything into innuendo….but more random, surprising, or maybe disturbing things. PLUS, we give stuff away AND a lot of cool authors and bloggers are involved.

Is there anything better than FUN & FREE?

So here goes….

Image courtesy of Karen Shaw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Karen Shaw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

My biggest fear is not blood or guts or gore…. If you want to see me get all weak, girly, and scream like someone murdered me (aka not in the good, orgasmic way)… watch me when I see a frog. I completely lose my dignity. Don’t believe? Read about it….HERE.

I don’t care what anyone thinks. They. Are. NOT. Cute!


In a past life I worked for a hospital for several years. The tales I tell are both comical and a bit disconcerting with the strange things people have done…Check it OUT!

On a personal level?

Yup! I AM that girl that pretty much turns everything into a song. This was a little snippet from my wedding day. My sister gave me a hug, and someone said something like…”Awww, look at the sisters…” Which caused me to break into this song, and my sister to chime in. Yes, it’s a family thing. I come by it naturally.

The strange? Cause, ya know…. There had to be the strange, right?

My favorite flip flops and toe rings

My biggest insecurity body image insecurity came from my feet. I hated them with a passion. Felt they were ugly….until I met a foot fetishist who helped me view my feet in a different way. Here’s THAT story.

As for what most consider my most contradictory characteristic? I guess it’s the fact that despite writing ménage erotica, I don’t consider my very outspoken, focused belief in the Freak Flag, letting it fly to contradict my very passionate belief in Christianity and my faith. In fact, I wrote about that, too. It even got me on GirlBoner radio with August McLaughlin.

Anyway…. that’s a bit about me. Now, to tell you what I’m giving away and how to qualify.

I’m feeling generous. I’m giving away 3 books. Two are mine. (Three For All & Four One Night) The third? It’s a project I was honored enough to participate in… all about empowering female sexuality. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. The book? Embraceable: Empowering Facts and True Stories About Women’s Sexuality. They are all in ebook format.

To win, I want you to share something unique and personal about yourself with me. Something that might surprise people, or maybe what you’re passionate about, or which body issues you’ve overcome. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s in the spirit of getting to know each other.

And if you want a chance at more prizes? Check out the link below and visit the other participants!

Naming His Mate, an #LGBTRomance Novelette

Mmmm! Those who know me well know I can’t resist a good M/M storyline (especially with the added heat factor of shifters)… So, of course, I joined in the opportunity to pimp a book. There’s also a contest to participate in, so read all the way through to qualify as a win!
Naming His Mate

Book Info

Naming His Mate
Black Hills Wolves #17
Decadent Publishing
GBLT Paranormal/Erotic Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2015
Length: 64 pg.

Book Blurb

Small-town sheriff, Mike Hadley, would love to experience a headache-free day for once in his life. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. While investigating a rash of disappearances and dealing with his ornery lover, he’s thrown into a whole new world he never imagined existed.

Damien Marks has finally found a place to call home in Los Lobos, South Dakota, with the Black Hills Pack. He also stumbles across something he never thought he would—his mate. Falling hard, he decides he needs to come clean and tell the truth. But will his sexy lover accept what he is?

Embroiled in a potentially dangerous situation, both men have to decide where their loyalties lie—with duty or love?


Mike Hadley adjusted his gun holstered on the belt at his waist and tugged his jacket over the weapon, concealing it from clear view. There wasn’t any doubt he’d incite a riot if he walked inside with his piece visible.

Coming here, to this place in the middle of nowhere, shouldn’t have troubled him. He’d stepped into shittier, more unstable situations than this hole-in-the-wall bar, but damn if a thread of apprehension didn’t prickle the length of his spine as he stood outside of the entrance. One small detail kept him from strolling into the establishment like he owned the place, and he sincerely hoped that minor detail stayed home tonight.

He rolled his neck from side to side in a bid to loosen the tension in his shoulders. With an air of confidence he didn’t quite feel, he pulled open the heavy steel door and strode inside the Den.

Thirty seconds was all it took for activity to grind to a screeching halt. The drawl of a country ballad playing on the music box in the far corner thumped through the stifling air. Weighted stare after weighted stare met his gaze head on as he scanned the bar’s occupants. Their open hostility battered at his senses.

He wasn’t welcome. That much was apparent, but he would deal with it. Despite a bar full of unfriendly locals, the absence of one in particular shaved off a degree of his unease.

Of course, his anxiety hardly mattered. As sheriff of the small town of Collins, South Dakota, it was his job to investigate a rash of disappearances over the last several weeks. Unfortunately, the trail had led him to the neighboring, inhospitable town and people of Los Lobos.

Buy the Book

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About the Author

Melissa Limoges lives along the Gulf Coast with her OCD cat, Mr. Tibbs. Tax assessor by day, romance writer by night, she enjoys anything coffee related, traveling, and reading happily ever afters.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


There’s a tour-wide giveaway (US only) going that includes a $25.00 Starbucks gift card, Naming His Mate Necklace, Ahava Weekender gift set, and a mini nail file set. 🙂

Click the below link to WIN!

K is for Kinship and Kink

Courtesy of Bitstrips on Facebook

Courtesy of Bitstrips on Facebook

Kink– sex that deviates from the traditional (and potentially boring) missionary position. Okay, so it’s really more than that, but you get my gist.

Like a little ass slapping and hear pulling with your doggie style? There are those that would call that kink.

Like to take charge in the bedroom? Control the play? Make someone beg? Submit to your dark, carnal desires? Yeah, that’s kink, too.

Enjoy a partner in crime in your seduction? Prefer 3 or more people with your seductions?

Preoccupied with anal sex? Seduced by feet?

Heck, there are so many more kinks out there it’s easy to lose track. But one thing is for certain… in the fetish world, there’s an acceptance, understanding, and camaraderie. No judgments.

Which reminds me…. I have always had a thing for bondage, but I’m dying to try my hand at learning rope bondage. I think it’s sexy as hell. Time to start looking for someone to give me rigging lessons. 🙂

It’s actually through my love of kink that I made some of my coolest online friendships…that have blossomed into relationships that I cherish.

It was through our mutual love of kinky books (and sex) that I met the ultra fabulous, Ande Lyons. Thanks to shared interests and conversations, she invited me to guest on her Bring Back Desire site. Here’s one I wrote for her on Exploring Sensual Pleasure With Common Household Items. Through our shared interests, we’ve built a friendship for the ages.

Through blogging I discovered fellow blogger, author, and sexual empowerment advocate extraordinaire, August McLaughlin of Girl Boner. Her passion and desire to educate and help drew me in. Our mutual desire to empower and battle sexual shaming made us pretty much instant friends. One of my biggest thrills was guesting on her Girl Boner radio. If you haven’t checked her out yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! She’s sweet, smart, and savvy.

It was through a mutual friend who noted my love of the “kink and taboo” that I was introduced to one of my dear friends, the ever interesting and intellectual Professor Taboo. It took no time at all for me to become very intrigued with his blog posts. Due to our common ground and mutual love of dialogue, it was no time at all before we were very active in responding to one another’s posts. He’s one of those guys who calls it like he sees it, keeps it real, and lives his life unapologetically. The fact that we joke about what kind of clash for dominance would ever occur is just icing on the cake. 😉

Between Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and writing it was only a matter of time before Anna of Herding Cats and Burning Soup blog and I became friendly. In fact, despite the fact that we had connected through social media, it wasn’t until a mutual friend told me about her shared Facebook group, The Kinkery, that we really interacted with any sense of frequency. She’s a woman with a reading fetish for pierced cock, great dialogue, and sexy book covers. And then there’s the fact that she’s pretty no holds barred about what she’ll welcome on her blog. Is it any wonder I think she rocks? By the way, she’s also the one who talked me into this A-Z challenge.

Yep! There’s a distinct kinship that is created when mutually open minded and adventurous people come together. What things have you found bond you together with fellow bloggers or internet friends? What kinks do you enjoy? Is there something your dying to learn more about? Share! Who knows? I may even be able to help point you in the right direction…

The Funny, the Empowering, the Lifesaving…

The last couple weeks, even smiley ol’ me needed some help finding things to laugh about. Fortunately, my friends and Facebook came through…

A fellow coffee lover posted this hilariousness….

I also saw this awesomeness that spoke to my inner music lover…

And my hilarious and awesome buddy, Anna, from Herding Cats and Burning Soup posted this to our Kinkery group…(so you know it’s going to be both hilarious and naughty)

And this morning, I saw this particular review shared on facebook regarding Veet Mens Hair Removal….I laughed so hard I cried. Those of you who’ve followed me for a while on here know just how seriously I take Manscaping. 😀

So thanks! Ya’ll didn’t know how much your posts brightened an otherwise tough week for me.

And then there were some truly sweet and empowering things that people shared.

My friend, author Kristy K. James, shared this story about Taylor Swift and her going out of her way to send a special message to a fan who was being bullied. It moved me to tears.

Another friend posted the video for the new Colbie Caillat song, Try. Talk about powerful and empowering. A message reminding us to be ourselves! We’re beautiful just the way we are. I know that this message is near and dear to my friend, August McLaughlin’s heart.

And then there’s the lifesaving….

Lately we’ve talked about how technology has changed the world, and often not in a good way. But there have also been some amazing things that have come from the tech world. Did you see how an App saved a baby’s life?

Check out this story about the Pulse Point app…. How cool is that?

So, despite all the ups and downs, there has been a lot of “cool” thrown in there, too. What about you guys? What things have made you laugh, touched your heart, or simply made you want to share? And if you have a smart phone, what apps have you found that make a difference in your life (or maybe someone else’s)?

Pre-Valentine’s Day Preparedness

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or an “old married couple” there’s something about the Hearts and Flowers holiday that brings out the need to love and be loved.

As it turns out, I’ve got some people who just might be able to help with that!

First, we have my dear friends at Go Deeper Press, Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, hosting a 3 day event for FREE called The Mermaid Voyage. This is all about erotic self discovery. These lovely women are in touch with their sensual sides and are offering their assistance to help YOU get in touch with YOURS!

Next, here’s some help from Love Experts, Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird for those of you who feel like you’re in a sexual “rut” with your partner. Nothing like a little Role Play (and the right rules) to help bring back the spice. These guys are fantastic.

Then there’s my dear friend, August McLaughlin and her GirlBoner radio (available to view FREE HERE on iTunes). She’s all about frank, honest talk about the joy and beauty of human sexuality. I love her Sex Positive outlook on the world (which is actually probably one of the first bonds we shared). Care to know more about what it means to be Sex Positive? Read this post…I felt pretty awesome that she enjoyed my first book enough to mention it as part of this post. What an honor!

Finally, for those couples looking for something more “obscure” to spice things up….Here’s a post from one of my buddies, Anna Cade, of Herding Cats and Burning Soup that lists some of the more unique toys…including a “fleshlight.”

Now it’s your turn. Have you recently found a post that you think needs to be shared in preparation for Valentine’s Day? Are you a Valentine’s day hater? Do you have some great/funny opposing views to share?

Four One Night WEBSITE USE

My contribution to Valentine’s Day this year is my newest release, Four One Night. Did you miss the excerpt I shared on Emma and Loni’s pages a couple posts ago? Here it is, one more time, just for you guys.


I nodded my head, an idea taking hold in my mind. “You know, I decided I needed to blow off some steam about three hours ago. You’re coming with me. You need it even more than I do. We’ll call it medicinal.”

“That sounds exactly like the kind of distraction I need,” she said, a smile flitting across her face.

“Good. Because it’s too freaking cold to be standing around. My nipples are pointing all over the place for all the wrong reasons!” We hustled to my car, heels clicking a rapid staccato against the asphalt. “All this pent up energy has me in the mood to play. It’s time to call in reinforcements.”

“Ooh!” She looked at me over the hood, her baby blues full of mischief. “That means Michael’s coming. Think he can handle both of us?”

“We’re about to find out! If not, there’s always you and me.” I laughed and yanked my phone out of my purse pocket.

“Danielle Monroe! You are such a tease.” She tossed her dark gold curls over her shoulder.

“Am I? You’ve never seen my bad girl side.” My eyebrow raised, daring her to take me up on the offer.

“Now that sounds promising.” She said, batting her eyes in the worst parody of exaggerated flirtation I’d seen in a while.

Shaking my head and smiling at our antics, I dialed Michael. With the receiver to my ear, the muted strains of “My Cherie Amour” floated through instead of a ring. The frigid air whipped through the thin cotton of my shirt causing a shudder to ripple through my curvy frame. I grabbed for my key fob and quickly pressed the unlock button.

“Hey babe,” his dark, raspy voice came on the line. “What’s up?”

“Well, that all depends on you,” I purred as my hands motioned Candace to get in the car. “Work was nuts and Candace and I need to blow off some steam. We’re headed over to Club Heat for ladies night. Will you join us or do we need to find some other sexy men to play with?”

“Ooh, someone’s feeling feisty.” I could practically see his smile through the rumble in his voice. “I love it when Miss Dani comes out to play.”

“Then you’re gonna love me tonight.” Grabbing the handle, I tugged my door open. Finally out of the chilled air and in the driver’s seat, I slammed the door shut and shoved my key in the ignition.

“Two wild women looking to unleash themselves after a bad day?” The little beep of his car alarm being released sounded through the receiver followed by the slam of the door. “That may be more than I can handle alone.”

Tipping my head against my shoulder to cradle the phone, I turned the key in the ignition, quickly followed by the heater. “Michael Gallo! Afraid you might need reinforcements?”

Music flared in the background as he started his car. “Afraid is such a strong word. I prefer to think of it as being prepared for any eventuality.”

“Well, you know how I feel. The more, the merrier. Hot men and alcohol make everything better!” With one last look in my rear view mirror, I shifted into drive, leaving our bad day in the dust.

Privates, Piercings and Play

I’m in this awesome book club on Facebook co-hosted by the Herding Cats and Burning Soup and Fictional Candy blog owners. It’s an awesome, eclectic group of people who are all about reading and discussing kink in its various formats.

Here’s the innocent little question that kicked off a very interesting discussion:

“So. Pierced cocks. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with them. I’ve read a few in books so far but yall have any suggestions of ones you’ve read?”

Could NOT resist the IYKWIM reference. :-)

Could NOT resist the IYKWIM reference. 🙂


As always happens, everything started with a few hot, sexy books that featured penile piercings on the heroes that led to screaming orgasms to their ladyloves. Yes, I had a few recommendations. Shocker, I know… Somehow, from there, it went to talking personal experiences.

For example: One of the ladies mentioned having her clit pierced. Not my personal cup ‘o’ tea as I have a strong suspicion I’m allergic to any sort of pain in that part of my genital region, but I’ve heard good things. In fact, I remember this one historical romance I read (probably as a teenager) where they guy had a thing for a gypsy woman who had a hoop piercing on her clit hood. In this particular story, the hoop was big enough to work like a cock ring, and he slid into her, through the hoop. Apparently the whole thing drove her wild. It made for some steamy reading.

The reality as I know it? Far different. As many of my regular readers know, my experiences both in retail and medically related have made for some entertaining, if awkward moments. This one spelled Crossed Boundaries in a big way.

The back story?

One of my friends had joined the military and got stationed for his tech school in the Chicagoland area. Knowing I was from that area, he texted me to ask me about places (bars) to have a good time. He also introduced me to one of his best friends. The guy was a true blue Texas cowboy (and Cowboy fan) who rode a motorcycle and had tattoos. Yeah, he was pretty much the trifecta for wet panty fantasies between the accent, the bike, and the bad boy nature. As is MY nature, we flirted. This led to him sending a pix message of himself. (And before ya’ll go there, it was of his face!)

I know, you’re wondering what this has to do with piercings, right? Well, here’s how. I received that message while doing a store visit to one of my locations. When I pulled the pic up, one of my female employees happened to be standing behind me and looking over my shoulder.

Here’s the conversation that followed:

Her: Mmmm. He’s hot!
Me: Yeah. I guess he is.
Her: You know, I would totally be up for a threeway with you and him.
Me: Uhhhh…..(Yes, for once I had that deer-in-the-headlights look.)
Her: Seriously. I bet he’s good in bed. He looks like
he knows what he’s doing. I could sit on his face while you ride him. That would feel so good on my piercing. You know I have a hood ring, right? It’s amazing. Even walking turns me on because it gives me friction in all the right places. Wanna see?
Me: (blinking several times) Uh. No thanks. And I really think it’s time to change the subject. This is not an appropriate conversation for us to have, not just because I’m your manager, but because this is our workplace. This conversation never need happen again at work. With anyone. Understood?
Her: I guess. It just sounded hot. Sorry.

As you guys know, I’m pretty open minded about a lot of things, but never in a million years did I think that one of my employees would not only overshare re: her piercing, but think it was appropriate to invite herself into a 3 way! The thing is, after I knew about her piercing, it put several other things to light. A couple of guys had complained about “odor” issues when working with her. To say the scent was pungent, unfortunately, would be accurate. Not only was she in a perpetual state of excitement, I’m pretty sure she didn’t wear undies to catch the spillage and/or mask the odor. Fortunately, she also didn’t wear hosiery on her feet, so I was able to address the odor issue without directly focusing my discussion around her genitalia.

Now, as time and distance have allowed me to look at this more objectively, I wonder just how pleasurable it might be. I mean, I know people who don’t use vibrators because of concern surrounding killing the nerve endings in the clitoral area. And do you have any idea just how many genital piercing options there are for women? And men? I do. I looked it up!

Don’t get me wrong, I knew all about the Prince Albert, which is the most common male piercing. Heck, it was a co-worker back in the day who offered to show me “his” and explained how beneficial it was to a woman’s pleasure. Unlike the above person, he was a peer and offered to show me when we were NOT in the workplace. I took him at his word, but didn’t take him up on the offer as he was married and his wife wasn’t around (though, to be fair, I’m pretty sure they were swingers). Instead, I asked him questions like, “Didn’t that hurt?” and “So how does that work when you have to pee? Do you stream in 3 directions?” These are the questions my inquiring mind wanted to know. BTW, the answer to the latter was that he sits to pee, though he didn’t specify if he became multi-directional. I’m still curious about that one. LOL!

These days I’m also pretty sure that his Prince Albert didn’t do what he claimed…that would more likely be the Apadravya. See? Age and the internet do wonders for a person’s knowledge.

Practically everyone’s heard about the benefits of tongue rings, so no details are necessary with that one. One warning with that? Begin your kisses carefully. Getting knocked in the teeth with hardware has a bit of a resonating effect, never mind the fear of chipped teeth. Maybe it’s just me, but the one time I kissed a guy who’d recently gotten his tongue pierced and wanted to “share it” with me, this was my experience.

On a guy, I find pierced nipples to be pretty hot. If they’ve got hoops or those one that are almost hoops with little balls on the end, I have trouble keeping my hands to myself. This urge to turn, twist and tug becomes very strong. If I’m friends with the guy and out in a social setting, they may find themselves fondled a smidge. Fortunately, they’ve all seemed to like it. On women? I’ve always wondered how that worked for nipple sensitivity and breast feeding. In my imagination, milk became multi-directional. (Don’t worry, I assumed the piercing was removed prior to breast feeding to prevent any gagging and choking issues with the baby…I wasn’t stupid enough to think it stayed in.) Also, I have very sensitive nipples (clothing is almost uncomfortable when I’m PMSing). I’d be afraid to lose that.

I did some research and found that lactation is only a problem if you’ve had a bad piercing job and can result in blocked ducts. My guess is that’s a scar tissue issue, but I’m no expert. I was also told by my male friends that sensitivity is actually enhanced by the piercings. Research says the same is true for women. It also let me know that piercing the nips is probably not for me. I don’t think I could take any added sensitivity there.

So here are my questions… Are there any forms of body art expressions that have captured your curiosity? Anything that’s gotten you a bit hot around the collar? Maybe it’s tattoos. Maybe it’s piercings. Maybe something I’ve not heard of yet. And if you’ve done sex acts with people who have these piercings, was it all it was hyped up to be? How is oral sex with someone who has a tongue ring? Yeah, I’m dying to know! Is sex with someone with an Apadravya as hot as I think it is? Do the books do it justice? And speaking of books….do you have any hot, smexy books to recommend that include the above mentioned piercing? Tell, tell, TELL!