A Lyrical Nativity

The beauty of classic Holiday hymns are that sometimes there are more than one arrangement to the same lyrics, but both are breathtakingly beautiful. “Away In A Manger” is one of those songs and my all time favorite Christmas story.

Trisha Yearwood does one of my favorite renditions….

Then there’s the one I grew up singing. In fact, it’s one of my sister’s first church solos that I remember in our Christmas pageant. She played a shepherd. Billy Gilman, in his youth, did a great job with it.

Of course my sister and several others have been known to merge the two songs as the melodies are complimentary to one another. Here’s one of those mashups that I found online sung by Martina McBride.

Do you have a favorite Christmas hymn from your childhood? Were you ever in a Christmas pageant as a child? What part did you play? I was both Mary and one of the Three Kings.