Silent Night/Stille Nacht

If you guys remember the songs and story I shared with you about the Cease Fire on Christmas back in the first World War, you know that Silent Night, or Stille Nacht (in German), played a huge part in the beginning of that temporary truce.

Having said that, Stille Nacht was also my grandfather’s favorite Christmas song, so I thought I’d share it…the way we used to sing it for him…but with the angelic voices of the St. Thomas Boys Choir.

Do you have a favorite holiday song in another language? Tell me how that came to be….

Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men (and Women)

My dear friend Professor Taboo wrote a wonderful tribute to Christmas and peace during the First World War. If you’ve never heard the story and you want to feel the warmth of love during some of the hardest times the world had, click the link. It’s a beautiful story. In fact, the story inspired two of my favorite balladiers, Collin Raye and Garth Brooks, to make two very separate, very beautiful songs that do a fabulous job reminding us about what’s important.

The above is Garth Brooks’ song, “Belleau Wood”. The below is “It Could Happen Again” by Collin Raye with Johnny Cash narrating.

Isn’t it beautiful how a holiday and a familiar song built a bridge to understanding and a cease fire? I actually have both CDs in my collection because they’re wonderful! What are your favorite Christmas albums? Do you have holiday songs that speak peace to your heart?