Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men (and Women)

My dear friend Professor Taboo wrote a wonderful tribute to Christmas and peace during the First World War. If you’ve never heard the story and you want to feel the warmth of love during some of the hardest times the world had, click the link. It’s a beautiful story. In fact, the story inspired two of my favorite balladiers, Collin Raye and Garth Brooks, to make two very separate, very beautiful songs that do a fabulous job reminding us about what’s important.

The above is Garth Brooks’ song, “Belleau Wood”. The below is “It Could Happen Again” by Collin Raye with Johnny Cash narrating.

Isn’t it beautiful how a holiday and a familiar song built a bridge to understanding and a cease fire? I actually have both CDs in my collection because they’re wonderful! What are your favorite Christmas albums? Do you have holiday songs that speak peace to your heart?

Power Of A Name

Yesterday I read an awesome blog from one of my blogging buddies, Crazy Train To Tinky Town, about what’s in a name. In fact, she was talking about how she came to be named. Oddly enough, I’d been thinking a lot about that exact topic as I’d recently come across one of my old journal books that housed my poems. In there was a poem I wrote for a creative writing project.

What do names and my project have to do with each other? Well, the project was to ask your parents how your name was selected, then write about it. As it turns out, I come by my poetic streak naturally. In fact, I remember that when I was younger, my mom would write long, long poems…usually church and God related. This meant that the words she used to describe how my name was selected were very strong and artistic. The teacher never specified HOW we had to write about our name selection, so I chose one of my favorite mediums. It was a creative writing class, afterall.

The parents-and me, incubating in Mom's belly

The parents-and me, incubating in Mom’s belly

Baby Girl

The angels in heaven
must have joined me
in my
on the day you
were born.
A beautiful,
baby girl
an imperfect world.
I prayed
that God
would grant you
strength enough to
stand tall
in the midst of
the despair
you would
one day
So I named

Spaghetti Face Me

Spaghetti Face Me

I wrote this back on May 6, 1992. It’s the meaning behind my name. I hope you found her awesome explanation of how she arrived at my name interesting. Funny, it wasn’t until that class that I bothered to ask about why my name was chosen. I was 18 at the time.

You know, she’s always treated me like I was brave and strong. I don’t know if it’s because of the name or how she treats me, but most of the time I’ve felt that way…a bit like a lioness. I think she’s proud of the person I’ve grown up to be. I just hope she thinks I’ve done justice to the name she chose for me.

Back in Germany

Back in Germany

What about you? How did you come by your name? Do you think it has any bearing on the person you are today?

Holiday Challenge

From here until Christmas I’m going to post at least one Christmas song a day.  More than likely it won’t be the only thing I post, but sharing my love of music is one of the ways I enjoy the holiday…so you’re stuck with it!  LOL!

This world is filled with so much potential…really, it is! Unfortunately, we have proved…practically since our inception, that the one thing that we’re most good at is coming up with the most creative and painful ways to destroy each other…both body and spirit. The last few weeks have been proof of that…all over the world.

No, I’m not going to weigh in on the gun control battle, though I do have my own opinion. I will say this…we don’t need guns to kill each other. Proof? China…those kids were killed by a knife.  McVeigh…he learned how to make a bomb online…and took out hundreds. Where there is a will, there is a way. Sad, but true fact…

So if we can be so quick to kill, it stands to reason that we’re probably pretty good at healing, too…but it’s gonna take all of us. One act of kindness at a time. I truly believe every act of selflessness we do is one more step to battling apathy and hate. So my challenge for you? Look around you…find someone who could use an act of kindness…and if it’s within your power, make it happen. The bigger part of that challenge? Do it anonymously! Then share it with us….  See if you can’t be someone’s Christmas miracle.

With that, I leave you with this song… Reminding us…that even in the darkest times, hope can be found….Love Johnny Cash’s narrative in this song.