Sun Setting On El Paso


Today is a milestone in a couple of ways. First, this is my 101st post…which means my last one was officially my 100th. Where has the time gone?

Also, I thought it was appropriate to post a picture of an El Paso sunset over the mountains as the sun is setting on my last night in this beautiful city. I leave early tomorrow morning.

Tonight the gang is taking me to my first Mexican restaurant in this lovely town. We are having my going away party at Carlos And Mickey’s. I’ve been told they have live music and awesome Margaritas.

This has been a wonderful adventure. I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way. I’m gonna miss this place and hope to come back to visit sometime.

Thanks for keeping me company through my adventures!

My question tonight? Where was the most beautiful sunset you remember seeing? Tell me all about it…

Who I Am…


I’m smiles of welcome
That warms my eyes.
A clever tongue
Wielded like a sharpened knife
Or rich sweetness of honey…
The choice is always
I’m the core of steel,
By determination, grief and God.
I’m tears at sappy movies,
Laugh out loud with books.
Words and music
Like the blood in my veins.
I believe the best,
Till worst is proven.
Faith is more than
Lip service;
infused into my heart.
Slow to anger,
And slower still
To forget.
Work hard,
Play harder….
Enjoy the raunchy.
Brutal honesty is
Respect is earned.
And I push back…
Control is my strength
And my weakness;
I rarely let it go.
I love
Without reservations
And try to never hate.
I may bend,
Sometimes fall,
But will never be broken.

I’ve seen lots of posts about letters to yourself…or descriptions of where you’re from, and I’ve loved them…but they weren’t quite right for a girl who’s from everywhere. So I decided to try to write about who I am. There’s a song by Jessica Andrews called Who I Am that inspired my vision.

I’ve decided to accompany this post with a few pictures from my youth… Like the one below… My first piano lesson. 🙂


Or my goofy, funky attempt at clashing…


Or showing a bit of my inner wild child/biker chick.


And finally, a little Glamour Shot that most people who know me call my flirty look…aka trouble just walked in…


So tell me…who are you? What makes you tick at the core? Feel free to critique…I love feedback.

First Try At Gluten Free Cakes


Here is the end result of my gluten free German chocolate pound cake for my stepdad’s birthday. The icing was amazing! The only change I would make based on the link to the recipe from yesterday’s post? Instead of only one baking German chocolate bar, I’d go 2.


This is the gluten free carrot cake. I have to say, this cake did not taste gluten free. If you look at the recipe for this one, be prepared…the icing recipe doesn’t actually make enough to cover the entire cake. Also, in order to ensure that the confectioner’s sugar doesn’t overwhelm the cream cheese flavor, double the cream cheese based on the recipe, then double the recipe. This means 12 oz of cream cheese, not 6.

If you decide to use gluten free all purpose flour instead of the recommended pizza dough flour (which is what I did), you will need to add 1/2 a teaspoon of xanthan gum.