The Funny, the Empowering, the Lifesaving…

The last couple weeks, even smiley ol’ me needed some help finding things to laugh about. Fortunately, my friends and Facebook came through…

A fellow coffee lover posted this hilariousness….

I also saw this awesomeness that spoke to my inner music lover…

And my hilarious and awesome buddy, Anna, from Herding Cats and Burning Soup posted this to our Kinkery group…(so you know it’s going to be both hilarious and naughty)

And this morning, I saw this particular review shared on facebook regarding Veet Mens Hair Removal….I laughed so hard I cried. Those of you who’ve followed me for a while on here know just how seriously I take Manscaping. 😀

So thanks! Ya’ll didn’t know how much your posts brightened an otherwise tough week for me.

And then there were some truly sweet and empowering things that people shared.

My friend, author Kristy K. James, shared this story about Taylor Swift and her going out of her way to send a special message to a fan who was being bullied. It moved me to tears.

Another friend posted the video for the new Colbie Caillat song, Try. Talk about powerful and empowering. A message reminding us to be ourselves! We’re beautiful just the way we are. I know that this message is near and dear to my friend, August McLaughlin’s heart.

And then there’s the lifesaving….

Lately we’ve talked about how technology has changed the world, and often not in a good way. But there have also been some amazing things that have come from the tech world. Did you see how an App saved a baby’s life?

Check out this story about the Pulse Point app…. How cool is that?

So, despite all the ups and downs, there has been a lot of “cool” thrown in there, too. What about you guys? What things have made you laugh, touched your heart, or simply made you want to share? And if you have a smart phone, what apps have you found that make a difference in your life (or maybe someone else’s)?

Humbug Heartbroke Holiday

This morning I hopped onto Facebook like I usually do only to see a post from a dear friend from my childhood asking for prayers for another friend and her family. Apparently her friend lost her 3 year old child suddenly. I didn’t know this woman or her family, but my heart broke just a little bit. An event like that has the ability to color the holiday forever.

Hers is not the only situation like that, I’m sure. In fact, my cousin’s wife reached out recently, too, with a request for prayers. Her brother was in ICU and had been put into a medically induced coma so that medical staff could do tests to figure out what was wrong with him. Thankfully, he’s out of the coma and is responding…and the hospital was able to pinpoint an area to focus their tests.

As beautiful as the sentiments are behind Christmas, the truth is that there are things that can happen to make the holiday feel that much more lonely and painful. Relationships end. People die. Health can fail. Maybe that’s why, despite the sad tone, Blue Christmas has always been a favorite song of mine.

Personally, I love a good sad song…. Lyrics have a way of touching the heart and sometimes releasing healing memories and tears. This Taylor Swift song speaks to me in that way….

With all that hurt and heartache, it’s easy to get lost in feelings of hopelessness. We need help and kindness…from family, from friends…sometimes from total strangers. There’s salvation in kindness…and we never know when we’ll need to be on the receiving end of that helping hand. We never know when reaching out to another person with a helpin hand could be a helping hand reaching back for you. Nothing illustrates it for me better than this Emerson Drive song. Heck, you never know when you might be the Guardian Angel sent to save someone else.

The Music Of Love

Maybe it’s being away from my hubby longer than I’ve been from him in nearly 19 years, but I’m feeling a touch romantic today. Of course, it could also be that love songs have some of the best lyrics…or that I’ve been sending a friend a bunch of tunes, but regardless, it got me thinking.

Remember Mix Tapes? It used to be the ultimate romantic gesture when I was a young teen. The songs hand selected your specific sweetheart in mind…songs that would tell that person how much you cared… Do kids even do stuff like that anymore? Watching the youth of today I’m beginning to wonder if romance is lost on them. Or maybe it’s the simple romantic gestures…that don’t cost anything but thought and time. So here’s the deal. I only have my iPad, so it’s making my usual way of posting impossible, but I’m going to try.

I was thinking. What songs have been dedicated to you? Or maybe sung to you. What songs have you dedicated to the loves…or maybe crushes…of your past? Everyone has one…just ask Taylor Swift! 😉

My first “real” boyfriend, Jay, lip sync’ed this song to me…Always but the relationship ended. He lied. He cheated. Suddenly, this beautiful song became something I couldn’t stand. Oddly enough, all these years later and I still don’t like it.

Then there was Brad. He was my blond haired, blue eyed Adonis. He towered over me at 6′ and made me feel delicate and beautiful standing beside him. The washboard abs were icing on the cake. Brad was all about the romantic gestures. He was my mixture tape guy, but he was also the boy who draped me over him while laying on the couch kissing…and sang I Remember You against my lips, all the while gazing into my eyes. It was sweetly romantic. And Send Me An Angel was one of the songs he put on my tape. Of course the down side is that when we broke up…it was not amicable. Hate Everything About You became our theme song, LOL! And yes, we found a way to sing that one to each other, too…LOL!

Hubby and my first romantic dance was in a parking garage. We had just pulled in when Wonderful, Tonight came on the radio. He stepped out of the car, got my door, then pulled me into his arms, a spontaneous, romantic gesture. Of course our first dance at our wedding will also always have a soft spot. My Destiny will, for me, always tell the story of hubby and me.

Now it’s your turn. Share your lovey dovey songs. Or your I hate you songs… Don’t be shy! Everyone is welcome. Music soothes the heart!