Tears For Angels

A little girl cried out
First for friendship, attention
Then in shame, begging for help
Understanding, forgiveness.
She was greeted
With derision and scorn,
Humiliation and laughter.
Did you see it?
I did.
Too late.

Another brave child,
Across the world
Dares to look for a better life.
Asks for peace and love
And learning.
Speaking out against violent oppressors.
So much stronger than her years.
Lies in a hospital bed
For opening her mouth.
Did you hear?
I did.
I pray for her survival
And safety.

A baby,
Not even three
Then glued to a wall
For failing to understand
And follow rules.
She was
Too young to comprehend.
Maimed, disfigured
By the person sworn
To love and protect her.
Did you feel it?
I did.

My heart bleeds
For these precious gifts,
These angels,
Tossed away
Like rubbish.
It’s so tempting to wonder
Where is God?
Then I know…
He’s in the hearts
Of you and me
When we feel
And cry
And grieve…
Wishing we could do more.
It’s time to break silence
To heal hearts.
To love.
Regardless of consequences.
Our words and actions
The gifts he gives
To honor
Damaged hearts and souls.
Speak out!

These last couple of weeks have just been heart rending. On the news, on the internet…stories of yet one more innocent child lost or damaged Like I read on Nick’s Blog and Patricia Sands’ Blog along with so many others. Then I discovered Justine Musk and her blog touting the importance of following our dreams. Overall I felt pretty good, because that’s what I’ve been doing the last few months. I’ve been following my dreams. Writing. I haven’t shared my project with you guys yet because it’s not done yet. In the meantime, I share my writing with you guys through my poetry and work on sharpening my tools and my mind through my blog.

It was actually through the discovery of Justine’s blog that drew me to this time, this blog. I’d recently started following Marcia Richards’ blog after I’d discovered her through our Letter game blogs. In her blog she asked about what we were like at 14. Looking back I remembered I dreamed of being a neurosurgeon (this dream died a rapid death when I got to biology class and became bored 20 minutes into our frog dissection…don’t think that would translate well in brain surgery). I was a tomboy who still played tackle football with the boys in the neighborhood…and a die hard flirt. In fact, I’d been voted class flirt 3 years straight and was also voted most likely to be president. Back then I was madly in love with poetry….and a different guy every other week, LOL! But the thing was, all someone had to do was give me a subject or tell me how they were feeling and I was able to convert it into poetry. Like I said, boys came and went, but not my love for writing and poetry. That’s been an abiding love.

So when Marcia challenged me that with the right words, in the right venue, I could make a difference I thought about those words. I slept on them…and woke up in tears because I knew what I had to say, but didn’t know if I’d have words strong enough to take on this task. All I could do was try. I already had a song that filled my head last night. I knew what I needed to write about. It was practically slapping me in the face!

There is so much hurt in the world right now. So many people mistreated. Not accepted. Maybe it’s for the color of their skin. Their beliefs. Their sexual orientation. Past mistakes. Or maybe they’ve done nothing at all. I’m not a preachy person. But how could I not talk about love and not bring up God. Seriously. As I thought about this, I just pictured him looking down on this once perfect world he created and crying. I pictured those poor girls and prayed that he had angels standing on both sides of them, with their wings stretched out…shielding them, protecting them from any more pain or hurt or anguish. I felt like the message he was sending to me was a plea for love and forgiveness and acceptance…and for these poor children to know that they are not alone. We hurt for them. We accept them. We feel their pain and grief and despair. For the one little girl who is gone (along with many more who have not gotten the media coverage that she has)…they are not forgotten.

What about you? What do you believe? What’s been pressing on your heart? As one of my favorite romance authors, Julie Garwood, wrote in her book The Secret “One whisper, added to a thousand others, becomes a roar of discontent”. You can be the difference you want to see in this world. Are you up to the challenge? Tell me what you think!

I’ll leave you with that thought and this song:



I sense you
Haunting footsteps
In the dark of night
Chasing me
Reaching out
With angry claws
So close
The air ripples
In angry disturbance
Shivering across my skin.
Your fetid stench
Whispers out,
To steal all that is good.
With cleansing breath,
Digging deep
Reaching for the light,
I battle,
Defining myself
Refuse to hide,
To back down,
To run.
I make my stand.
I will
Look in the mirror
Happy with the person
I see
And know I’ve won
The fight within

Life Themes And Power Songs

A friend of mine texted me in a panic last week.  His college requires he take a creative writing class to graduate with his bachelors degree, so he’d enrolled for this semester. He’d already warned me that he might be coming to me for a little assistance, so I wasn’t in complete shock when he sent me:  “WTF does is a theme song of my life?”

I’ll admit it.  I chuckled first.  Then I called him.  Apparently, his professor’s instructions were to come back on Monday with a song to play for the class as the theme song of their life.  She’d stated she didn’t care about obscenities or content, but that they must have one.  Now this friend of mine is a “rock the boat” kind of guy.  He’s creative, but more the conniving sneaky kind of creative. When he was younger and less mature, he was the guy that his friends would call for revenge schemes.  Of course, whenever I think of revenge, I laugh…because I always end up thinking of Norm McDonald’s Dirty Work and his revenge for hire business.

Now my friend may be capable of being devious, but most of that was youthful indiscretion.  But when it comes to his creative mind, he’s a bit too literal minded for the directions she gave.  She’d have been better off asking him to create the perfect murder.  I’m sure he’d have been able to write that quickly.

I didn’t leave my explanation to the potential misunderstandings that can happen through text.  He’s not great at reading “tone”.  I called him.  It turned out that he wasn’t doing anything, so he swung by to take me to breakfast and talk about his project.

I explained to him that theme songs can mean different things to different people, but at the end of the day, it’s always something that is meaningful to the individual.  I know athletes who pick their theme song based on tone and energy and the ability of the song to motivate or drive them…especially when they get tired are are ready to quit.  I know other people who pick something that they associate with their family because it was a favorite they’ve heard their entire lives.  Still others pick songs that represent the different aspects they’re going through in that moment. The reality is, as life changes, your theme song usually does, too.

Now my friend…he’s a huge Pink! fan…so I half expected his theme song to be something like Raise Your Glass or if he was feeling particularly raunchy…U+Ur Hand. But, like people tend to do, he surprised me.  Instead he picked the following video.  I think it’s great!

Me? I’m sure it’s no shock to anyone…even before he called me about his assignment, I had my theme song down.  For me, it’s more about how I view life and the way I choose to attack it.  Mine is designed to inspire me and remind me of where my true power has always been.  Inside me.

So what about you? What do you think of my friend’s choice in songs? Or mine? When you think about your life…what theme song comes to mind? What makes your song meaningful to you? How does it relate to your life today?

Man Versus Nature


Dark blue ripples
Blustering forward,
Bubble to cresting foam
Lead to grainy gray
Dusted with cracks
Of color
Coral and white.
Footprints indent
Moving surface
Leaving a single message.
“I was here.”
But wind whistles forward,
Powerfully unseen.
Sweeps across
The specks of sand
Wipes it clean.
Perversely, it whispers,
“Were you?”

Today was the rehearsal for my friend’s wedding. I sat on a bench on the beach waiting for the rest of the wedding party to arrive. I contemplated how beautiful nature could be as I watched the waves roll in. As I noticed the shoe and footprints in the sand, I started thinking about the marks we leave and the raw power nature has…and the above poem was born.

Living in Florida, people assume we get to enjoy the beach all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. We usually have jobs and get too busy to enjoy the natural beauty around us. In fact, it’s been about 5 years since I’d been to the beach. While we rehearsed, I got to enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. A Florida sunset. I need to get to the beach more often. It inspires and rejuvenates.

Hope you enjoy my sunset…