Flowers and the Wild Side

When my dear friend, author and fellow blogger, Loni Flowers, agreed to beta read my first book, she was a bit surprised. Not so much with my dirty mind, but with my seriously naughty content. I still remember the message she sent me:

“I wasn’t expecting this type of read, but dare I say you’ve got me all hot and bothered and where is my toy when I need it!?!?!”

It was one of the nicest things I’d ever read because I was a bundle of nerves about sharing my work. This validated that I did a pretty good job. But there’s something really special about Loni… She has a way of making you smile. She knows my passion for music. In fact, she shares it. Unlike her (and mostly thanks to my background in vocal music), I can’t listen to music (especially with words) and write at the same time. Somehow I wind up with song lyrics on the page, rather than my story. I have to use my musical inspirations to put me in the mood to write certain stories or scenes. So it was such an awesome surprise when she messaged me on Facebook and said, “Have you heard the Maroon 5 song ‘Doin Dirt’? It makes me think of the club scene in your book.”

I listened to the song and died laughing…. She had a very valid point. Honestly, I’d never heard the song, but I’ve been hooked on it ever since. It’s perfect. But she’s not the kind of woman to stop there. Today she’s sharing me and that same book she read on her fancy, cool blog!

This is my fab friend, Loni Flowers!

This is my fab friend, Loni Flowers!

Thanks to her, I was also able to find the inspiration for Three For All. She actually didn’t even know that, but it all happened on one of those nights where we were sharing music back and forth and I was struggling with painting my opening scene in my head. Here’s the song I stumbled into that night…

Because she’s so wonderful and generous, I thought I’d share her updated cover reveal for her New Adult Romance, Painted Memories.

Painted Memories

This book is all about love, loss and redemption…with plenty of romance thrown in for good measure. You should check it (and Loni) out!

Sometimes Sick Means Naughty…

I have a penchant for the naughty… Shocker, I know. 😉 You can quit laughing any time now…

Anyway, I’ve been recovering from a vacation in the Bahamas that led to a sinus infection that led to hubby getting sick…and, as I’ve told you guys before, strange things happen when I’m not feeling well. Today has been the first time in nearly a week that I haven’t felt the need to sleep the day away. What does that mean? That music has been in my head….


Of course, like I said…there’s a danger in being the music in my head when I’m recovering from being ill. Why? Because chances are you’re not going to get the traditional stuff. So here’s the deal…I’ve had naughty/maybe inappropriate songs stuck in my head….and I would like you guys to join me in my raunchy fun…

They think the love of Big Butts started with Sir Mix-A-Lot. I beg to differ. I’ve always loved this Queen song…and even more so when my boy Puck from Glee re-did it… “Fat Bottomed Girls”!

It’s not only the boys who can be bad… and on that note, here’s another naughty favorite. Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It”. If you were a child of the ’80’s how could you not love this song?

Then there’s the mellow, sneak up on you kind of nasty… And who does that better than Jimmy Buffett? Which song? You need ask? There’s only one that fits this category… “Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw”, of course!

The hair band, rocker chick in me always found this one deliciously naughty… Great White’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”…My, my, my….

Finally, for the really naughty girl in me… Lil Rob’s …”Bring Out The Freak In You”. (Warning you right now…this is definitely explicit).

So, keeping all this in mind…what songs would you add to my bad girl list?

There’s actually a special song that’s been stuck in my head for a couple weeks now. Why? Because it’s kind of become the theme for a Work In Progress of mine. Yes, that’s the biggest reason why I’ve been MIA lately. What started out as just one piece has somehow turned into 2 (so far). Soon, I’ll be revealing more to you guys… Please be patient with me. I promise I haven’t disappeared.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the Maroon 5 song that’s turned into the theme for my piece…

Don’t forget…let me know what naughty songs you absolutely love (and why)….