Of All The Naughty Places…

I seriously don’t know what it is about being sick that makes me think all sorts of raunchy, inappropriate thoughts. But it does. Maybe it’s the fact that you hear about all these people who get sick, get on antibiotics and get pregnant…(mostly because some antibiotics can negate birth control).

So what kinds of thoughts start bumping around in my mind you ask? Places. Now a place on it’s own is not a big deal, right? But the places that were coming to my mind were more of the “naughtiest places you’ve ever had sex” realm. See? Like I said…raunchy.

Everyone has a place that they’ve had sex that made them feel a bit daring…a bit racy. Sometimes it’s not so much the place as the situation. I mean, there’s a reason people have fantasies about The Mile High Club…or the Catholic School Girl…or even Hot Librarian, right? Or for us ladies…The Police Officer or Fire Fighter or Biker Dude.

Now I’ve had some strange conversations about this over the years. Someone once told me that their fantasy was to do it in a church…under the pews. Yeah…that did nothing for me. I honestly think it had more to do with her need to rebel against traditional religion….maybe her parents overdid the whole strict church parents thing with her. Who knows?

And hopefully no one is as deviant as Jake Busey’s character in Tomcats, because although the movie was funny… Someone doing this in real life would cross a line for me. But that’s me…If it works for you, more power to ya!

Compared to that, my naughty places are a bit tame. Now I may not be willing to have sex in a church sanctuary, but I have (in my younger, wilder years) done “the deed” in the church parking lot. LOL! Fortunately it was late at night and the parking lot was abandoned. No one was ever the wiser…well, until I shared this tidbit with you guys.

Being bad can also be very fun in a moving car…on a busy road or highway. I enjoy the thrill of wondering just how much people can see… (yes, I’m well aware that makes me a bit of an exhibitionist) I also get a kick out of testing the self control of my partner. Living dangerously, I know….

Have I actually done the beach thing? Yes, though not on sand… I don’t like the gritty feel in all my nooks and crannies, sue me! There are perfectly good deck chairs that can be used for that sort of thing! LOL!

But the wildest place I’ve probably ever been naughty was in a store, after hours…With big glass windows. I was toward the back of the store, facing those windows, bent over a desk. It was fun and daring…

I have a couple of works in progress right now that have scenes in unusual places, but I can always use more fodder for storylines. If you’re feeling daring…where is the wildest place you’ve ever done “the deed”? Is there a place or scene you’ve fantasized about but either haven’t had the time, opportunity or courage to make it a reality? Dirty minds want to know! Inquiring minds hope you’ll share….

I know… You’ll have to excuse me. I’m a little sick. 😉

The Sex Talk

I was talking to an old friend today. When she and I get together on the phone, our conversations wander everywhere. This is partially due to the fact that we don’t get the opportunity to talk very often and partly because we both seem to just flow from topic to topic. We spent a portion of our youth in the same universe and had some very similar negative experiences in our lives, so there’s a lot of common ground.

This time our conversation flowed between two things….and it was kicked off by none other than Kid Rock and how we both absolutely loved his Rock And Roll Jesus album. I shouldn’t have been surprised when our mutually favorite song from the cd was the same one. So Hott is sexual, explicit and unapologetic…and we both have those moments about us. I will warn, if you’re under 18, this probably isn’t the song or blog for you…

From there, we talked about other sexual type songs that we love (and that in my case surprise people). Making the list was Bring Out The Freak In You by Lil Rob, Akon’s Smack That and, oddly enough, Erasure. There are no naughty words in this song, but if you listen carefully to the words…yeah…there’s a hotness about them.

The sexy music led to talk about sexy philosophies. She made me laugh when she told me that quote’s Meredith Brooks to her man and tells him “I’m a bitch, I’m a tease…I’m a goddess on my knees.” I LOVE that. It reminded me of Jerry Hall’s quote, “My mother said it was simple to keep a man; you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen, and a whore in the bedroom.”

Remember Molly Ringwald’s lipstick trick from The Breakfast Club? I used to think that was cool until I found out about what my friend can do. Yup! That’s where we went next. Naughty human tricks.

There was the trick my friend liked to do that went with the quote…. Seriously. A trick. I’ve heard of tying a cherry stem into a knot. In fact, I’ve tied a cherry stem into a knot. (For that matter, so has hubby…LOL!) I’ve even heard of being able to stick your entire fist in your mouth. Tried that one, too. Yeah, I’ve got a big mouth…no one was shocked that I could do that one. But hers? No way in heck I can do what she can do.

My friend can take her tongue, drop it into the back of her throat like she’s swallowing it…all the way back past the uvula. In fact, she can get it so far back that she can make push it against the uvula and make it dance. Yeah. Gentlemen…start your engines. I’m sure you can imagine how this talent can be beneficial to you. I’m pretty sure this means NO GAG REFLEX…LOL!

So what about you guys? What songs make you think raw sex? Do you have any quotes that speak to what appeals in a relationship? Do you know any “tricks”? If you don’t have any tricks of your own, what tricks have you seen that made your jaw drop?

Sexy Woman Anthems

So my honey is coming home tonight after being up north for nearly a week, spending time with his family.  I was on the phone with a girlfriend and mentioned that I was looking forward to him getting home.  She responded with a giggle and, “Ooh, somebody’s getting lucky tonight!”

This got me thinking…  Am I the only person who who has a list of what I call “Sexy Woman Anthems”?  You know what I mean.  Those songs that empower.  That make you feel sexy.  That get you walking in that naughty, sexy, seductive strut that is universally known as “On the prowl”?  It makes you want to put on your sexiest, laciest lingerie and reminding your man exactly why you are the hottest, sexiest goddess he knows?

Well, I’m going to share mine…  (By the way, I know Guys sometimes have those “badass bad boy” songs that work out the same way)

Yeah…It’s an oldie, but a goodie.  It brings out my inner bad girl…in the best possible way.

Yeah, men…if you’re single and plan on staying that way…don’t come anywhere near a woman who has been listening to this one.  She’s on a mission to bring you to your knees…  😉

Here comes trouble…

What makes your relationship so special?

And when you’re ready to slow it down and get seductive…

Ok, so now you have my list…and a piece of how my mind works….  What about you guys?  What songs get you hot?  Or speak to your inner wildness?  How do you put yourselves in “the mood”?