Love Sneaking Up On You

I’ve been busy all day with a little side gig I’ve picked up, but I’ve been thinking about love and Valentine’s day. People fall in love in so many ways. We hear about love at first sight. Sometimes it’s lust that turns into something deeper. Before I married my husband I was a sucker for a pretty face…and not a lot of substance. I knew they were meant to be temporary. Honestly, I hid from serious relationships. I kept most people with depth at arms length. I wasn’t ready to give my heart away.

I knew one day the right person for me would come along. He would be someone who challenged me. Someone intelligent and patient and able to get past all my defenses. It should have come as no surprise to me that the person who would overcome all my obstacles was someone who’d been there all along. All it took for me was falling in love with someone who’d became my best friend.

What type of person are you generally attracted to? If you’re now in a permanent relationship, what differentiated them from your typical “type”? What let you know that they were the one? It’s funny how you can look at someone every day as friends, then one day see someone completely different…like Kenny Loggins says…For The First Time.

First Time Sharing

Tonight I have firsts on my mind. First crush, first kiss, first love, first time, first heartbreak… I know, oddly innocent and nostalgic, but after my buddy LJ Kentowski mentioned in the last blog that I had a ton of memories, I figured it was time to jog everyone’s memory. So please, sit, relax and take a ride with me on this train of reminiscing. Think back to your firsts…when you hear the word, what comes to your mind? Bet it’s more than one thing!

My first solo: in church. I was 2. Song? Jesus Loves Me!

First Plane trip: 8 months old. From Philippines to California.

First best friend: a little blond girl named Corinne. Unfortunately the friendship was short lived based on all the travel our family did with the military. I was 3 and she was 4.

First crush: a boy in the Philippines. His name was Michael. He was 7, I was 6. He was my teacher’s nephew. He gave me my first kiss on the cheek. We lost touch when I moved to the states, but eventually got back in touch when I was in 8th grade.

First “real” kiss: I was 14. The boyfriend’s name was Joe. He had dark, almost black hair, dark brown eyes, a smattering of freckles over his turned up nose, and sexy lips. He was also the first boyfriend to give me his jean jacket to wear as a sign that we were dating.

First love: a boy named Jay. I was 15, he was 16. He was Italian. Brown hair and eyes. He had olive skin and an awesome tan to go with an awesome body. We were both big flirts. Our song was Atlantic Starr’s Always. He was a football player and wrestler. His sister was one of my two best friends. The other one was a girl named Laura. He cheated on me with her, effectively ending our friendship. Later I forgave him and took him back. He would be the first and last guy I’d do that with. This also makes him my first heartbreak. We were just too volatile for each other in the end. To this day I hate that song.

First time: actually, it’s kind of sweet! It was hubby. I was 9 days from my 20th birthday. I’d decided long ago that I wasn’t going to rush sex. I wanted it to be something I wouldn’t look back on with regret. Too many of my friends were like that. I decided waiting till marriage would be unrealistic for me. So I decided I needed to wait for someone I was in love with.

First job: babysitting at 13 years old. She paid me $5 an hour. The kid’s name was Michael & he was my brother’s best friend.

What firsts do you remember? Do you look back on them with nostalgia?

Here’s an awesome song about firsts that could’ve been written for hubby and me.

For The First Time

I’m A Sick Girl…No, Seriously!

Well, it’s official. I’m sick. Something came on like gangbusters on Wednesday night that had me on my bon bon by Thursday morning. My writing buddy called to see how my WIP was coming along and her first words were…”You sound like hell!” I don’t have time for this. I really don’t. I need to finish my WIP immediately, our family and friends are coming over on Sunday to do an early Thanksgiving/birthday party for my mom. And I leave for El Paso on Tuesday or Wednesday. Do you know what it’s like to get on a plane when your sinuses/ears are acting up?

I went to the doctor today. The official diagnosis is…sinus infection to go with a viral infection. So now I’m on meds. Fingers crossed that they work quickly.

Sitting here all sick got me thinking. When I’m sick I like “comfort” everything. Comfort food, comfortable clothes, comfort everything. For me, comfort food is mac and cheese…maybe some chicken noodle soup….some grilled cheese. It’s also the only time I trade my coffee in for tea. Hot tea. With honey for sweetener.

First thing I usually do when I’m sick is a hot shower. I want to fool my body into thinking it feels better than it actually does. Then i like to dress warmly…encouraging my body to sweat out any toxins in a comfy old sweatshirt and cotton pj bottoms or sweats. On my feet, I like to wear warm, fuzzy socks.

I like to curl up into a ball in bed under the comforter and maybe watch reruns of some of my favorite shows. Most of the time I hope to catch old Ally McBeal episodes…  I loved that show.  Loved the humor, loved the music, loved the unisex bathroom….

Or if I’m in the mood for music, I like curling up with comfy music, too…Like Kenny Loggins with Amy Grant and Return To Pooh Corner.

Or when I really don’t have any energy…I’ll just read my favorite books…The ones that are worn and dog eared…like The Outsiders and The Witch Of Blackbird Pond.

What about you guys? What are your favorite comfort foods? What do you do when you’re not feeling well? Do you have any rituals? Cross your fingers that these meds kick in quickly. I’m supposed to be seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight.  :-/